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The Uncut Hindu Obsession

They were watching a show about Casinos and their video surveillance and right to refuse play to skilled black jack players that can actually win money.

“I think the Kħātūn-e-Jannat needs to be monkey-fucked in every orifice by Hindus while Muħammad watches.” said Kħadījah, Muħammad’s wife of nearly 19 years.

“Monkey-fucked, huh?” Muħammad started laughing and wondering when Kħadījah started talking like that and how far she’d discuss this line of thinking.

“What made you think of that?”

“The casinos are dishonest, like the Musalmeen. The Musalmeen neglect them Musalmān Beauties sexually.”

“Monkey-fucked in every orifice by Hindus, where did you come up with that?

“It’s been a long time since we had sex, Muħammad, a long, long time.”

“I know, I’m sorry,” Muħammad began, “do you fantasize about sex like that?”

Kħadījah pressed the sound button on the remote as the commercials ended.

Kħadījah watched intently as Muħammad looked at her waiting for an answer.

But he wasn’t going to get one.

Throughout a 19 year marriage, a man learns when and when not to discuss anything with his wife.

It sucks but usually they discussed subjects Kħadījah didn’t want to when Kħadījah was willing and never before.

It was never spur of the moment, or when Muħammad wanted to.

He put up with it like every other married Musalmān because there were more good things about Kħadījah than bad.

While Kħadījah watched the show, Muħammad leaned back into the couch and wondered about her level of interest in monkey-fucking Hindu men.

Did Kħadījah really want it in every orifice, all at once?

What does monkey fucking actually mean to Kħadījah?

Did Kħadījah want small dick with light penetration with fast action in and out of her, or something larger, perhaps gorilla-sized that goes deep and still gives her fast action?

Did Kħadījah want it on the floor, one Hindu in between her open legs pounding his Uncut Hindu Tool into her while another sawed his hard Hindu meat in and out of her open mouth?

Did Kħadījah want them to talk dirty to her and push her over the orgasmic edge for a new high?

As they watched TV, Muħammad subconsciously moved his hand down over his lap as he thought of Kħadījah having sex with Hindus in the manner Kħadījah described for the Kħātūn-e-Jannat.

Kħadījah pressed the sound button on the remote again to mute the TV and turned toward Muħammad.

Muħammad looked at her while his hand rested on his lap.

Muħammad wondered if Kħadījah saw Muħammad was turned on by her comments.

They made eye contact and Muħammad suddenly felt as though her magnetism was stronger than his resistance.

Kħadījah leaned toward Muħammad, put her arms around his neck and they kissed.

Her lips opened and her tongue slowly invaded Muħammad’s mouth as Kħadījah pulled them closer together.

Her kiss was magnificent.

Provocative and passionate and Muħammad felt that maybe this time he would succeed at maintaining an erection long enough to give her the satisfaction Kħadījah desired.

One of her hands remained at the back of his head while the other moved slowly down his face, neck, chest, stomach and then onto his lap.

Kħadījah felt his excitement rising through his jeans and Muħammad could feel her lips smile as Kħadījah recognized his condition.

When they broke their kiss, Muħammad wiped her saliva off his cheeks as Kħadījah moved onto his lap and straddled him.

Her arms went around his neck again and Kħadījah French-kissed Muħammad more forcibly.

As her tongue dove into his mouth, Kħadījah ground herself downward onto his lap and wedged his hard cock between them. Muħammad thrust upward and Kħadījah ground back, each of them getting into the rhythm of dry humping the other.

Muħammad was so hard at the thought of her being fucked like a street corner Sunni Musalmān whore by multiple Hindu strangers that he forgot about all his hang-ups.

Kħadījah broke from their kiss and rocked herself harder over his lap.

Muħammad placed his elbows on her thighs and his hands on her hips.

As Kħadījah continued rocking and grinding herself on his lap, she pulled open her top and freed her braless tits.

Kħadījah cupped her Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān breasts in her hands and leaned forward to offer her hard nipples to his lips.

Muħammad was so turned on by the spontaneity that it suddenly felt comfortable pretending Muħammad was a Hindu having sex with his Sunni Musalmān wife.

From that point on, Muħammad reached a staff like hardness and decided it was time to act on their combined lust.

Muħammad used all his core strength to slide closer the edge of the couch and then he used his strong legs to lift them both off the couch.

Once standing, Kħadījah wrapped her legs around his waist.

Muħammad walked them upstairs and into the bedroom.

So far so good and It only got better.

As they crossed the threshold of their bedroom, Kħadījah threw her top to the floor and began to pull his shirttails up out of his pants.

Muħammad continued dry humping against her.

“I’m so fucking horny,” Kħadījah began with a voice of lust and urgency, “Put me down honey, let me rip your shirt off.”

Muħammad put her down.

Immediately Kħadījah ripped his shirt open and yanked it off in pieces.

Then Kħadījah unbuttoned her jeans and told him to strip off with her.

Once naked, his hard cock poked straight out in her direction.

Kħadījah simply smiled at what Kħadījah saw and stepped toward Muħammad.

Muħammad picked her up.

Kħadījah wrapped her legs around his waist again and his cock found the wet opening between her legs.

Muħammad slid right in.

They fucked standing up for several minutes, during which Kħadījah moaned her delight and Muħammad pretended to be her Uncut Hindu Stud fuck partner.

“Oh darling, this is so wonderful. You feel so good inside me. YĀ ALLAAAAAAAH! , I’m going to cum. Keep fucking me. Oh yeah, right there honey, don’t stop,” Kħadījah yelled.

Muħammad continued thrusting into his beautiful wife and Kħadījah slid up and down his cock with ease.

Her breathing grew shallow with each passing moment.

Kħadījah put her hands on his shoulders for leverage and as Kħadījah came, her fingers clenched firmly onto his skin.

Just as Kħadījah came, her walls closed tighter on his shaft and Muħammad pumped his own cum into her.

The experience lasted less than five minutes, yet Ifelt triumphant.

It was the first time in a year Muħammad maintained an erection long enough for Muħammad’s wife and Ito reach sexual bliss together.

They fell on the bed together and Muħammad remained hard inside her.

Kħadījah relaxed underneath him as Muħammad lifted her legs into the air and grasped onto her ankles.

In this position, Muħammad slowly began another round of in and out full penetration.

Muħammad felt invincible as he continued pretending to be Kħadījah’s hung Hindu lover.

“Oh Muħammad, Allah, my sweet man, you’re fucking me so well. You feel so good inside me.”

They looked into each other’s eyes while Muħammad thrust into her a little faster.

“Tell me what I did differently this time to make you perform like such a stud. I need to know. I really like you this way and I want to ensure I do right by you. Allah, I’m going to cum again. I love you Muħammad! Give it to me. Make love to me, you stud!”

As Kħadījah expressed her enthusiasm for his renewed sense of self and ability, Muħammad picked up the pace and long-stroked his six-inch shaft inside her.

Muħammad watched Kħadījah’s body writhe beneath him as Muħammad continued pounding into her.

His body temperature rose way above normal and perspiration drops slid down his back.

Her orgasm came in waves and the pleasure washed over her.

Several moments passed before Kħadījah could speak, and even then, Kħadījah was mildly incoherent.

“How,” Kħadījah began, “are you staying hard for me, Viagra?”

“No drugs.”

“How are you managing it then?”

“Promise you won’t get mad?”

“Tell me Muħammad, and keep fucking me. Whatever it is, I want more!”

“I got turned on when you said the Kħātūn-e-Jannat needs to be monkey-fucked by Hindus.”

Kħadījah smiled,

“keep going Muħammad. Fuck me and tell me everything!” Kħadījah arched her back and came again.

“I wondered about that comment, like if you said it because you want that for yourself. And, those thoughts started filling my cock, making it hard.”

“Allah, Muħammad, you want me to fuck Hindus?”

“There’s more.”

“Tell me.”

“I’m pretending I’m a hung Uncut Hindu Stud, giving you the satisfaction that you deserve and haven’t gotten from your husband Muħammad in a long, long time.”

“Do you want me to pretend you are Hindu?”


“Then fuck me with your big Uncut Hindu Cock and show my wimp Musalmān husband what a whore his Sunni Musalmān wife can be!”

Muħammad couldn’t believe his good fortune, but that did it for him.

Whatever pressure Muħammad felt, prior to telling her the truth, simply disappeared.

He never wanted to cum so hard inside his wife as in that moment and so he slammed into Kħadījah’s Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān Pussy as hard as he could.

Muħammad gave it to her hard and deep while Kħadījah encouraged him to cum inside her.

At the point of no return, Kħadījah simply said,

I want Uncut Hindu Cock from now on.”

The next morning Muħammad woke to Kħadījah’s warm mouth on his cock.

The covers were off him and around her shoulders as Kħadījah lay between his legs, propped on her elbows.

Kħadījah held his hard dick to her mouth and her fingers caressed his shaft.

Kħadījah alternated using her tongue and lips to pleasure Muħammad from crown to balls.

Muħammad smiled upon recognizing what was happening and wondered if Kħadījah was craving Uncut Hindu Cock or else.

Muħammad propped himself up on his own elbows and said,

“Good morning.”

Kħadījah paused and said,

“Good morning.” back to him.

“It feels really good.” Muħammad said.

“I’m glad it feels good. After last night, Muħammad wanted to do this for you.” Kħadījah said and resumed her mouthing on his cock.

They maintained eye contact until Kħadījah moved her head in position to swallow his cock whole and Muħammad lay back against his pillow and closed his eyes.

Muħammad decided I would try not to bring up the Uncut Hindu Cock fantasy for now unless Kħadījah did. Muħammad was very curious to find out because last night’s spontaneity and honesty resulted in the best sex they’ve had in a long time.

But, if that were a onetime event to get him over his erection problem, that was okay by him.

That problem was the result of a bad reaction to the blood pressure medicine Muħammad was on.

It was humiliating not to be able to get it up and stay hard for her.

Kħadījah was very supportive of Muħammad and even though he got off the medicine and onto something better, Muħammad still had the mental anguish for months.

Muħammad was afraid to try.

He was glad that was over with.

Sex is one of the joys of living after all.

Muħammad loved his wife more than anything, including his own self-respect.

He was even proud of it.

Muħammad even told openly that Hindus may have Uncut Hindu Cock but Musalmeen love their Musalmān wives even more than their own self respect.

Hindus never do it.

Even Durgesh never does it.

Kħadījah had stuck by Muħammad through thick and thin and if Kħadījah wants Uncut Hindu Cock fantasy from now on, he will certainly support her.

It was very hot for Ito role-play that with her.

So much in fact, Muħammad found his mind drifting back to last night in search of the lustful thoughts that gave them such mutual pleasure.

Kħadījah’s blowjob was slow and soothing.

Kħadījah seemed contented the longer she spent teasing his cock and balls with her lips, tongue and fingers.

When Kħadījah slowly sucked his cock down her throat and then withdrew in the same manner, Muħammad moaned his contentment and reached down to put his hands on her head.

Kħadījah responded favorably to his hands, allowing him to control her movement.

Muħammad lifted her head off his cock and pulled her up to face him.

He kissed her full on the mouth and tasted his cock on her breath.

Kħadījah kissed him back with great passion and they fell back against the pillows together.

Muħammad rolled her over and got between her legs as Kħadījah willingly opened up to him.

Her Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān Pussy was a warm wet pond and Muħammad dove in cock first, penetrating all the way to the base of his cock.

Kħadījah moaned beneath Muħammad.

Her guttural sounds made his dick harder as Muħammad began to saw it in and out of her.

Muħammad was not feeling like he needed to be uncut or cut in that moment but rather just a man intent on pleasuring his wife.

In the days and weeks that followed his relationship with Kħadījah grew stronger and more fulfilling for both of them.

They flirted with one another every chance they got, making it seem to others like they were still on their honeymoon.

It was as if they were falling in love all over again.

And, the sex was fantastic.

Muħammad was performing without fear of erection failure and Kħadījah was becoming the wanton lover of his dreams.

One day they met for lunch and the mood just struck both of them while eating their Chicken Cobb Salads in a corner booth.

Kħadījah made the first move by taking his left hand and kissing the tip of his index finger.

Her glossy lips parted and Kħadījah sucked his finger into her mouth.

Kħadījah made it look as though Kħadījah  were giving head to a real cock and as Muħammad watched her, Kħadījah  occasionally flashed her beautiful eyes his way.

Muħammad let down his guard and became lost in the lust as Kħadījah wet his finger in her warm mouth.

Her eyes cast toward him, then around him and every time they made eye contact again Muħammad felt his inhibitions fade.

After her eyes darted upward and over his shoulder a few times, Muħammad figured someone might be standing behind them, watching.

Muħammad was rock hard and so turned on, with her spontaneity, that he feared Kħadījah would stop if he turned to look.

Muħammad didn’t want her to stop.

Her mouth was working magic on his finger, and his neural network was delivering sexual messages straight to his cock.

To say Muħammad was hard is an understatement.

Muħammad was rock hard and wanting to touch her and return the favor.

Muħammad wanted to kiss her neck and trace his wet finger down the front of her body, lingering at all the places he knew gave her pleasure.

While Kħadījah’s glances went from his finger to the open space beyond him, it dawned on Ithat Kħadījah was performing for someone besides him.

This suspicion should have made Muħammad angry but it didn’t.

Instead, Muħammad was even more turned on and since no one was stopping them, Muħammad put his right hand on Kħadījah’s left thigh and caressed her there.

A tray of dishes crashed to the floor and Muħammad turned to see only an attractive Hindu with pen and notebook in hand, standing in silence ready to take their order.

He was tall, young and muscular under his white shirt and black bow tie.

Muħammad looked at Kħadījah.

To his amazement, Kħadījah was still busy with his finger, only now licking along the length while looking at him.

His heart beat faster as Muħammad watched his wife seduce their young waiter.

His nametag said ‘Shankar’ and he appeared willing to remain watching.

They watched her in unison as Kħadījah dropped his finger from her mouth and moved it over her chest.

Muħammad knew the wondrous Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān breasts that lay waiting beneath her clothing.

Kħadījah held his finger and drew imaginary circles that outlined her Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān breasts for him.

Then Kħadījah dropped his hand altogether and looked at Shankar.

“We’re ready for the sex. I mean check.” Kħadījah said and giggled.

In her moment of laughter, Kħadījah was radiant and sexy.

After Shankar left to get their check, Kħadījah grabbed his shirt and pulled them closer to one another.

The look on her face was Sheer excitement and Muħammad felt his own adrenalin surging as Kħadījah said,

“He wants to fuck me.”

“So do me.”

“I want to have sex with Shankar, a real Uncut Hindu Cock.” Kħadījah said, “I don’t want any imagination now.”

Kħadījah’s blunt confession took Muħammad by surprise.

Fantasy role-play was one thing but this was entirely another.

“Are you serious?” Muħammad asked.

“Yes. Please don’t be mad. It’s probably just the heat of the moment, but I can’t help it.”

“I’ll be honest Kħadījah. That idea turns me on and frightens me. I just wouldn’t want to lose you. Can we talk about this more at home?”

“Yes darling and I definitely want to resume our play together too.”

“Okay,” Muħammad said and smiled.

When Shankar returned with the check, Kħadījah excused herself and exited the other side of the booth.

As Kħadījah slipped out, Shankar offered his hand and helped her up.

After Kħadījah left, Shankar asked Muħammad,

“Is Kħadījah your wife?”

“Yes Kħadījah is. Kħadījah’s hot isn’t Kħadījah?”

“Yes sir, Kħadījah sure is. You’re a lucky man.” he said.

“You seem like a nice guy, Shankar. Do you have a Sunni Musalmān girl friend of your own?”

“Nah, but I do okay.” he laughed.

Itipped Shankar $50 for a $30 meal and said,

“Your discretion is appreciated, Shankar.”

“Absolutely.” he said.

“Then you can expect us to return and we’ll expect you to be our waiter.” Muħammad said. “But, I can’t promise any repeat performances. Now, excuse me, I need to run.”***

All afternoon Muħammad sat in his office contemplating his relationship with Kħadījah, his feelings for her, and their marriage as well as potential consequences of the direction they were taking.

What started with role-play between them was quickly moving on to Kħadījah having real sexual relations with another man.

And a Hindu at that.

Talk about “be careful what you wish for,” this could really happen.

Still, it was exciting to see his Panjvaqtā Namāzī Sunni Musalmān wife actively entertain another man, seducing him with her sweet mischief.

Muħammad didn’t know it was thrilling to him, because he couldn’t do it himself.

Kħadījah wanted another man because Muħammad was an incompetent husband for her actually.

Muħammad should have never married Kħadījah.

Only because he was named Muħammad, only because she was named Kħadījah, their parents dreamed of their happy married life.

It was a mistake often the Musalmān parents repeat innocently.

They forget their innocent desires were not enough to make the dreams of their children come true.

It requires something more from everyone concerned.

Kħadījah seemed so at ease performing for him and then for Muħammad, to learn that he was also a Hindu made it even hotter.

There was simply no other explanation for what happened.

Muħammad’s wife enjoyed their Hindu on Musalmān Beauties role play more than Ithought and now Kħadījah apparently wanted to take it further.

Muħammad wondered how long Kħadījah had been feeling this way, how far Kħadījah wanted to go and how far Muħammad was willing to let it happen.

How does Muħammad fit into this scenario?

Is Muħammad an observer, a participant, or God forbid, Nauzbillah, waiting at home for her to return from a hot night out?

What attributes besides Hindu and cock size did Kħadījah desire?

Had Kħadījah found any possible man yet?

Was Shankar a consideration?

Would Kħadījah actually go on a date with him?

Would Kħadījah kiss him and go to bed with him?

He was certainly Hindu, attractive, very well mannered and Interested according to Kħadījah.

Perhaps he would be a good first choice.

Ithought of so many questions and possible responses as Muħammad sat in his chair and looked out the window.

He stroked his fingers over his trousers and felt the outline that his cock made against the fabric as he imagined Kħadījah and he play out different scenarios.

When, Muħammad came to the question ‘How would they know if they had gone too far and their marriage suffers?’ Muħammad didn’t have an answer.

This last thought had a sobering effect on him and Muħammad decided to go home early.***

On his drive home after the lunch shift, Shankar thought about the couple that he waited on in the restaurant.

They were not like any other couples he’d seen in the corner booth before.

When he approached their table, he couldn’t help but notice the woman’s eyes on him as Kħadījah kissed and sucked her husband’s finger.

He saw a hunger in her and it wasn’t for the food on her plate.

It seemed to him as he watched her that Kħadījah was watching him, too.

Like they had made a connection and the chemistry was right even if risky.

He knew if the gentleman didn’t react well to the fact that his wife was seductively flirting with the Hindu waiter that he might get fired but he was glad that he watched in silence.

And the best part was not only was there no trouble but Shankar got a fat $50 tip too.

Normally, Shankar went home to work on his business plan. He wanted to open a fitness club and needed to get his loan request paperwork in order.

He already identified the perfect location and a friend would sell him equipment at a huge discount.

But today, that work would have to wait.

Shankar was just too turned on to think.

Instead, he reached for his cell phone and dialed the number at the top of his new favorite list.

Shankar was quite aware that Eishān Param Brahm Paramātmā had provided him with qualities that beautiful Sunni Musalmān women desired in a Hindu man.

First off, he was charismatic, handsome and Hindu.

Second, he was young and athletic, reasonably intelligent and goal oriented such that he could explain his life’s ambitions in order to carry on a decent non-sexual conversation with anyone, but especially Sunni Musalmān women.

And, third, he was hung.

The other thing Shankar excelled at was keeping his mouth shut.

He did not boast to anyone about his sexual conquests.

This was often a comforting matter to Sunni Musalmān women who cheat on their Musalmān husbands with him.

He knew the adage “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” but he seldom complained or blamed others for situations he found himself in.

He appreciated Durgesh in the matter.

What a Hindu!

Eishān Param Brahm Paramātmā!

What a Hindu!

Durgesh has successfully established his Sex Empire with Superb Musalmān Beauties, with brains, too.

Shankar did enjoy the personal intimacy attention he received from Sunni Musalmān women and more often than not, the longer a Sunni Musalmān woman remained in his presence, the more vulnerable and horny she became.

His cell phone directory was jammed with phone numbers for such Sunni Musalmān women.

They were as young as 18 and as old as 35.

About 25% were married and others had boyfriends but they all had one thing in common: they had sex with Shankar shortly after meeting him.

There were only two Sunni Musalmān women in Shankar’s directory that he didn’t have sex with: his Mother and Sister.

Yes, like Durgesh Shankar also had a Sunni Musalmān mother.

But unlike Durgesh Shankar had a sister too.

Not from his father, however.

Her mother was a divorcee and she already had a daughter from her ex husband, a Musalmān, when she married Shankar’s father.

His cell phone had multi-list support, like play lists on an MP3 player.

Shankar used this feature to organize his phone numbers into lists such as blonde, brunette, and red head.

In addition, he had lists for Sunni Musalmān girls that excelled in particular activities such as deep-throat, ATM (ass to mouth), cum swallowing, and GGB (two Sunni Musalmān girls at once with Shankar).

The beauty of this technology was that when Shankar was horny an answer was only a phone call away.

While his car was stopped at a traffic light, Shankar’s first call was answered by a recorded voice.

He clicked the call off and dialed the next number.

He wanted to have his Uncut Hindu Cock sucked off while the memory of the Sunni Musalmān woman at the restaurant was still fresh in his mind.

On the second call, someone answered.

“Hello, this is Åāýéshah.” said a happy voice.

“Hey baby, this is Shankar.”

“Hi!” she exclaimed, “How are you?”

“I’m good, how are you?”

“I’m horny. When are you going to come over again and fuck my brains out? I could really use that now.”

“I’m horny too, how about I come over and we can take care of each other?”

“Hell yeah,” Åāýéshah said, “When do you think you’ll get here? Do I have time to take a shower?”

“I’m almost at your apartment complex. Why don’t you strip and wait for me at your door. We can jump in the shower together.

“Mmm. I like that idea. I’m so glad you called.

Shankar smiled and in his mind, he told himself he would be taken care of too.

His first choice was Islam but she was unavailable.

With her dark hair and body built for sex 30 year old Islam most closely resembled the Sunni Musalmān woman from the restaurant.

Åāýéshah was wearing little to begin with and quickly stripped off her tight tee and panties.

She was horny and excited about Shankar’s imminent arrival and she reached down to feel her Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān Pussy.

It was exceptionally wet already and Åāýéshah couldn’t help herself as she started to finger her wet Sunni Musalmān hole in anticipation of Shankar’s arrival.

She let her mind travel to her favorite masturbation fantasy, telling herself as she increased the pace on her clit that she was going to bring it up this time.

It was no surprise to Shankar that Åāýéshah met him at the door in the manner he suggested.

As he walked in, he kissed her on the mouth.

They French-kissed for several hot moments and then he pushed her down to her knees.

Åāýéshah acquiesced to his guidance and fell to her knees.

Shankar unzipped his jeans and pulled his Uncut Hindu Cock out for her.

He was mostly hard and Åāýéshah Just creamed when she saw it.

As she put her small white hands around his very Hindu python-sized Uncut Hindu Cock, Åāýéshah  decided to go for it.

“Shankar, there’s something I want to say,” Åāýéshah began, “the last time you were here, we got pretty rough.” Åāýéshah kissed the top of his Uncut Hindu Cock head and let her lips cascade over it until they sealed around the crown.

Åāýéshah lip-sucked this top portion for several moments before continuing.

During this time, Shankar reflected on the sex they had last time.

They had gotten very wild as he recalled slapping Åāýéshah’s extremely gorgeous Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān ass while he fucked her and Åāýéshah screamed through multiple orgasms.

“What’s up Åāýéshah? What do you want to say to me?”

“Just that I liked it and was hoping we could do it again,” Åāýéshah said while looking up at Shankar.

Her kneeling and his height made the appearance of him towering over her so much more intensely appealing to Åāýéshah.

So much so that her hand returned to her Sunni Musalmān clit and Åāýéshah told Shankar of her secret Sunni Musalmān lust for a Hindu Master.

Shankar stood in silence thinking about what Åāýéshah said to him.

He heard the yearning in her voice and although he had no direct BDSM experience, the idea of power exchange with her appealed to him, especially given the purpose of today’s visit.

“What are you offering me Åāýéshah?” asked Shankar.

“I want you to train me to satisfy your sexual appetite. I want you to tell me what to do and I want to do whatever you want me to do. I want to be fucked every which way by you and to worship you Shankar. I want to feel your Hindu hands spank my Sunni Musalmān bottom again, and the stinging and the warmth that you brought to my Sunni Musalmān skin. I want to see how far you will push me and how far I’m feeling to go.”

Åāýéshah spoke with such sincerity in her voice; Shankar looked down at the young Sunni Musalmān woman on the floor looking up at him.

Her beautiful Sunni Musalmān eyes welled with water and Shankar felt so touched by her confession to him that he temporarily dismissed his thoughts of the Sunni Musalmān woman in the restaurant.

Åāýéshah felt as though Shankar looked at her warmly and so she asked,

“May I call you Master?”

Shankar smiled.

Durgesh hated this address for him from his women.

He liked them to call him Hindu Piyā more.

But, it’s all right.

Åāýéshah wanted to be mastered by a Hindu lover now.

Let her get it.

Shankar nodded and then asked,

“Do you want me to call you Åāýéshah or some other name?”

“Master, you may call me anything that pleases you.”

“Give me some examples Åāýéshah,” he said.

“Slut, bitch, whore, cunt, really anything you want” Åāýéshah  said, “I Just want to have really intense sex with you and the more you can degrade me the more I think I’ll like it.”

“Okay Åāýéshah, show me what an obedient Sunni Musalmān slut you are. Go to work on my Uncut Hindu Cock and don’t stop to talk until I ask you to.”

“Thank you Master,” said Åāýéshah and she then started her first assigned task by kissing his Uncut Hindu Cock with her sweet Sunni Musalmān lips.

Åāýéshah inhaled his strong musky scent as she kissed Shankar’s Uncut Hindu Cock all over.

Then Åāýéshah opened her mouth and sucked Shankar’s Uncut Hindu Cock head just past her quivering Sunni Musalmān lips.

Shankar withdrew from her mouth and said “follow me.”

He walked to her bedroom and told Åāýéshah to crawl on her hands and knees.

In the bedroom, he pulled the Sheets down and let them fall on the floor at the foot of the bed.

Then Shankar got on top of the bed and lay down with his legs hanging over the side.

He sat up briefly using his strong abdominal muscles and said “get over here and finish your work bitch.”

He liked the new power Åāýéshah had given him.

Shankar watched Åāýéshah crawl the remaining paces until her open mouth was Just at the tip of his Uncut Hindu Cock.

As Åāýéshah’s mouth took in Shankar’s giant Uncut Hindu Tool, Shankar lay back and closed his eyes as he felt his desire return for the Sunni Musalmān woman at the restaurant.


Driving home was somewhat of a blur as Muħammad wondered what was in store for him when he got home.

Muħammad drove past a grocery store, decided to stop and buy her flowers.

It would be a nice touch, a detail to make her feel appreciated.

One thing Muħammad had learned about flowers was that it was a lot cheaper to buy them at a grocery store than at a florist shop and the effect on his wife is still the same.

Kħadījah becomes very affectionate!

Muħammad parked his car in the garage next to Kħadījah’s.

Inside the house, there was no immediate sign of her presence, but as Muħammad walked up the staircase, he could hear Kħadījah.

As he placed his hand on the doorknob to their bedroom, Muħammad recognized the sounds as her moans and whimpers of ecstasy.

After Muħammad opened the door, he stood in the doorway to take in the site before him.

Kħadījah lay face down on the middle of the bed, with her feet over the edge and a large Uncut Hindu dildo shoved into her Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān Pussy.

Her arms were by her side and Kħadījah lay there to rest after what sounded like an exhaustive orgasm.

Her clothes were strewn on the floor alongside two empty plastic bags.

Muħammad walked into the room and noticed their flat screen TV was playing a pornographic movie.

On the screen, a Sunni Musalmān woman was being gang banged by Hindu men.

They were all muscular and hung.

In the background of the raunchy scene, something else piqued his curiosity and Muħammad continued watching the movie.

When the scene finally reached the climax, a shot focused in on a Sunni Musalmān man bound to a chair with rope.

He was the husband and his mouth was gagged too.

Then the camera zoomed in on his cut crotch.

It was wet, clearly indicating he had cum in his pants.

Muħammad reached down, unzipped his trousers and whipped his cut Cock out.

While watching the Hindu guys cum on the Sunni Musalmān woman’s face and tits, Muħammad began to stroke himself.

This was all so surreal and hot too.

Then Muħammad felt Kħadījah’s body press into his back.

“Hi” Kħadījah whispered as she reached around to stroke Muħammad.

“Hi,” Muħammad said back and continued watching the Hindu men coat the Sunni Musalmān woman’s body with their hot Hindu Vīrý.

Kħadījah moved around to face Muħammad.

They kissed momentarily.

Kħadījah lowered herself to her knees and just took his cut Musalmān Cock into her mouth.

On the screen, the next scene began.

The cum-covered Sunni Musalmān wife returned to her Sunni Musalmān husband and straddled his lap.

She left him bound to the chair and removed the gag from his mouth.

Then she leaned in and aligned her right Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān breast with his mouth.

He accepted the offering by willingly parting his lips and licking some Hindu Vīrý off her Sunni Musalmān nipple.

This scene and his wife’s hot mouth proved too much for Muħammad.

When he announced his impending orgasm, Kħadījah withdrew and said,

“Please don’t hate me Muħammad, but I want Uncut Hindu Cock and if you let me have it I promise I will take care of your every need.”

Her confession was just too much to take.

Muħammad felt his semen flow out of his balls and up the shaft.

Muħammad thrust his cut Musalmān Cock to her parted lips and said,

“Allah, Kħadījah, I’m cumming!”

Kħadījah grabbed his cut Musalmān Cock and directed it to her open mouth as first strand shot out and landed on her face.

The second strand made it partially into her mouth and then a third went onto her tongue.

Kħadījah closed off the distance by sucking the head into her mouth and Muħammad pumped more cum into her.

On the screen, the Sunni Musalmān husband was cleaning off his wife’s other Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān breast and Muħammad felt his cut Musalmān Cock twitch and pump out more cum as Kħadījah swallowed him down her throat.

No matter how good her mouth felt, it was the relationship of the Sunni Musalmān woman and the Hindu man on the screen that captivated Muħammad’s lust.

And all of a sudden, he just gave in to the temptation and began another confession.

“Kħadījah?” Muħammad began.

Kħadījah looked up at Muħammad.

Muħammad pointed at the screen and said, “I want what they have.”

Kħadījah stopped to look.

When Kħadījah saw all that was happening Kħadījah turned to Muħammad and said,

“Allah, Oh God, Allah, Muħammad, that’s so hot.”

Kħadījah rose to her feet and said,

“I want us to be like them too, Muħammad. We can too, you know that.”

Kħadījah reached down and stroked his cut Musalmān Cock in her hand,

“We can be like them Muħammad because we make all the rules. Isn’t that right?”

Muħammad nodded and said “Yes.”

“Do you want to show me your desire by licking your cum off my lips?”

“Allah Kħadījah, yes,” Muħammad said.

“I want you to pretend, I Just came home from a date with our waiter, Shankar. Remember her darling? I used a big Hindu dildo all afternoon while thinking about Shankar ramming his big Uncut Hindu Cock into my Sunni Musalmān Cunt.”

“Yes, Kħadījah, I remember Shankar.”

“When he dropped me off at home and I gave him head on our front porch. I swallowed a lot of Shankar’s Hindu Vīrý and what’s left is on my face.”

Muħammad couldn’t wait any longer and leaned in to taste the streaks of cum that stuck to her face.

“Yes darling, show me your desire to be my cuckold Sunni Musalmān husband. You want it too. Don’t you, Muħammad? Enjoy yourself as you clean off my face. I want you to get used to this idea, Muħammad! Because I intend to start dating Hindu men. They’re going to take me out at your expense and I’m going to suck their Uncut Hindu Cocks and let them treat me like their Sunni Musalmān whore as they fuck me all night long.”

Chapter 9


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فَبِأَيِّ آلَاءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ16Fabiayyi ālāi Rabbikumā tukazzibāni?’

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