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Hindu Lund Musalmān Choot International Club

We were a very diverse lot that meet on game nights.

It did not matter what type of game, NFL, College hoops whatever.

We tried to meet once every week at our favorite Hindu Lund Musalmān Choot International Club.

There are over 20 of us now.

The group started out with only four.

We are made up of a large variety of educational, racial and belief backgrounds.

The one thing in common is we are all males and we are all into our sports.

Most all of us are married, or attached as if we are married.

Myself, I am married to a very attractive Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān lady.

But there is not one Hindu that has not hit on her at some of the summer get together.

Fātimah kind of exudes sexual sensual presences that get the Hindus and most of the Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān girls wanting her.

Makes me proud.

Why am I telling you all this?

Well it has to do with the special little party we went to.

You see one night of boozing and game watching this close friend of mine, sit down next to me and said he wanted to talk to me about something serious but fun and sexual.

This was a very athletically built Hindu, though 61, I have known for over five years at this point.

He was like 6-2 190 pounds has a six pack from working out, is a Freelance Writer and is legendary with the Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān ladies for both his skills and his size.

Rumor has it that it is nine inches and nice big girth and shoots a huge Hindu load that makes the Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān ladies look like they have been plastered with his Hindu cream.

Now I have never personally heard this but my wife Fātimah Ålī has heard all the rumors.

So I moved over into a corner table away from prying ears and we got started.

“So Ålī , what’s up, or is it the bug’s bunny thing – what’s up Ålī ?”

I laughed at my funny, Durgesh just grinned.

“Well as you know there are a group of us men that meet now and then with Sunni Musalmān females, especially if they are extra ordinary  beautiful and Panjvaqtā Namazī too,  and play for an evening. – right, you knew that.”

“Well I have heard that Durgesh, but since I have never been invited, I don’t know for a fact about your group. I do have a few others that I have gone to their swinger parties.”

Durgesh sat quiet for a moment, so I continued,

“Why do you ask?

Let me explain something to you he told me.

Then he went on to explain that he is a member of a very small select group of Hindus that once every two are three months hold what they call a breeding Musalmān Beauties party.

They seek out white Sunni Musalmān females for these parties, never more than two of them at each party.

They prefer married white Sunni Musalmān females with their Musalmān husbands that are open minded and willing to go along with all the rules and requirements and willing to sit and watch.

“Okay, that is all good and well, but what does this have to do with me?” Ålī smiled.

“Well Ålī, I want to nominate your wife Fātimah Ålī for our next party. I have to have this done by the end of next week.”

“Nominate?” Ålī asked.

Then I  explained that what happens is everyone in the group submits information on someone they want to be the center of attraction and then everyone votes and the Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān ladies with the two highest vote count gets selected.

Once they get selected he went on the group then submits anything they would like to see them wear or done to them before they get there for the party.

Ålī sat there stunned and dumbfounded to say the least.

First Durgesh hit me with the We want your Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān wife to come to a party that is all about sex, and I can watch and oh Fātimah has to go through a nomination process.

“Okay, so tell me more. I am all ears on how this whole process goes before I will even think to ask her.” Ålī managed to say.

I was surprised.

Muħammad Abu Qāsim told me that most of the present day Musalmeen have actually Hindu fathers.

I disbelieved him.

He told me then about these Hindus Breeding Musalmān Beauties Parties.

I refused to believe him again.

Muħammad Abu Qāsim brought me here.

“Oh, we will take care of asking her, I will take you both out to a nice dinner club and ask her with you there and let her know we had already spoken and you agreed to the next step – to see what Fātimah thinks.”

Ålī sat silent stunned even more.

Muħammad Abu Qāsim explained Ålī even more about this whole process.

“What happens is you will need to get with us if Fātimah agrees. You will take pictures of her naked Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān Beauty from several angles and take her measurements. And then you have her dress as slutty and nasty as Fātimah can. Then this will be put into an online portfolio that the members can go look at and vote. They get one week to vote in. Once they select you will come back to us if Fātimah is selected and again ask if we still are interested. If Fātimah says yes and Durgesh agrees, then he will do a private interview. If Fātimah wants to share what is asked, that is up to her.”

Ålī couldn’t say anything.

Muħammad Abu Qāsim went on,

“Once that is done this interview is put back on line, and then they vote on other things. Once that is determined, those other things, then they set a date and everything moves from there.”

Ålī sat and did not answer for a long while kind of watching the game and deep in thought.

He was mostly wondering how Fātimah would react to be a Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān Chic in a room of Hindus.

Then it occurred to Ålī to ask a couple of questions.

“Okay, seriously now Durgesh,” Ålī asked me, instead of Muħammad Abu Qāsim, “ if I ask her at least to meet and hear you out, up front, how many Hindus attend these parties and how long will it last?”

Muħammad Abu Qāsim looked long and hard at Ålī.

His piercing eyes stared right through Ålī.

Ålī was sure Muħammad Abu Qāsim was trying to judge what Ålī was thinking actually.

Ålī had seen these looks when Muħammad Abu Qāsim was dealing with serious medical problem in the ER.

“Well Ålī, it is like this, there are 40 members that pay their monthly fees to cover the cost for these Hindus Breeding Musalmān Beauties Parties. When we hold them all paid up to date, members get to vote and get to participate. So in theory it can be 40 men. In reality, because of various things the average is 18 to 25 men attend. The shortest party was five hours the longest all weekend. So it is hard to say, it is as much how the Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān ladies act as it is the Hindus interest level. Does that explain it enough?”

“Yeah, okay, I got it. I tell you what Durgesh;” Ålī still talked to me, not to Muħammad Abu Qāsim, “I will call my Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān wife, Fātimah, right now and ask her. if Fātimah would even be interested in something with that many Hindus. But don’t hold out much hope, Fātimah freaked at a swingers party with only ten couples.”

Ålī went outside, sat in his truck and called her.

Ålī explained everything as it had been explained to him.

He was surprised when Fātimah replied that she is willing at least to meet the first time and hear the good Ålī out.

So to cut this a little shorter, Ålī went back in.

Then Ålī had rejoined the group.

It was a bit before we had a moment and Ålī said Fātimah was ready to meet and hear him out tonight.

Muħammad Abu Qāsim smiled and said,

“Arrange for her, Ålī, to meet us after the game at the Hindu Lund Musalmān Choot International Club.”

When Ålī pulled into the parking lot, Fātimah Ålī’s car was already there.

When Fātimah got out, she was dressed in a knee length tight little black dress and nice little heels of about three inches, being the conservative Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān girl Fātimah was.

But with her pale skin and auburn hear the black dress was stunning.

Ålī and I wolf whistled almost at the same time.

Muħammad Abu Qāsim apparently had already made the reservation while the game wound down.

They took us right to a private little table in the corner.

Candles, wine, and silence greeted us at the table.

Apparently, this table was set up so that you can talk and not be heard by anyone.

The two of us, Fātimah Ålī and I, hugged as if we do on it so many occasions.

Then I gave her a quick kiss on the lips and Fātimah returned it.

Ålī was shocked.

Yet he was so turned on to see her blunt act, that way to me, in front of himself.

Was he not her husband?

Allah Allah!

As dinner progressed, Ålī explained things to his extremely beautiful Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān wife.

Fātimah got serious with questions.

It was almost as if Ålī was not there except for now and then.

Fātimah Ålī would ask Ålī what he thought, or how does, he think, he would feel.

The truth of the matter was Ålī was so horny at this point watching us two and his mind was reeling with visions of hot nasty sex between his extra ordinary beautiful Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān wife and me.

Ålī was not listening as much as he should – until, yes the big until Fātimah asked:

“So tell me Ålī, what do the all Hindus do to these poor Sunni Musalmān whores for the time they have them?”

‘Sunni Musalmān whore’?

Did Fātimah just say ‘Sunni Musalmān whore’?

Ålī’s mind yelled and he started listening.

“Well Fātimah Ålī, it all depends on the Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān lady. If she really gets into it as the night progresses, she will be used in any way Hindus can think of. Your Musalmān husband will be asked to lick everything from fingers to assholes, to balls. you will be expected to allow kissing and all your Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān holes HAVE to and I repeat HAVE to be available to the participating Hindus at all times. You will not get to clean up unless told to. Moreover, only your Musalmān husband will clean you using his Musalmān tongue. You will swallow when told to. You are pretty much nothing more than Hindus’ sex toy for the time you’re there, however long that last. You can leave at any time after the first hour, but all Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān ladies are required to stay the first hour if they agree to all of this.”

“Okay, so let’s say, I agree to be, what did you call it – reviewed, nominate are whatever – how soon are you talking for all of this to happen?” Fātimah Ålī smiled.

Muħammad Abu Qāsim also smiled,

“Okay. I take it you hubby here did not explain the next step. The next step if you agree to be nominated is to make the portfolio to be posted on our private website for the voting. The voting starts in ten days, so we have that much time to build your package to post. To build the package requires pictures measurement and a couple of other things.”

“Okay Durgesh,” Fātimah Ålī looked at me, instead of Muħammad Abu Qāsim, “you’re going to have to give me more details than that, before I even think of doing this. And Ålī has to agree completely since it sounds like a lot of Hindus will be seeing me. And there is a chance I will run into one of them in public. and that is a problem I want assurance on, and know what safe guards I have. So please explain all this in more details.”

It was more than obvious that Fātimah Ålī was interested only in me, not in the rest of the Hindus.

I sat quietly for a bit.

I looked at Ålī and then at his tremendously beautiful Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān wife, Fātimah Ålī.

It was as if I was judging whether it was worth it.

Finally, Ålī had to speak up, even though he was rock hard hearing and thinking about all this, Ålī had some things to clear up in his mind.

“Durgesh, it is kind of simple from my point of view. Her protection and the protection to our family are more important than a few hours of fun. What Fātimah asks makes sense to me and is in the line of what I have been thinking. How do we know, that some of the Hindus there, will not make a comment in public, or the likes, if they see her? If this is asking too much or you think it is just not worth answering these questions, then we can stop now because I will not agree to anything less.”

There was a long pause as the food arrived.

And it was still longer as Muħammad Abu Qāsim took a few bites and thought.

He then finally said,

“Ålī, while this is not a normal question we get and it is almost sounding insulting, when it was said, upon reflection it is a fair question to ask since we have no knowledge of any of the members at this point besides Durgesh.”

Muħammad Abu Qāsim then explained their version of a fail- safe system to prevent that from happening and that if one of them did say something, let him know and the membership itself will remedy the problem.

“Okay so that is going to be handled, now back to the rest of the question – tell me what this entire portfolio consists of?”

Muħammad Abu Qāsim smiled and proceeded to tell Fātimah Ålī and Ålī in detail.

First, I was going to come over to their house.

Muħammad Abu Qāsim wanted Fātimah Ålī in her classy but sluttist outfit.

Making sure there are stocking garters, thongs and Spike Heels at least 4 inches.

A very short form fitting skirt, and a nice blouse that has some Sheerness, or love cut something that is revealing but still covering.

Ålī will have to take a few photos of her in different poses.

Then Fātimah will strip to just her bra panties and stocking for some more photos.

Then Fātimah will strip completely and do some nasty poses.

Muħammad Abu Qāsim said,

Durgesh wants one of her in doggy, holding her Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān ass cheeks apart, and on her back fingering herself, one with her eyes closed and mouth open. Durgesh himself also is going to take her measurements. Once this is done, I have a requirement of a picture of Durgesh’s Uncut Hindu Cock buried in her mouth, pussy and ass. We also like to get a cream pie shot. Fātimah gets to pick if it is an anal cream pie are pussy cream pie.”

After all this, Muħammad Abu Qāsim sat quiet while we ate for a few minutes.

Finally, Fātimah Ålī broke the silence.

“And you have ten days to get this done and to get it posted?”

“Yes.” was all Muħammad Abu Qāsim replied.

Then it was silence for a long time.

“And my husband will be there for the party night and for the portfolio part right?” Fātimah Ålī asked again.

Again, the only reply was a simple “Yes.”

It was silence for the longest time.

Then Muħammad Abu Qāsim looked at her and stated,

“In fact the only time Durgesh will not be present is during the final interview before we decided to accept you or not and set up a date. There will be three of us there, it will be at Hindu Lund Musalmān Choot International Club in a booth and will take a couple hours of asking questions.”

“Can Durgesh be there in the building if just not there in the booth?” Fātimah Ålī asked.

“Yes, that is not a problem at all. He will never know what we ask from you, but you can tell him all you want afterwards.”

“Okay.” was all Fātimah said.***

We fell into small talks.

Finally, Fātimah Ålī said,

“This has been very informative and exciting but I want a night to talk to Ålī and to think on it. You will have my answer by noon tomorrow. I hope that is acceptable, if not then this is already a completed deal in the negative.”

Muħammad Abu Qāsim smiled and said,

“Fātimah Ålī Sāħibā, just send my pager a note that says slut on it and I will call you back. Take, as much time as you need the next two days after that I have to move on.”

Muħammad Abu Qāsim ended it.

We walked out together.

Then Fātimah Ålī did something Ålī would never have expected from her.

Fātimah gave me a longest wet French kiss by my car and let me feel her extremely gorgeous Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān ass up.

She herself played with my Uncut Hindu Lund entirely unashamed, ignoring her husband Ålī, altogether.

Fātimah Ålī and Ålī sat in silence all the way their home and nothing else was said between them that night.

The next morning Fātimah called me through her husband Ålī, rolled over on top of me and started sucking me deeply into her mouth getting me hard.

Now I was not small by any means.

I was a full nine inches and a touch more with a nice girth.

So it is a mouth full once fully erect.

Fātimah kept looking up at me while she sucked me and smiled now and then.

Finally, Fātimah mounted me and started to ride me from the top.

In the middle of all this, Fātimah started talking really nasty.

“Allah, Durgesh dear, I want to be your nasty fucking Uncut Hindu Cock Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān whore for a night. I want to feel all my Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān holes filled up one by one by you. And I want to look over at my husband watching us thus in the corner. And know him approve and that he will lick my nasty fucked Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān Cunt and ass afterwards.”

Ålī was stunned hearing us, and so turned on that the More Fātimah talked and fucked me the harder Ålī was.

And then Fātimah started to climax.

Her eyes rolled back.

She started to moan a deep primal growl and leaned down.

Fātimah Ålī whispered in a husky voice,

“I want to be a piece of fuck. Will you let me, Durgesh?”

And then we both had an earth-shattering climax at the same time.

It had been years for Fātimah Ålī, since that had happened.

We lay nude in each other’s arms.

I played with her tits, kissed on her nipples and nothing was said.

My Uncut Hindu Lund was once again in her Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān Choot, deepest.

Fātimah Ålī did not let me sleep even.

It was not till mid morning that Fātimah finally said to me,

“I mean what I said during sex. I cannot get it out of my mind, being nothing but a fuck toy for 15 to 20 Hindus for a few hours. I want only you, none else. Not even Ålī, my husband. Let him clean all my holes after our sex sessions.”

I said,

“Okay, Fātimah Ålī darling.”

Yet Ålī suggested,

“Let’s take this one step further even then, send Muħammad Abu Qāsim the message and set up the photo shoot.” ***

After Ålī advised to call Muħammad Abu Qāsim, Fātimah Ålī did it.

The day of the photo shoot came.

We had agreed to do the portfolio stuff two days after the phone call.

This would be when we were all three off work and our kids were gone.

Yes, Fātimah Ålī was a mother of two children.

She was 36 years old, nine years younger than Ålī, and 25 years younger than I was.

Most men considered Fātimah Ålī hot.

She was so excited for this day she could hardly sleep and beat the alarm up by over an hour.

The first thing Fātimah Ålī did was head to the shower.

She shaved everything she could shave, her pits, her legs and her Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān Pussy, leaving nothing there.

Now Fātimah Ålī had to admit she had had some bodywork done.

After two kids, the body went to hell, but she had always been a plumper Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān girl.

After the bodywork, Fātimah Ålī was a size 12.

She had 44DD tits that were now nice and firm.

Before the surgery, Fātimah Ålī had some sagginess to them.

She had nice size nipples and they were always hard when naked or when she wore the right type of bra.

Fātimah Ålī had a nice booty and one of the Hindus at work when no one can hear him called her a booty babe right out of west hall.

Fātimah Ålī used to take that as a great compliment.

She was standing in front of the mirror shaving her Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān Pussy.

She noticed that thinking about all this was making her Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān Pussy drip a little cum drop.

Now Fātimah Ålī knew she had not fucked me this morning so it must be me.

Fātimah Ålī had never told Ålī, she loved to finger herself when my Uncut Hindu Prick was not available to her.

She started with two fingers and as she got closer, and the Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān Pussy got wetter Fātimah Ålī started sticking more fingers in.

She had found a position that she could get my whole Uncut Hindu Lund in.

Fātimah Ålī loved to wiggle my Uncut Hindu Lund and touch herself all over inside her Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān Pussy, instead of doubling up and hammering away at it.

Fātimah Ålī had gotten so good at this she could make herself squirt all over about half the time.

She was lying on the floor, being fucked by me now, and all she could think of was all that Uncut Hindu meat she will get if she get selected.

Fātimah Ålī decided she had to make sure she got selected.

This scared Fātimah Ålī because she was sure the only sure way was to let me cream pie in her extremely beautiful Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān ass.

Now Fātimah Ålī was not a fan of anal sex, but when Ålī whined enough Fātimah Ålī gave in to my Uncut Hindu Lund.

So the fact that she was even thinking this made her sure how bad she wanted to do this.

The more Fātimah Ålī thought, the harder I pounded her Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān Pussy till finally I came hard deepest into her Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān Choot.

Fātimah Ålī had to stuff her soiled panties; they were all that were in reach, in her own mouth to muffle the cries of ecstasy.

It was not easy for Fātimah Ålī, even now, to have my Uncut Hindu Lund buried deepest into her Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān Choot, exploding there load after load, and she could endure to be normal.

After Fātimah Ålī got cleaned up and finished the grooming, she went to get dressed.

It was about seven hours now, I was fucking her.

Fātimah Ålī slipped into a pair of sexy black spider-webbed stocking, hooking them onto a dark purple and black garter that sit on her hips just perfect to outline her ass.

Next, she slipped on a pair of black panties with red roses on them.

They were not really a thong but were really close.

Then Fātimah Ålī decided to surprise both of the men, Ålī, and me and slipped on an open cup bra she had.

It was not black like the other but would blend with the blouse better.

Next Fātimah Ålī found this really tight and short jean skirt.

She took scissor and cut a slit on the left side about half way up.

Fātimah Ålī wanted the top of the stocking to show with every step.

She then put this almost complete Sheer white top on that was a button front.

Fātimah Ålī left the top to button and the bottom button undone.

The last thing was a brand new pair of heels Fātimah Ålī bought the night before.

They were at least 4 inches tall, maybe five.

They had a silver spiked heel that looked like chrome plating, and they had straps that wrapped around the leg a little ways.

The toes were opened so one could see her bright red polish through the stocking.

Fātimah Ålī had done her finger and toe nails the night before.

She also did make up like a high price Sunni Musalmān whore would do, and finished it with big hoop ear rings.

Fātimah Ålī deliberately wanted to be my Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān whore, in the Hindu Lund Musalmān Choot International Club.

She wanted to win me from all the extremely beautiful Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān Choots present there.

She was not a fool.

She knew very well now that, I was so precious for extremely beautiful Musalmān Beauties that, almost all of them preferred me even on their own Musalmān husbands.

It has been proved so many times, repeatedly, that my love to the Musalmān Beauties was truer than even their own Musalmān husbands’ love for them.

Consequently, now, the Musalmān Beauties could even deceive their Musalmān husbands for me, without any need of expiation even.

She had to win my Uncut Hindu Lund from the other extremely beautiful Musalmān BeautiesPanjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān Cunts.

Fātimah Ålī wanted my Uncut Hindu Lund now exclusively for her Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān Choot only.***

Fātimah Ålī walked out and Ålī  got this instant hard on.

He was like ready to fuck his wife right there, but Fātimah Ålī was saving it for the shoot, plus Fātimah Ålī had just had a great orgasm earlier with me inside her.

So Ålī would have to wait. I told him to either jerk off or wait till the shoot was done.

Ålī was now Fātimah Ålī’s second choice, not first.

How a traditional conservative orthodox backward Musalmān, as Ålī was, could be the first choice of an ultramodern Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān lady, like Fātimah Ålī?

Of course, I was her first choice and of the alikes too.

She couldn’t eat nonsense after Chicken Biryani.

Why should she?

She allowed Ålī only to clean her with his tongue.

Was it not a favor in itself?

Ålī’s tongue was more capable than his useless Musalmān noonī.

Fātimah Ålī had decided to see how serious Ålī was.

So Fātimah Ålī had decided as she dressed to give me a big wet kiss, and try to encourage me to feel her up, right in front of Ålī, as soon as I walked in the door.

Fātimah Ålī figured that if Ålī was going to be jealous, this was the time to find it out.

Fātimah Ålī loved her hubby and did not want this game, he started, to ruin a perfect marriage.

Fātimah Ålī was saved by the bell as the doorbell rang and it was I.

I was dressed in sweats and a T-shirt.

Fātimah Ålī had never realized, till that moment, that I had one hardest Hindu body.

She had always seen me in suits or scrubs at the hospital.

It looked to Fātimah Ålī that I was excited also, as there was tent forming, as I looked at her.

I tried to stay professional but my Uncut Hindu Lund was giving me away.

Fātimah Ålī’s Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān Pussy was dripping again, as soon as she realized it.


Yā Allaaaaaaah!

Was Fātimah Ålī so crazy to get my Uncut Hindu Lund into her Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān Choot so soon again?

Didn’t Durgesh fuck her to her heart’s content only a few minutes ago?

He had only prepared himself for Hindu Lund Musalmān Choot International Club in the meantime as she herself had done.

Fātimah Ålī was so hot for this she had forgotten Ålī was even there at this point.

She came right up to me; lip locked me, kissed me longest and deepest and grabbed my Uncut Hindu Cock through my sweats, just as she had planned.

I fondled Fātimah Ålī, grabbed her extremely beautiful Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān ass, pulled Fātimah Ålī in tight against me and returned her passionate Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān kiss.”

All Fātimah Ålī’s mind thought was:

Allah!Yā Allaaaaaaah! That Uncut Hindu monster is never going to fit into her Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān Choot.

I was already at my full nine inches legend.

Said I packed, but I was not completely hard though.

Fātimah Ålī was breathless when she pulled away.

Her heart was racing and her Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān Pussy was quivering.

Fātimah Ålī had this deep sense of desire to fuck me right then and there, though it was only few minutes that, I had fucked Fātimah Ålī to her heart’s content, in almost every position she wanted.

Reality set in when Ålī broke the trance and motioned both of us to the living room where he had some wine and some cheese set out.

He wanted to chat for a minute first.

Fātimah Ålī, she wanted to fuck me, nothing the damn else.

She was beginning to tell herself she sounded just like the Hindus at work = sex sex sex.

All that was going on in her Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān mind was sex with me once more, endless now.

Allah! Yā Allaaaaaaah!

Fātimah Ålī had no clue why this was happening and why the hell it never happened when we talked about Hindus during sex.

But there was something so nasty and primal about being told Fātimah Ålī was going to a Hindus Breeding Musalmān Beauties Party to be bred.

Why Hindus breed Musalmān Beauties in such clandestine parties?

Why do Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān Beauties participate, so eagerly and so hungrily, in such clandestine parties?

Why such clandestine parties are arranged ab initio?

They all knew Fātimah Ålī couldn’t have babies anymore but they still said Durgesh was going to breed Fātimah Ålī.

Chapter 20


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6. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–2

7. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–3

8. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–4

9. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–5

10. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–6

11. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–7

12. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–8

13. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–9

14. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–10

15. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–11

16. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–12

17. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–13

18. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–14

19. A deserving unfaithfulness

20. A deserving unfaithfulness-2

21. Yåqūb Family-1

22. They conspired against me

23. A secret Smile

24. A new young wife at sixty

24. My dad’s new Musalmān wife

26. The Beaming Knowledge

27. The three pregnants-1

28. The three pregnants-2

29. In the Moonlight

30. Sālī, Ammījān!

31. Now entirely secured and safe

32. She needed me extremely

33. Al Jihād fil Durgesh fī sabīlillāh

34. Kħadījah Åbdullah Bājī  seduced me

35. Her Brilliant Decisions-1

36. Her Brilliant Decisions-2

37. Her Brilliant Decisions-3

38. Her Brilliant Decisions-4

39. No Hindu, Please!

40. Only Hindus, Please!

41. Scintillating Ammī and daughter

42. I do hate hypocrisy

43. I still love Durgesh, with immense pride

44. Hell, I revolt

45. She loved me all along

46. She told the untold-1

47. Arātīyato ni dahāti Vedah: The untold history of our freedom fight-1

48. Making love and understanding everything

49. We both, Nādirah, and Arzumand, love Durgesh

50. After the death of my husband

51. The everbest wives-1

52. Ultimately, I’m an Ammī now

53. The most memorable Eidī of her life

54. It was 24×7, that was all we three cared

55. You are the best. You don’t know

56. I’m not defeated even yet-1

57. Misunderstanding: Everyone thought she’s my wife

58. Yūsuf or Kr’shñ?-1

59. Kħadījah Durgesh Åāyeshah:  I Lost My Sister And Wife To Durgesh

60. A rapist Hindu Piya-1

61. Åli Muħammad Satyarthi-1

62. I love my wife Kħadījah Muħammad

63. Raziyah Akbar Aurangzeb-1

64. I live with him

65. The only man she loved

66. The Ammījān, Durgesh and her daughter: It was my duty-1

67. The Ammījān, Durgesh and her daughter: It was my duty-2

68. The Ammījān, Durgesh and her daughter: It was my duty-3

69. The Ammījān, Durgesh and her daughter: It was my duty-4

70. My Hindu Dad’s two Musalmān Wives

71. It all happened just naturally-1

72. It all happened just naturally-2

73. Under Open Sky

74. Ammī the competent

75. Sixty One Eighteen in Love-1

76. Sixty One Eighteen in Love-2

77. Sixty One Eighteen in Love-3

78. Sixty One Eighteen in Love-4

79. The Extent

80.Ashvinātam intimacy-1

81.Ashvinātam intimacy-2

82. Three sons three Ammīs

83. Ahl-Al Bayt 1: College tour

84. Ahl-Al Bayt 2: The Aftereffect

85. Ahl-Al Bayt 3: The Aftereffect

86. Ahl-Al Bayt 4: Satisfaction

87. Ahl-Al Bayt 5: The Surprising Rest

88.  Ahl-Al Bayt 6: The Nude Day Arranged

89. Ahl-Al Bayt 7

90. Ahl-Al Bayt 8: The Uncut Hindu Obsession

91. Ahl-Al Bayt 9:The Obsession Continued

92. Ahl-Al Bayt 10: The Obsession Still Continued

93. Ahl-Al Bayt 11: One More Obsession

94. Ahl-Al Bayt 12: Obsession One More

95. Ahl-Al Bayt 13

96. Ahl-Al Bayt 14

97. Ahl-Al Bayt 15

98. Ahl-Al Bayt 16

99. Ahl-Al Bayt 17

100. Ahl-Al Bayt 18

101.Ahl-Al Bayt 19

102. Ahl-Al Bayt 20

103. Ahl-Al Bayt 21

104. The everincreasing infinite lust

105. The women in my life

106. My Social Service: My Sex Empire: Durgesh

107.  A Deep Conflict-1

108. I’m never ashamed of it

109. Jahān Ārā Aurangzeb Bājī and a Fools’ Paradise

110. Durgesh Åāýéshah Siddīqah: Social Service: 1

111. Durgesh Åāýéshah Siddīqah: Social Service: 2

112. Durgesh Åāýéshah Siddīqah: Social Service: 3

113.  Durgesh Åāýéshah Siddīqah: Social Service: 4

114. Durgesh Åāýéshah Siddīqah: Social Service: 5

115. Durgesh Sidrah: One more mastermind:1

116. Durgesh Sidrah: One more mastermind:2

117. Durgesh Sidrah: One more mastermind:3

118. Durgesh Sidrah: One more mastermind:4

119.Durgesh Sidrah: One more mastermind:5

120. Durgesh Sidrah: One more mastermind:6

121. Durgesh Sidrah: One more mastermind:7

122. Durgesh Sidrah: One more mastermind:8

123. Durgesh Sidrah: One more mastermind:9


More creative adult sex in Hindi/Urdu from Durgesh:

1. Tujhé Dékhā Tujhé Chāhā: 1

2. Tujhé Dékhā Tujhé Chāhā: 2

3. Tujhé Dékhā Tujhé Chāhā: 3

4. Tujhé Dékhā Tujhé Chāhā: 4

5.Tujhé Dékhā Tujhé Chāhā: 5

6. Tujhé Dékhā Tujhé Chāhā: 6

5. Tujhé Dékhā Tujhé Chāhā: 7

7. Tujhé Dékhā Tujhé Chāhā: 8

8. Karwā Chauth kā Rozā

9. Mérā Piyā ghar āyā,Yā Allah! Uiiii!-1

10. Mérā Piyā ghar āyā,Yā Allah! Uiiii!-2

11. Durgesh Sidrah Aħmad aur uski Bhābhījān-1

12. Durgesh Sidrah Aħmad aur uski Bhābhījān-2

13. Eidul Fitr-1

14. Mérī mubārakbād qabool farmāýén, Ħazrat!

15. Méré Māmūzād Cousin kī Sasurāl mein main

فَبِأَيِّ آلَاءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ16Fabiayyi ālāi Rabbikumā tukazzibāni?’

17. Ahal-e-Bait-1

18. Main térī dīvānī

19. Al Jihad: No incest: 1

20. Buniyādī insānī ħaq

21. Majājī Kħudā: 1

22. Majājī Kħudā: 2

23. Majājī Kħudā:3

24. Majājī Kħudā:4

25. Majājī Kħudā: 5

26. Majājī Kħudā: 6


Science Fictions from DSM Satyarthi:

1. The Foundation Story Coninued: Chapter 1

2.  The Foundation Story Coninued: Chapter 2

3.  The Foundation Story Coninued: Chapter 3

4 . The Foundation Story Continued: Chapter 4

5. The Foundation Story Continued: Chapter 5

6. The Foundation Story Continued: Chapter 6

7. The Foundation Story Continued: Chapter 7

8. The Foundation Story Continued: Chapter 8

9. The Foundation Story Continued: Chapter 9

10. The Foundation Story Continued: Chapter 10

11. The Foundation Story Continued: Chapter 11

12. The Foundation Story Continued: Chapter 12

13. The Foundation story continued: Chapter 13

14. Prelude to Ten Commandments-1

15. Prelude to Ten Commandments-2

16. Prelude to Ten Commandments-3


Commentary on Ved from DSM Satyarthi:

1. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

2. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 1| Mantr 2

3. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 5| Mantr 3

4. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 5| Mantr 3

5. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 7| Mantr 5

6. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 7| Mantr 8

4. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 19| Mantr 1

5. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 19| Mantr 2

6. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 19| Mantr 3

7. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 19| Mantr 4

8. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 19| Mantr 5

9. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 19| Mantr 6

10. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 19| Mantr 7

11. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 19| Mantr 8

12.R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 19| Mantr 9

13. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 58| Mantr 6

14. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 164| Mantr 20

15. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 164| Mantr 46

16. R’gved: Mandal 2| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

17 R’gved: Mandal 3| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

18. R’gved: Mandal 3| Sookt 6| Mantr 2

19. R’gved: Mandal 4| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

20. R’gved: Mandal 5| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

21. R’gved: Mandal 6| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

22. R’gved: Mandal 7| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

23. R’gved: Mandal 8| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

24. R’gved: Mandal 9| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

25. R’gved: Mandal 9| Sookt 63| Mantr 4-5

26. R’gved: Mandal 10| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

27. R’gved: Mandal 10| Sookt 85| Mantr 42

28. Yajurved: Adhyaay’ 1| Mantr 1

29. Yajurved: Adhyaay’ 1| Mantr 2

30. Yajurved: Adhyaay’ 1| Mantr 3

31. Yajurved: Adhyaay’ 1| Mantr 4

32. Yajurved: Adhyaay’ 11| Mantr 1

33. Yajurved: Adhyaay’ 13| Mantr 4

34. Yajurved: Adhyaay’ 23| Mantr 3

35. Saamved: Mantr 1

36. Sāmved: Mantr 641: Mahānāmnyārchik| 1

37. Sāmved: Mantr 650: Mahānāmnyārchik| 10

38. Sāmved: Mantr 651: Uttarārchik

39. Atharv Ved: Kaand 1| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

40.  Atharv Ved: Kānd 3| Sookt 30| Mantr 3

41. Atharv Ved: Kānd 3| Sookt 30| Mantr 4

42. Atharv Ved: Kānd 3| Sookt 30| Mantr 6

43. Atharv Ved: Kānd 4| Sookt 4| Mantr 6

44. Atharv Ved: Kānd 4| Sookt 4| Mantr 7

45. Atharv Ved: Kānd 4| Sookt 4| Mantr 8

46. Atharv Ved: Kaand 8| Sookt 1| Mantr 6

47. Atharv Ved: Kaand 14| Sookt 1| Mantr 22

48. Atharv Ved: Kaand 14| Sookt 2| Mantr 25

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