Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/22: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’-14

Årab Mahā Bhārat:  1/22:

‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’

DSM Satyarthi

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Chapter 14

Durgesh Åāýéshah Imām

Åāýéshah Imām was on the edge of her orgasm.

Her husband Muħammad’s cock was
rushing in and out of her.

And suddenly he stopped.


Long Pause.

And he dropped by her side, limp.

Åāýéshah held him in her arm..
Patted his hair.

Biting her tears.

Her Body burning.

Soon Muħammad was fast asleep.

Åāýéshah went to the bathroom and then burst out.

Sobbing Bitterly.

And washed herself.

She didn’t want to go back to the room so soon.

She passed the room of her sisters in law.

Past the room of her in-laws.

And went up to the Terrace.

Her Sunni Musalmān body was still burning.

There was no moon that night.

As though all the stars in the planet were making love under the dark blanket of the night.

There was a slight breeze coming from the west.

Åāýéshah slowly removed her sari, then the blouse, bra, petticoat, slowly peeling her panties down.

She told herself Åāýéshah what you are doing.

This is crazy.

Anybody could come up.

What is wrong with you?

But her Sunni Musalmān body was burning and she wanted to cool it.

Even if it mean this.

And she stood there naked.

This was turning her on, even more.

The sheer Danger.

The Sheer sluttishness of it all with a sly smile.

Slowly Åāýéshah traced the slit of her Sunni Musalmān Cunt with her finger.

She knew she had an Amazing looking Sunni Musalmān Cunt.

The Sunni Musalmān labial lips were unusually swelled up and the Sunni Musalmān Sunni Musalmān slit not too long.

It was a plump Sunni Musalmān Pussy.

And To increase the effect she
would keep it shaved and apply almond oil to keep it shiny as a girl.

She was so lost in her thought she couldn’t understand when suddenly a cloth was put on her head; a hand clamped on her mouth, and then without warning, she felt a hot thick Uncut Hindu Cock just slamming into her Sunni Musalmān Pussy.

Allah, who is fucking her?

The foreskin is there.

It’s maddening her by continuous opening and closing, into her Sunni Musalmān Cunt, with each powerful thrust.

He must be a Hindu.

He can’t be a Muslim.

The Uncut Hindu Penis was spreading her Sunni Musalmān Cunt so wide, she thought it would tear.

There was no finesse or gentlenes.

He was just savagely ripping her Sunni Musalmān Cunt.

Åāýéshah didn’t know what was happening.

It was a crazy mixture of fear, humiliation and Excitement.

Her Sunni Musalmān body started responding back.

She was herself thrusting back.


She was enjoying it.

She was enjoying it very much.

Her mind was screaming.

What are you doing Åāýéshah?

Are you out of your head??

Instead of objecting, Åāýéshah was dying for the man to squeeze her Sunni Musalmān tits, just bite them and chew them hard, scratch each part of her ravenous Sunni Musalmān body.

But the man didn’t touch her, except clamping
her mouth, and just the connection of his Uncut Hindu Cock with her Sunni Musalmān Pussy.

He seemed to be getting stronger and stronger.

Åāýéshah could feel the familiar rise up her Sunni Musalmān loins.

The man kept pumping harder and harder.

And then suddenly Åāýéshah exploded like a
huge megaton of rdx explosive large enough to blow a huge ship.

And she just kept cumming and cumming.

And dropped in a heap on the floor.

The man’s Uncut Hindu Cock slipped out between her legs.

She hurriedly removed the
cloth from her head.

But the man had gone.

She quicky draped her sari
around her and ran down.

No one.

No no, she had to find out.

She went to the room of her sisters in law.

Fast Asleep.

She tiptoed inside slowly.

Removed the bedsheet from the the first sister in law, Zainab.

She was in deep asleep.

Then Ruqayyah.


‘Allah, What am I Doing? These are my Nanads, young 16 year old.

While me13 Years Older, 29.

What would they think of her?

Allah, if someone had come to the room!’

She tiptoed out,

‘No no.’

She had to find out.

She went past the in-laws room, then stopped.


Can’t Be.

This is crazy.

Not my Hindu father-in-law, Durgesh.

But better make sure, why keep a

The man fucked her also a Hindu with an Uncut Hindu Penis.

He was also as strong and athlete, as her Hindu father in law, Durgesh Pāpājī.

Åāýéshah went into the room.

Both father in law, Durgesh Pāpājī, and mother in law, Dr. Saiyadah Āmnah, were fast asleep.

Father-in-law’s Personal revolver lay
next to his hand.

He was always alert.

As always, Åāýéshah flicked a quick look at her 6-foot tall sleeping father in law and turned back.

Not him.

Then Åāýéshah looked again.

That Lungi looked like a bulge.

Åāýéshah Slowly went to His bedside.

Very Very slowly.

Holding her breath, Åāýéshah parted his Lungi, very Very carefully.

Allah, there was a soft bulge.

How to make sure this was
He, Åāýéshah?

Only One way.

Åāýéshah thought just go through it.

So that you can be sure and Get it out of your head.

Otherwise, this will haunt you for
the rest of your life, not knowing who this man was who gave you the most amazing orgasm of your life.

Åāýéshah slowly stuck her Sunni Musalmān tongue out.

Very slowly.

Åāýéshah moved forward, very softly touched the tip of her father in law’s Uncut Hindu Cock, and took the tongue back.

She put the lungi back.

Tip toed out Of the room.

Slowly licked and svoured the fresh Hindu semen as she went to the bathroom once again.

This time humming an old forgotten tune.

Now she was sure it was her Hindu father in law, Durgesh Pāpājī, himself.

None else.

Allah, I’d pray Salāt-e-shukr.

You’ve listened to my duā ultimately,

‘Mérī ab tak kī ibādat aur duāon kā sila,

Méré Hindu Piyā, tum mérī ħasīn taqdīr ho!’

Breakfast time.

Next morning.

Same setting as it has always been.

Father-in-law sitting at the head of the table.

To his right Sasū Ammī, Dr. Saiyadah Āmnah.

To his left an empty chair for Muħammad— he was the last to arrive as usual.

And next to him both the sisters in law.

Åāýéshah carried the tray, full of purīs, with Lailā the cook following her with the aalu subzi.

Of course, the father-in-law was the first to be served.

And as Åāýéshah went to his chair, to give him the puri, she just couldn’t meet his eyes.

He had fucked her at night.



Yes, Åāýéshah longed for it.

She prayed for it too.

But she did not know it would be so embarrassing for her own self.

She was so embarrassed because, the most successful hero of the night, her Hindu father-in-law, Durgesh Pāpājī, looked so cool as though nothing had

Breakfast chatter continued as always, yet there was this storm raging inside Åāýéshah all through out.

Soon it was time for Muħammad to leave for work.

Åāýéshah gave him a warm
hug near the door, as usual when no one was looking.

And He gave her a peck on her cheek.

It was the same every day.

Why didn’t he squeeze my breasts?

Suddenly Åāýéshah wondered where this thought came from.
Quickly turned around and closed the door behind her.


Then went to her room.

Beauty bath time.

When Åāýéshah came out of her room, towel wrapped and humming her favorite song, she
got a shock of her life.

There sitting on the bed was her Sasū Ammī, the
sister in laws and Lailā the cook.

“What?? ! Oui Ammī.! You really startled me. Ammījān! ”

Her Sasū Ammī was unsmiling.

“What was she doing on my husband’s lungi?”

She held out a small Gold earring on her palm.

Åāýéshah’s fingers instinctively went to her

Thank Allah, it’s there!

“Not that, you, Randi. The Other ear. ”

Åāýéshah did not have to touch to

She Stammered,

“Nna. Naai. Don’t know how it got lost.”

“You Chhināl. Your Sunni Musalmān Choot is getting hotter and hotter these days. You
gobbled my son. Now you are trying on my Hindu old man too. I know you are after the money, you Kutiya.”

Åāýéshah ran and fell at her feet,

“Na.na. Ammījān! Please don’t say such cruel words…I’m Innocent.”

Tears Started welling from her eyes.

Her Sasū Ammī just kicked her away.

Her Towel rode up her thigh- she quickly covered it again.

“Now I am going to teach you a lesson that you won’t forget. We are going now. Change into your sari and come up to the terrace. We are waiting there.”

And they all stormed out of the room.

Chapter 15


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