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Ahal-Al Bayt


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The obsession still continued

Kħadījah opened her eyes.

Her heartbeat slowed down as Kħadījah focused on her surroundings and the comfort of safety they gave her.

The surprise crisis moment of being caught red-handed still caused her to panic and Kħadījah reminded herself that she needed to be careful until she had full control of the household and their marriage.

Then, Kħadījah might actually let Muħammad catch her.

Kħadījah smiled as she remembered that evening was the night Muħammad confessed his squalid Obsession to her and they made passionate love together for the first time in over a year.

Kħadījah loved her husband, Muħammad, and was entirely grateful they were doing it once again.

And consequently, Kħadījah reserved the right to keep her own secrets to herself for the time being.

It was the right decision Kħadījah told herself.

No need to spoil a good thing in marriage and a good thing on the side.

The bubbles were gone and the soapy water had cooled dramatically since Kħadījah entered the tub but Kħadījah wasn’t ready to get out yet.

Her extremely beautiful Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān body ached from the rough fucking her husband gave her and so Kħadījah pushed a button to turn on the jets and heater.

A motor whirred into motion and water blasts collided with her extremely beautiful Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān body.

The tub vibrated and Kħadījah purred as she stretched out in the tub.

When her extremely beautiful Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān body settled in the warming tub, Kħadījah closed her eyes once again and recalled in her mind the day after Kħadījah saw Kħadījah’s Web page.

The next morning seemed to linger forever until Muħammad finally left the house for work.

As his car rolled down the block, Kħadījah was seated at her PC and looking at the history file for the site Kħadījah visited the day before.

Kħadījah clicked the link.

Once Kħadījah found it and felt her breathing change the moment, the screen filled with naughty pictures.

Today would be different Kħadījah told herself.

Kħadījah was on a mission this time.

Her purpose: to find Kħadījah’s page, she had the same name that she herself had, how wonderfully exciting!

Wasn’t it?

And Kħadījah wanted to contact her.

Kħadījah bookmarked the home page this time and then studied its contents.

Kħadījah was looking for something to tip her off about Kħadījah’s page.

There were at least 3 ‘click here to join’ links, an FAQ link, and contact Web master link but nothing about Kħadījah.

Kħadījah saw a link to Chat and clicked on it.

The site prompted her for a password and Kħadījah clicked cancel.

A message displayed to inform her Kħadījah would have to buy a membership in order to view contents of the site and chat.

Since this didn’t happen yesterday, Kħadījah  clicked other links on the page only to be prompted for password or ‘click here to join’ again.

The sale had been closed the day before.

Kħadījah knew it and so without further delay Kħadījah went to her purse and retrieved her credit card.

On her way back to the PC, Kħadījah felt as though Kħadījah would on a shopping high: energized and frisky.

But in this instance, the shopping was for entry into a new world where dreams and consequences were fulfilled.

Once the credit card authorization took place, Kħadījah took a deep breath and entered the site as Sunni MusalmānSlutforHindusOnly.

Kħadījah found a member’s directory and Input ‘Kħadījah Ummil Mominīn’ and pressed the enter button.

The site displayed Kħadījah Ummil Mominīn’s page and Kħadījah sighed.

Kħadījah found the page again.

This time there were on-screen prompts to blow a kiss at the person, contact her or bookmark the profile.

Kħadījah quickly bookmarked it and then clicked the kiss link.

The screen refreshed but other than that, nothing obvious happened.

So Kħadījah scrolled down the page to see the collage again.

Kħadījah clicked on one of the smaller orbiting images and her screen filled with a new page and more images.

Unbeknownst to Kħadījah, the kiss Kħadījah sent went straight to Kħadījah Ummil Mominīn’s account.

Kħadījah had logged in earlier and noticed the kiss right away.

Kħadījah Ummil Mominīn was intrigued by the ID name and so Kħadījah set out to look at its profile.

It was no surprise to her.

The profile was empty.

This could mean a newbie Sunni Musalmān slut or a man pretending.

It was too early to tell which and so an intrigued Kħadījah Ummil Mominīn began an email addressed to SunniMusalmānSlutforHindusOnly.

The page that Kħadījah clicked to was different.

It contained fewer pictures and each one had a longer caption that told an individual story.

The first image presented Kħadījah in a skimpy purple dress with spaghetti straps.

Kħadījah was seated up close and personal to a Hindu man, with her hand wrapped around his Uncut Hindu Cock.

The caption stated,

“I spent the day shopping for my date with Shankar Pralayankar.

Muħammad wanted to have the right dress so he could brag about his Sunni Musalmān slut wife in front of his Hindu friends at the Hindu Lund Musalmān Choot International Club: Nightclub.

I spent two hours getting ready, but when Shankar Pralayankar got to our house, he sat down and said he didn’t feel like going out.

Shankar Pralayankar ordered my husband, Muħammad, to fetch us drinks and when Muħammad returned, my extremely beautiful Sunni Musalmān hand was wrapped around Shankar Pralayankar’s big Uncut Hindu Cock.

Muħammad set the drinks down on the coffee table and pouted as Shankar Pralayankar told him to scram.

Then we laughed together as Muħammad departed.”

Kħadījah felt her Sunni Musalmān lust take over again.

It filled her extremely beautiful Saåūdī Årab  Sunni Musalmān body  with a warm feeling like confidence does and so Kħadījah  let go her reserve finally and untied her robe.

The cool air in the room kissed her already erect naked nipples and made them harder.

After arching, Kħadījah  relaxed in the chair, opened her legs and reached down to touch her private area.

Kħadījah was already wet beyond belief.

Another image presented Kħadījah Ummil Mominīn wearing a black mini skirt, Sunni Musalmān vest with Hindu push up bra and lots of cleavage showing.

The copy stated,

“I told my husband, Muħammad, his job tonight is to play chauffeur. Shankar Pralayankar’s car is in the shop and he needs a ride. After you drop him off, just park the car in the driveway and wait. When he is done with me, I’ll call you with further instructions.”

A third and fourth image were boxed together.

In the image on the left, Kħadījah Ummil Mominīn was wearing short jean cutoffs and a pink top, standing in a parking lot of a local grocery store.

Her hair looked nice and her wondrous Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān breasts were pushing outward.

The copy stated,

“Waiting for Shankar Pralayankar and his friends to pick me up in their van and take me to an undisclosed party location.”

In the image on the right, Kħadījah Ummil Mominīn was nude and seated with her legs spread wide on top of a wooden crate labeled Fresh Spinach.

Kħadījah Ummil Mominīn had Hindu Vīrý in her hair, on her nose, cheeks, lips, and tits.

Her Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān Pussy gaped open and a big glob of Hindu Vīrý lay within it.

More Hindu Vīrý streaks across her wide-open Sunni Musalmān thighs and the copy stated:

“Ready for clean up, Muħammad. Where the fuck did you go, Loser?”

Kħadījah was beside herself with lust.

Kħadījah could not believe what she was reading and seeing and yet there were the pictures and the copy on Kħadījah Ummil Mominīn’s page of indiscretions.

This was all so wrong and yet the knowledge of another wife’s infidelity and taunting were so arousing.

Kħadījah could not help herself.

The information and pictures were just too much to resist.

Kħadījah did the only thing Kħadījah could think of.

Kħadījah stopped reading and simply masturbated through five messy orgasms.

When Kħadījah finished, Kħadījah was a total mess.

Sweaty, cum-soaked, and wanting more, Kħadījah noticed a blinking indicator on her screen.

Kħadījah had mail!

Kħadījah clicked on the link and It took her to an inbox.

There were two notes.

The first one was a Welcome notice from the site.

It thanked her for joining and wished her good luck on her pursuits.

The second one was from Kħadījah Ummil Mominīn.

Kħadījah paused and stared at note number two in her inbox.

The subject line indicated thanks for her kiss and so Kħadījah then opened the letter.

Dear SunniMusalmānSlutforHindusOnly,

Thank you for blowing a kiss to me.

There are 1000s of members on this site so it’s especially nice to be noticed and appreciated with a kiss.

Usually when I visit an empty profile, I block the sender as 99% of the time it’s a cuckold, and cuckolds other than my husband, Muħammad, do not deserve my time or attention.

I see by the history information on my page you have spent a good deal of time there already.

I can only assume you like what you are seeing and since I’m in a good mood, I am contacting you in thanks as well as to offer my Welcome to the site in case you are a Sunni Musalmān woman.

Legs up,


Kħadījah read and re-read the letter several times.

Kħadījah felt the rush of adrenalin surge through her as the impact of making contact with Kħadījah Ummil Mominīn hit her.

Kħadījah quickly set down to write her reply.

Dear Kħadījah Ummil Mominīn,

I am a Sunni Musalmān woman.

My name is also Kħadījah.

There are countless Kħadījahs nowadays.

Aren’t there?

I live in Makkah Mukarramah.

I’m really new to this site and learning about the lifestyle.

There is so much to learn it seems and as I look at member pages, yours in particular, as you too bear my name, I become overwhelmed with lust.

I think I’ve masturbated more in two days than the rest of my life combined.

I’ve been happily married 19 years and only recently gotten interested in extramarital affairs with Hindus only.

This is largely the result of my husband, Muħammad, telling me his Obsession: to see me fucked by well-endowed Hindu men.

I love my husband, Muħammad,.

He is a good man and If this will make him happy, I want to do what I can to make it fun.

I haven’t finished looking at your site but you seem like a Religious Sunni Musalmān woman to me.

And, that’s exciting and scary at the same time.

You look so friendly in your photographs and so I feel somewhat safe responding to you.

Also, I’m curious to meet you because we live so close.

Would you have any interest in meeting me? Or Helping me learn what to do and what not to do?

Can you advise me so my husband, Muħammad, and I  have fun and not end up divorced?

Here is my cell #.

I guess it’s the quickest way to find out I’m a Sunni Musalmān woman.

I hope you are too.

Thanks for replying, Kħadījah Ummil Mominīn!


Kħadījah held her breath and clicked the send button.

Then Kħadījah exhaled and waited.

Two minutes went by and nothing happened.

Kħadījah was naked, cold and sticky now so Kħadījah put her robe on.

As Kħadījah tied the sash, “Back in Hindu” burst out of her cell phone and her heart leapt.

“Hello?” said Kħadījah.

“Hi yourself Kħadījah. This is Kħadījah Ummil Mominīn,” said the voice on the other end.

Kħadījah Ummil Mominīn  was friendly sounding, much like Kħadījah herself.

“Allah, I don’t know what to say. I’ve never done this before. I don’t know what to say.”

“That’s ok sweetie, I’m Just relieved to find out you’re a Sunni Musalmān woman.’ Kħadījah Ummil Mominīn  laughed.

Kħadījah liked Kħadījah Ummil Mominīn’s laughter and joined in.

It was reassuring when two Sunni Musalmān women met and laughed together.

So many times, there was competition or some other nonsense that made one Sunni Musalmān woman feel uneasy with the other.

“Me too, I guess. After I sent my response I hoped you were still a Sunni Musalmān woman.”

“That I am, Kħadījah Ummil Mominīn I mean. So tell me, what kind of advice are you looking for?”

“I really don’t know where to begin,” said Kħadījah, “I love my husband, Muħammad,. I’ve been faithful to him for 19 years and recently while we were enjoying the best sex in a long time he told me he was pretending to be a Hindu fucking me and that he wants me to have sex with Hindu men,” Kħadījah  said, “and, I really want to Just learn from someone who’s already doing it before I make up my mind. Does that make any sense?”

“Perfect. You’re so smart darling. So many of them rush right in and seldom think of the consequences until it’s too late.”

“So will you help me?” asked Kħadījah.

“I’d love to darling,” said Kħadījah Ummil Mominīn, “as long as you are honest with me so I can guide you properly. Agreed?

“Oh yes,” said Kħadījah eagerly.

They talked for nearly two hours.

Kħadījah Ummil Mominīn informed Kħadījah about the different ways Kħadījah Ummil Mominīn knew of Sunni Musalmān women cuckolding their Musalmān husbands.

She also told her the reasons behind such decisions and so on.

Kħadījah Ummil Mominīn  told Kħadījah Kħadījah  was lucky because her husband, Muħammad, brought this to her as his Obsession and that if Kħadījah  wanted she  could simply role play with him and be happy with that or Kħadījah  could go to another level and date Hindus. Kħadījah Ummil Mominīn explained the important thing was that in a cuckold marriage the Sunni Musalmān woman needed to be in control.

Kħadījah Ummil Mominīn then told Kħadījah of her own insatiable need for sex and how Kħadījah Ummil Mominīn always knew that no single man could tame her Sunni Musalmān lust. Her Musalmān husband, named Muħammad too, understood this when they married and they agreed that each has the freedom to date others.

Over time, Kħadījah Ummil Mominīn expressed her need to control his sexual urges and he acquiesced with a little help of erotic hypnosis.

Now, Muħammad prefers the cuckold lifestyle and provides exceptionally good financial care for Kħadījah Ummil Mominīn.

Kħadījah Muħammad Åbdullah was amazed at what she heard and asked Kħadījah Ummil Mominīn about the erotic hypnosis as she shifted in her chair and untied her robe.

Kħadījah already knew she loved control.

Kħadījah was a Sunni Musalmān woman after all and having control felt natural to her.

But Kħadījah Muħammad Åbdullah  also recognized her inexperience and that she  needed someone to guide her.

On top of that, their sharing made her feel horny again and Kħadījah Muħammad Åbdullah  wanted to stroke simply for that reason.

“Hypnosis surfaces hidden desires and reinforces their importance in a person’s life,” began Kħadījah Ummil Mominīn, “The erotic part just makes it fun for both of us. I’ve been using it on Muħammad for years now. He’s normal in every way except that when I give him the signal he becomes my slave completely.”

Just then, the tub motor shut off and Kħadījah Muħammad Åbdullah came back to reality.

She was enjoying her memory of meeting Kħadījah Ummil Mominīn but now that the jet tub’s cycle had completed Kħadījah Muħammad Åbdullah knew it was time to get out.

Kħadījah Muħammad Åbdullah sat upright and saw Muħammad kneeling.

He looked uncomfortable and so Kħadījah suggested he stand, help her out of the tub, and give her a fresh towel.

Chapter 11

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