The everbest wives: 17

The everbest wives


1. No Hindu, Please!

2. Only Hindus, Please! The discovery

3. I do hate hypocrisy

4.  In the Moonlight

5. I still love, Durgesh, with immense pride

6. Kħadījah Åbdullah Bājī  seduced me

7. She loved me all along

8. My dad’s new Musalmān wife

9. She needed me extremely

10. Hell, I Revolt

11. Scintillating Ammī and daughter

12. Now entirely secured and safe

13. The women in my life

14. The Beaming Knowledge

15. A Secret Smile

16. A deserving unfaithfulness-1

Chapter 17

The three pregnants-1

My name is Fātimah Sultān.

I am 19 and doing first year of my graduation.

Story of my life is very short, simple and spicy.

I live with my Hindu dad, Durgesh,  Ammījān lives with, since long back.

I was 6 at that time.

Meaning, it’s 13 yrs now we are living with Durgesh dad, the great man.

I had very few memories of my real Abbū, Sultān Muħammad.

My Ammījān, Jalees Raħmān, was a very beautiful Saåūdī Årab Musalmān woman and I am also equally beautiful, people say so.

I am the only child, so, my grandAmmī and my Ammījān had brought me up.

My grand Ammī was a very graceful Saåūdī Årab Musalmān lady who also lived with us but as my grand Ammī and my Ammījān, both were almost always on tour for their business, it’s just Durgesh dad and me living together, for all practical purposes.

Last five years has entirely changed our relation, however.

When I look back in time, I see myself as a bubbly and a kind of naughty daughter of my sweet and perfect Hindu dad.

And now on this day I am more of his wife than his daughter and he is more of a lover than my dad.

Ya I am not kidding, neither I am living incest.

Durgesh dad is NOT my real Abbū, yaar!

He only fucks my Ammījān and my grand Ammī, Rizvānah Irfān too.

Now, don’t say he’s my grandfather too, only because he fucks my grand Ammī, Rizvānah Irfān, as well as my Ammījān and me.

Its not that I am complaining, I am happy with this present state and so is he. We have reached it with a mutual consent.

He never forced himself on me rather I shall say I volunteered for it.

It all started when I was 18.

I was in the frst year of my graduation.

It was an important year academically.

So I used to stay up late at nights to study.

This was no problem as I had a separate room.

That was a very naughty age; my whole personality was undergoing drastic changes.

My sexuality was also coming into existence.

I started to feel the heat and need of sex.

Musalmān Girls at University used to tell their sex tales with Hindu males and boys, which I now know were just fiction, of steaming sexual encounter with all sort of Hindu guys.

Of course I even started to masturbate with all sorts of fantasies.

My first encounter, in a sexual way, with my Hindu dad, Durgesh, happened at that period of time.

One December night I was studying late.

It was around 12:30 at night, when one of my friends called.

Our conversation started in relation of the studies and eventually the hottest and obvious topic came up, very soon.

She was telling me about the things she did that day with some Hindu guy in her locality.

Her story was quite hot and was making me horny too.

I was lying on the bed with a quilt over me.

I was sitting with my back against the wall and knees folded up with a book on my lap, over the quilt.

As our conversation continued, I was getting hornier with every passing second.

Soon I felt mist in between my legs.

I even felt my small nipples getting hard.

She was telling me how that Hindu guy called her on the terrace, how they smooched, how he felt her Musalmān Tits over her shirt and then he made her lay on the floor and how he fucked her.

I didn’t remember when my hand went in my pajamas/panties, but at the end of her story, I was wildly fingering my self.

When I told her this, to my surprise, she said that she was also doing the same.

I was so deeply involved in the act and in the conversation that I didn’t knew when Durgesh dad did come in my room and for how long he was standing there, because my eyes were almost close while I was doing it.

I was almost panicked on seeing him standing right on top of my head.

I almost threw the phone and in the next second I was sitting up right.

And said,

“Hi, dad, how areeeeeee you, howww come you came hereeeeee?’ in a shaking voice.

My throat went dry and my whole body was shaking as if I had seen a ghost.

But he didn’t say a word and went away.

I also remained spooked and still for some time.

Then after some time I went off to sleep but I was very scared about, what is going to happen tomorrow morning and how will I face him.

He waked me up, by calling my name and shaking me from my arm.

When I opened my eyes, it was still dark outside; the clock on the side table was showing three am.

I sat up and switched the table lamp on, which was also on the side table.

Durgesh dad then sat on the side of my bed facing me.

He looked very strange at that time.

I then collected some courage and took his hand in my hands and said, very softly,

“Hey pa, is every thing all right? you look upset?”

Durgesh dad then said,

“Fātimah Sultān, I am not able to sleep, I am worried about you. It seems that I am not taking good care of you. I wish that your Ammījān was here.”

And looked at me gravely.

I then took his face in my hands and said,

“Pa, there is nothing like that, that you are thinking. you are the best dad anyone can have.”

I consoled him to make him normal.

Durgesh dad then, finally, stopped to behave abnormally, and said,

“Fātimah Sultān, you know that after your Ammījān leaves, despite of everyone forcing me to have some other Musalmān Beauty replacing her here too, in her absence,  I didn’t do so, because I knew if I did that, it would have ruined your life. I was, careful of the typical stepAmmī thing. It’s only for you that I sacrificed my whole time here in this house. Moreover, I didn’t even bring my Musalmān women here I have any affair with. I never brought any beautiful Musalmān women home, because of you, but now, even then, I think that I have failed in upbringing you. Was my love not enough that you needed a boyfriend at this tender age or you have become a Musalmān slut for Hindus like so many others, or something?”

I then said in a stronger voice,

“Pa, you are taking it all wrong. There is no boyfriend and I am not a Musalmān slut for Hindus too. It’s just I got a bit carried away while talking to my friend, a Musalmān girl.”

After saying so, it seemed as if I was able to convince him, about what I said, because the expressions on his face got changed and he looked lighter.

Then with a smile Durgesh dad said,

“Then this means that you are still a sweet, little naughty girl of mine.”

I then answered with a giggle,

“ya, Pa, I am still your naughty girl, who loves you tons and can never do anything to hurt you.”

Now, the atmosphere in my room was light.

Durgesh dad then got up and said,

“I’ll be back in an minute. I am going to get a pack of my cigarettes.”

After he came back, he sat next to me on my left side, inside the quilt.

Then he, after lighting one cigarette, said,

“Fātimah Sultān baby, I am sorry, I took you wrong and said those harsh words to you.”

I replied,

“Pa, its all right. I am your girl. you can say and do anything to me.”

On this he said,

“Saying anything is fine. What do you mean by, ‘do anything’?”

Then my reply was,

“ ‘Do anything means ‘Do anything’. It’s simple English, Pa. You can do anything to me and I wouldn’t stop you. I love you, Pa, and you have done so much for me, so far that I can do any thing you ask for.”

After saying this, there was a silence between us for some time.

I then broke the silence, and said,

“Hey Pa, can I have a puff of this smoke of yours?”

On hearing this, he turned his face towards me with a strange smile.

I again repeated the request.

Then he finally, handed his cigarette to me and I took some small puffs off it and returned it back.

He then, said,

“so dear, for how long you have been smoking?”

I replied with a smile,

“Not for long. It’s like from four- five months, with a girl at my University. She brings a couple from her Ammījān’s pack and we smoke mostly after University.”

Durgesh dad’s next question was,

“So, now tell me what more naughty things you and that girlfriend of yours do.”

“Nothing much, some gossip and all that girlish things you know we Musalmān girls do.” was my reply.

I was surprised to see me talking to my dad in such a frank way.

I thought it was due to the smokes or the episode that took place between us but then I said to myself to quit thinking all this crap.

If I am enjoying it, it was ok.

I observed that there was a different kind of a shine in his eyes also.

I was feeling some chemistry building in between us.

Durgesh dad, after a short pause asked,

“What girlish things you are talking about? I mean, as you said that you don’t have a boyfriend, haven’t you turned to be a lesbian?”

“No, Pa!” was my instant reply.

On hearing this, I heard him saying ‘Thank Eishān Param Brahm Paramātmā’ in a low voice.

I then again assured him,

“Pa, don’t worry, as I told you earlier also, I will never do anything that might hurt your feelings or your pride.”

Durgesh dad was sitting very close to me.

My hands were inside the quilt now and, he, when he was done with his smoke, also brought his hands underneath it.

A few seconds later, I felt his hand moving, under the quilt, and my guess was right.

He was searching for my hand to hold.

So I by myself gave him my hand to hold.

His hand was pretty cold, so I took, both of his hands, one by one, in both of my hands and started to rub my hands to make his strong and heavy Hindu hands warm.

When I was done with right hand and took his left one, I placed his right hand down on my belly.

The warmness of his hand and the feeling of a male Hindu body so close to me, started to make tickle in my Saåūdī Årab Musalmān Cunt .

Durgesh dad then turned a bit on his left.

This made me to leave his left hand, but his other hand, the right one, was still on my belly over my t-shirt.

He then started to move his hand in slow circular motion.

As an instant reaction, I turned my face towards him.

He was not smiling, actually there were no expressions on his face but his hand didn’t stop.

I felt some heat building between us.

We both were looking straight in each other’s eyes.

Then I made Durgesh dad, after some time, to lift my t-shirt from the lower end, took his hand under it, and forced him to continue moving his Hindu masculine hand.

Our eyes were still locked.

Then I made his Hindu hand moving up and when he reached at the lower portion of my bra, believe me, I missed a heart beat.

My mouth got open with a sigh and my mind got blank.

In the very next second, I placed my mouth on his already open one.

I then made his Hindu masculine tongue moving in my extremely beautiful  Saåūdī Årab Musalmān mouth and his hand to continue to go farther up.

Then I made Durgesh dad to fondle my Saåūdī Årab Musalmān tits from over my bra.

Though I myself was making Durgesh dad to do it all to me, I still was in a still state and was clueless to how to react.

Actually, I had mixed feelings because it was for the first time that any Hindu male was kissing me like this, but he was my dad, though earlier I have experienced this kind of a kiss with a girl, few times.

It was entirely different.

When, I was regaining my senses from my thoughts, he broke the lip-lock and he also took his hand out from my t-shirt.

I don’t know what happened to him, but, he all of a sudden got away from me, and said,

“Fātimah Sultān, I am very sorry for what you  have made me to do. I should have not done all this,even while you made me to do it. It’s a sin and you have offended me, I am sorry.”

After saying this, Durgesh dad became still and looked entirely grave.

I also got disturbed on seeing him in this state.

I inside of my heart wanted to see him happy and thought that if I can make him happy in this way I shall go ahead and offer myself to him.

I also thought what harm can it do, whatever happens, will always remain between us, and more over, there is no one more in our house, to object on this, and above all, I was also liking it.

After all, I made him to do it to me.

And what the hell, if he can fuck my Ammījān and my grand Ammī both, why can’t he fuck me as well?

I need him more than he needs me now.

So I said,

“Help, its all right. I love you. remember I said that I am your girl. And I will do any and everything that pleases you. And don’t worry about anything else. This will always remain our secret. And moreover I also want you in this way. I want to fill in the space, in your life, which gets vacant after Ammījān’s and grand Ammī’s departures. I don’t know how much good I’ll be, but I will try my best.Please, Papa, do it with me too, as you do it with my Ammījān and my grand Ammī. If it’s not wrong with them why the hell, it’s wrong with me?”

After saying so, I took his face in my hands and placed my tender Saåūdī Årab Musalmān lips on his Hindu masculine lips.

On this, he again reacted in the same way and moved himself away from me.

He then, without saying anything, lit another cigarette and silently smoked it.

I also took out a cigarette out of the pack and started to smoke it but he didn’t look bothered.

Then after a long five minutes or so, he said,

“Fātimah Sultān, I know you have grown up and this age of yours is a very sensitive age. And there is a long life ahead of you. If we indulge our selves in this kind of a thing now, then I am sure you will, in later stage of your life think that I exploited you and that will worsen our relationship. And I don’t want that happen. I don’t want to do anything that may result in losing you. So we shall stop right here and continue to live as Hindu father and a Musalmān daughter again, as always.”

To this my instant reply was,

“Pa, please do not think about that long. I am a grown up girl now and I know what I am doing. And I am fully responsible for the consequences. It’s very simple thing that you have suffered and scarified so much for me and I am just trying to make it up to you.”

Today when I am recalling all this, I am realizing that I sounded like a sultry bitch on heat, but at that time, there was just one thing in my mind and is still today also I just wanted to see my Hindu dad, Durgesh, happy in any way.

I mean I was ready to pay any price.

After hearing all this, it seemed as if he started to melt.

So then I, moved toward him and took him in my arms and hugged him very tightly.

During that embrace I felt him loosing in my arms.

It was a good sign for me.

Then I loosened the hug, because I wanted him to be on the driver’s seat.

I mean I wanted him to lead the things from here.

I guess he read my mind because in the very next moment, I felt his Hindu hands moving.

Durgesh dad, in one sweep, took my t-shirt off from above my head.

I was stunned for a Moment to see his Hindu aggressiveness.

Anyway, now I was in front of him in just a bra.

He then came close to me and kissed me on my neck and took his hands on my back to unhook my tiny bra.

Durgesh dad stopped the kiss for a Moment to undo my bra completely.

He was getting more and more violent with every passing second.

Both of my Musalmān Tits were getting equal attention.

He was fondling, and pressing, and rolling my small nipples one by one, with his left hand and his right-hand was on the back side of my neck.

By now, I was dripping my Saåūdī Årab Musalmān juices, down there.

I was sure that those would have damped my panties.

There was no doubt, I was enjoying everything Durgesh dad was doing on my request and assurance.

Small moans were also coming out of my mouth.

On hearing my moan Durgesh dad started to move his mouth down, after giving good attention to my neck and my chest.

He reached at my Musalmān Tits and took the nipple of my left tit in his hand and the right tit was still in his another hand.

Durgesh dad was having some difficulty in bending down, so he pushed me back to make me lay flat on the bed, and continued the kissing and fondling.

Now, I was moaning quite loudly.

Frankly saying I didn’t knew how to react to all he was doing, as this all was happening to me for the first time in life.

But I was enjoying the every Moment and was also happy because Durgesh dad was happy.

Almost after about ten mins, he stopped and sat up to take his t-shirt off.

After that, he also laid himself next to me, and pulled the quilt over us.

Now he was laying on my right side and with his right leg crossed over mine.

It was like I was in full control of him.

Then he raised his face upwards with the help of his left hand and crossed arm and looked straight in my Saåūdī Årab Musalmān eyes.

The Hindu lust for my Saåūdī Årab Musalmān body was clear in his Hindu eyes.

And this feeling, him lusting for me, was like oil in the fire, for me.

I cannot tell how much horny I was getting with every passing second.

It seemed as if my panties got flooded with the fluids that were oozing down there.

Durgesh dad’s next move was towards my pajamas.

He, with his right hand, undid the cord and loosened it by lifting it up.

Then he took his hand in.

First, he felt my Saåūdī Årab Musalmān Cunt  from over the panties, and after that he took his hand in them.

He then parted my tender and juicy Saåūdī Årab Musalmān Cunt  lips by placing his middle finger in between them, and along with that, Durgesh dad stated to nibble at my neck and all around that area.

I just went out of control and came instantly, with shouting moans.

The orgasm was so intense that I went breathless and my whole body went stiff after shaking with the spasms of my Saåūdī Årab Musalmān juices.

Durgesh dad didn’t stop for even a second.

By now, his one Hindu finger was in me.

He was moving it in and out slowly and with his every move he used to press at my Saåūdī Årab Musalmān Clit, which was making me crazy with my Saåūdī Årab Musalmān pleasure.

Along with this, Durgesh dad took the nipple of my right tit in his fingers, and continued to press it wildly.

Soon I felt his another finger in me.

I was hardly out of my first orgasm and I came again with the same intensity.

I did never imagine that even Durgesh dad’s finger fucking could be so good.

Anyway, when he learnt that I have had two intense orgasms, he showed little mercy on me, and stopped playing with my tender body.

Then he made himself lay flat on his back.

After a few seconds, I turned myself towards my right side and placed my left hand on his hairy chest.

And said,

“I love you, Pa. You are too good.”

On hearing this, Durgesh dad looked at me and we both smiled.

He then got hold of my hand that was on his chest and moved to downwards.

I knew what he wanted.

So I didn’t give any surprised looks.

When our hands reached over there, he pressed my hand with his hand over it and I, for the first time in my life had a Uncut Hindu Cock in my hand, even though it was under his pajamas, it felt stone hard.

He then again pressed my hand on his Uncut Hindu Cock, this time a tiny moan came out of his mouth.

After repeating the pressing thing for a few more times, he removed his hand from over my hand, but I continued pressing.

He then also turned some toward me and our mouths again got locked.

I liked what I was doing, because it was giving pleasure to me.

Then after some five minutes, or so, Durgesh dad broke the kiss and whispered in my ear, ‘Fātimah Sultān baby, do you want to see my thing?”

My instant reply was, “No”.

he asked, “why?”

I said,

“ I don’t know.”

Durgesh dad then again asked,

“ have you ever seen a Uncut Hindu Cock before? tell me, be frank.”

I said,

“ya, I had seen some in porn movies but in real, never.”

Then he said,

“so you must. Get up. I’ll show you right now.”

My curiosity made me get up instantly.

Durgesh dad also got up and threw away the quilt.

He then undid the cord of his pajamas and lowered them.

There it was, standing straight up, in the middle of his bush.

To me it looked very handsome.

Frankly saying, I  liked it very much.

However, I kind of got scared of it.

As an instant reaction I pulled my both the hands away and I moved back.

He was not aware about my feelings and asked,

“Come Fātimah Sultān, touch it. You’ll love it.”

My answer was a big ‘NO’.

It was now that he realized that I was scared of it.

Then Durgesh dad very coolly, calmed me down by saying “Hey baby, what’s the matter?”

I remained silent.

Durgesh dad again asked,

“Hey baby, What are you so scared of?”

Now I uttered, in broken words,

“Pa, is it the thing that goes in?”

Durgesh dad said,


“I mean how is it possible? It’s so long and thick. How can it go in?” was my reply. I continued, “I know Pa, it goes in. I have seen it in those movies but I don’t think it can go into my small Saåūdī Årab Musalmān Cunt. You know when you inserted your two fingers it hurt a lot. And I am sure I’ll die before it gets into me.”

He then said,

“Fātimah Sultān, don’t worry about anything. I am never going to do anything that can hurt you. And most important, I’ll never force you for anything, have faith in me.”

Then he took hold of my right hand and placed it over it.

It was no doubt hard but the skin over it was very soft and sensitive.

It sprang up a bit with just a mere touch of my Saåūdī Årab Musalmān hand.

Then he made my hand grip it and pressed it by his hand that was over my hand and started to move it up and down slowly.

It was getting harder with each movement.

Durgesh dad then, gradually increased the speed.

The faster it was moving, the more he was joying.

His breath was getting heavier and some strong moans were coming out of his mouth.

He then after some more jerks asked me to continue it without his help.

I soon realized why he said so.

Durgesh dad wanted to play with my Saåūdī Årab Musalmān tits along with that.

Chapter 18: The three pregnants-2


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7. Tujhé Dékhā Tujhé Chāhā: 8

8. Karwā Chauth kā Rozā

9. Mérā Piyā ghar āyā,Yā Allah! Uiiii!-1

10. Mérā Piyā ghar āyā,Yā Allah! Uiiii!-2

11. Durgesh Sidrah Aħmad aur uski Bhābhījān-1

12. Durgesh Sidrah Aħmad aur uski Bhābhījān-2

13. Eidul Fitr-1

14. Mérī mubārakbād qabool farmāýén, Ħazrat!

15. Méré Māmūzād Cousin kī Sasurāl mein main

فَبِأَيِّ آلَاءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ16Fabiayyi ālāi Rabbikumā tukazzibāni?’

17. Ahal-e-Bait-1

18. Main térī dīvānī

19. Al Jihad: No incest: 1

20. Buniyādī insānī ħaq

21. Majājī Kħudā: 1

22. Majājī Kħudā: 2

23. Majājī Kħudā:3

24. Majājī Kħudā:4

25. Majājī Kħudā: 5

26. Majājī Kħudā: 6


Science Fictions from DSM Satyarthi:

1. The Foundation Story Coninued: Chapter 1

2.  The Foundation Story Coninued: Chapter 2

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13. The Foundation story continued: Chapter 13

14. Prelude to Ten Commandments-1

15. Prelude to Ten Commandments-2

16. Prelude to Ten Commandments-3


Commentary on Ved from DSM Satyarthi:

1. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

2. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 1| Mantr 2

3. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 5| Mantr 3

4. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 5| Mantr 3

5. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 7| Mantr 5

6. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 7| Mantr 8

4. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 19| Mantr 1

5. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 19| Mantr 2

6. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 19| Mantr 3

7. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 19| Mantr 4

8. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 19| Mantr 5

9. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 19| Mantr 6

10. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 19| Mantr 7

11. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 19| Mantr 8

12.R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 19| Mantr 9

13. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 58| Mantr 6

14. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 164| Mantr 20

15. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 164| Mantr 46

16. R’gved: Mandal 2| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

17 R’gved: Mandal 3| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

18. R’gved: Mandal 3| Sookt 6| Mantr 2

19. R’gved: Mandal 4| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

20. R’gved: Mandal 5| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

21. R’gved: Mandal 6| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

22. R’gved: Mandal 7| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

23. R’gved: Mandal 8| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

24. R’gved: Mandal 9| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

25. R’gved: Mandal 9| Sookt 63| Mantr 4-5

26. R’gved: Mandal 10| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

27. R’gved: Mandal 10| Sookt 85| Mantr 42

28. Yajurved: Adhyaay’ 1| Mantr 1

29. Yajurved: Adhyaay’ 1| Mantr 2

30. Yajurved: Adhyaay’ 1| Mantr 3

31. Yajurved: Adhyaay’ 1| Mantr 4

32. Yajurved: Adhyaay’ 11| Mantr 1

33. Yajurved: Adhyaay’ 13| Mantr 4

34. Yajurved: Adhyaay’ 23| Mantr 3

35. Saamved: Mantr 1

36. Sāmved: Mantr 641: Mahānāmnyārchik| 1

37. Sāmved: Mantr 650: Mahānāmnyārchik| 10

38. Sāmved: Mantr 651: Uttarārchik

39. Atharv Ved: Kaand 1| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

40.  Atharv Ved: Kānd 3| Sookt 30| Mantr 3

41. Atharv Ved: Kānd 3| Sookt 30| Mantr 4

42. Atharv Ved: Kānd 3| Sookt 30| Mantr 6

43. Atharv Ved: Kaand 8| Sookt 1| Mantr 6

44. Atharv Ved: Kaand 14| Sookt 1| Mantr 22

45. Atharv Ved: Kaand 14| Sookt 2| Mantr 25

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