Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/22: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’-13

Årab Mahā Bhārat:  1/22:

‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’

DSM Satyarthi

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Muħammad, me and his virgin wife, Kħadījah

I had too many friends called Muħammad.

It was too common a name in Musalmeen.

This one was aged about 29 years having very female type of body and looks.

I’m sorry to say that Musalmeen belong, in a very large number, to this category.

The number is such a large one that to compensate it a notable number of Musalmeen, knowingly and deliberately act animalistic, even being proud of their animal appearance and behavior.

Both these facts have forced Musalmān Beauties away from Musalmeen, actually, wooing moderate Hindus desparately.

Muħammad did not want to marry.

He got married forcefully by his elders.

He was not interested to get married since he had doubt he may not be suitable for married life.

He got a job as an assistant Engineer in a private company with good salary.

His relatives brought match for him and his parents accepted it without his knowledge.

Finally, with great difficulty he was made to accept it.

After his marriage, his elders celebrated his first night but he slept separetely in his room.

His wife, Kħadījah, was shocked to see Muħammad sleeping alone.

She came to him and asked him with request that if there was any mistake of her?

He told her that he might not be suitable for the married life since his cock is too small.

Kħadījah told Muħammad that sex does not depend on the size of the cock and it is only love that makes them live happily.

Muħammad got courage and he shared his life with her.

Muħammad always wanted to have sex with a male being a passive partner and he loved to wear female clothes.

Therefore, he got his own dissatisfaction.

He had sent his parents on Ħaj, so that he can plan something for his wife, Kħadījah.

Days were passing on.

He used to come to meet me and used to share his problems.

Sometimes, he even used to drink at my place.

I had noticed that these days, he used to talk more on gays or about his wife, Kħadījah.

One fine day , he was drinking and after some time he changed the topic and started telling me that now these days he felt to get fucked by someone and as well as he wants his wife, Kħadījah, to be get fucked in front of him .

On one occasion, while he was in my house he saw me half-nude while I was changing my cloths.

He saw my Uncut Hindu Cock was just like a cobra, sleeping.

He could not be able to shift his eyes from my Uncut Hindu Cock, as if a hungry woman.

On one day, I saw him on the road walking towards his house, while I was going to one of my Musalmān lady friends.

I stopped my car and asked him to get in.

He was in a sad mood and not shown any interest.

I had taken him to a bar nearby, and asked him to have beer.

Muħammad happily said he would take hot drinks.

I told him that I will offer hot drink in my house or otherwise he can take beer now.

He agreed to take hot drinks in the evening.

We went to his office and therefrom he went to his house.

In the evening, I saw him waiting outside the office for me.

I paid him certain amount, asked him to get the drinks of his choise and have it in my house.

On Sundays, he used to come to my house and use to have drinks.

While drunken, Muħammad used to touch my tool now and then.

Finally, one day Muħammad told me stating that my Uncut Hindu Cock is big.

He likes it.

I happily smiled and asked,

“Are you interested in me, Muħammad?”

He had taken my Uncut Hindu Cock in his hands and started pressing.

It enlarged like anything.

I told him to behave properly but he started begging me and told me that he wants to feel my Uncut Hindu Cock in his Sunni Musalmān ass.

I was shocked for a moment because I had never done anything with males and neither had I liked it.

I did not have enough time even to satisfy my ravenous Musalmān Beauties friends.

They were almost countless, and still pouring on into my sex life in a very large number.

How could I accommodate Muħammad?

But looking at Muħammad’s begging I thought to try a male Musalmān ass for a change, at least once.

Let’s see how it feels?

So I took Muħammad to my room in upstairs.

Muħammad made me half-nude from bottom, taken my Uncut Hindu Cock in his Sunni Musalmān mouth and started sucking like anything.

It enlarged too big.

Muħammad’s mouth could not be in a position to take it.

Partially he sucked removing my Uncut Hindu Cock’s forskin.

I made him nude, inserted my Uncut Hindu Penis somewhat in his Sunni Musalmān ass hole, and made it move in and out.

After some time I felt it has become loose.

I inserted it more in Muħammad’s asshole and fucked him like that for a time.

Again, after some time I pressed Uncut Hindu Penis some more in his Sunni Musalmān asshole and forcefully fucked Muħammad.

I concluded as if now it is fit for fucking.

I asked Muħammad to take dog position and became nude.

I felt, an unexplained joy has closed my eyes, as Muħammad was sucking my Uncut Hindu Cock.

And he gave me the way to enter.

I kept my Uncut Hindu Cock on his ass hole and slowly pushed inside his Sunni Musalmān ass.

Slowly I pressed it and it entered half of it.

I thought it might not go completely.

All of sudden Muħammad pressed forcefully and it disappeared completely in his Sunni Musalmān ass hole.

Muħammad could not shout since we were in my house.

He controlled his pain but still he was moaning,

“Allaaaahhhhhh oh yaar, Durgesh, I really needed your hard Uncut Hindu Cock. Ooohhhhhh so killing uuuufffffff.”

After a while, he felt as if he was in heaven.

Muħammad asked me to fuck him slowly and harder.

I fucked him very hard and finally I cummed into his asshole a large quant of salty Hindu juice.

I stayed in Muħammad’s Sunni Musalmān ass for a while and removed my Uncut Hindu Cock, which was wet with juice.

I inserted my Uncut Hindu Cock in his mouth and asked him to suck.

Muħammad sucked for 15 minutes and again I cummed in his mouth completely.

Muħammad sat for some time and left for his house saying,

“Can you come to my house tomorrow and have food as well as spend some good time with him and his wife, Kħadījah?”

I said,

“Yes, of course!”

Of course, I was interested in his virgin wife, actually.

But it would be cruel to say him it.

Next day was Sunday.

I went to his house .

His wife, Kħadījah, opened the door and asked me who I was.

I had not met her after her marriage.

So I was a new face for her.

I told her that I was a very dear and close friend of Muħammad, and he had invited me to spend a day with you all.

She was very neat and looked like a Sunni Musalmān queen.

She welcomed me inside and went to her room to call Muħammad.

He was looking very down.

I asked him his reason for looking so down.

He told me that he had taken drink in her presence yesterday afternoon.

After that he had told her the fact that, he got fucked with my Uncut Hindu Cock and now he feels that she should also get fucked.

It may help them to get children.

Kħadījah protested like anything.

Muħammad told her that he had become my slave since last two days.

I had given him immense joy.

First, Kħadījah cried a lot in bedroom up to 5.pm and then came out side.

Muħammad tried to impress Kħadījah.

She silently went into bathroom and came out with hair bath.

She decorated herself in neat manner and asked Muħammad when I was going to come.

Muħammad was happy seeing it.

We sat comfortably and he called his wife, Kħadījah.

Kħadījah came in a decent dress as bride and stood before us.

Muħammad asked Kħadījah to pour drinks in two glasses and get egg omlet etc.

She got them, we slowly started drinks.

I was taking juice only.

I asked Muħammad’s wife, Kħadījah, to come and sit with us.

She felt shy.

Before Kħadījah chould act, Muħammad put his hand on my Uncut Hindu Cock, tried to catch it and show it to her.

Kħadījah on seeing this covered her eyes with her arms.

Muħammad brought Kħadījah near me and made her to sit before me.

Muħammad put her left hand on my half-erected Uncut Hindu Cock.

On touching with her hand, it jumped like a bull once and stood like a pole.

Yet being in the pant it felt her hard like rod.

Once again, Kħadījah closed her extremely beautiful Sunni Musalmān eyes with her hands.

I forcefully opened her eyes and asked her to enjoy everything.

Muħammad finished his first drink and came to me.

His hand started moving on my button and within few seconds, he forced me to take out my clothes.

I was now total nude infornt of them and my Uncut Hindu Cock was hard like a rod standing for a sexy play.

Before I could do anything, Muħammad went down and took my Uncut Hindu Cock in his mouth.

Muħammad’s wife, Kħadījah too, seeing it, came to me and sat down near me waiting for her chance.

Muħammad put my Uncut Hindu Cock in his wife Kħadījah’s extremely beautiful Sunni Musalmān mouth and told her that they have to share me.

Kħadījah sucked me slowly but Muħammad asked her to suck harder.

Kħadījah slowly enhanced her speed.

Now she became free and without any shyness, she joined us.

I made her nude by removing one by one and asked Muħammad to remove his wife’s sari.

Muħammad stood like Dushāsan, and pulled Kħadījah’s sari forcefully.

Kħadījah rolled like a doll and fell in my strong Hindu arms.

I kissed her extremely beautiful Sunni Musalmān lips, took her lips inside my mouth and sucked.

I entered my tongue inside her mouth, rolled it, caught her tongue, and sucked.

Kħadījah was now moaning,

“Uuuffffff I needed like this Allaaaahhhh waiting for this since long Allaaahhhhhh love me uuuffffff yes love me.”

I poured second round of sucking and kissing and we completed.

I took her in my arms, laid her on the bed and opened the Sunni Musalmān public area.

It was full with hair.

Muħammad opened her Sunni Musalmān Pussy lips with his fingers, entered his tongue fully inside it, and made it roll like anything there.

After some time Muħammad started sucking.

Kħadījah had closed her eyes and enjoying like in heaven,

“Ooohhh my myyy you are killing me aaaahhhhhh never knew oooohhhh it feels so sexyyy.”

I was beside them and watching.

Muħammad asked me to join them.

Happily, I too joined kissing her nipples.

My Uncut Hindu Cock became a hot pole.

It was not in a position to stay outside.

Muħammad made me to come to the fucking position.

He made Kħadījah to lay down opening her Sunni Musalmān Pussy in front of us.

I rubbed her Sunni Musalmān Pussy with my hot Hindu manhood, kept it in correct position, and Muħammad asked me to give a shot.

I pressed my Uncut Hindu Cock towards her.

It entered only 1/4th of it.

Muħammad asked me to fuck Kħadījah hard, stood behind me, and made me to enter by force.

I inserted all of a sudden.

Kħadījah e cried loudly,

“Oooouuuuiiii Allaaaaah you are killing meeeee plz plz its paining aaaaahhhhhh i am virgin plz love me softly ooohhhhhhhhhhh. It seems it had entered 3/4th of it.”

I slowly made my Uncut Hindu Cock up and down for a while.

When Kħadījah came to a position to bear the pain and enjoying, again I pressed fully in to her.

She was not in a position to bear it and started crying continuously,

“I am dyingggg ooohhhhh its so big aaaahhhhh plz take out your big Uncut Hindu Cock its killing me plz plz.”

I tried to say something to her but she refused to hear.

I started fucking Kħadījah forcefully without caring for her, even a bit.

Slowly she came to normal and started enjoying the fuck.

Now Kħadījah wanted me to fuck her harder,

“Aaaahhhhh Yā Allaaaaaaah! Give me more, Durgesh. Yessss I was waiting for this day uuuuufffffff I need you more, more, deeper, deepest in me, plz fuck fuck fuck me hard.”

I fucked Kħadījah like that for two hours, got back my Uncut Hindu Cock out, and asked her to suck.

Kħadījah, without saying anything, started sucking my wet Uncut Hindu Cock.

Muħammad requested me not to cum in her mouth but I had already cummed into Kħadījah’s extremely beautiful Sunni Musalmān mouth,

“Ooooohhhhhh feel me. I am cummming aaaahhhh.”

Removing my Uncut Hindu Cock, i kissed Kħadījah without giving her a chance to throw my Hindu cum out of her mouth.

Both of them ate our cum.

Muħammad inserted my wet Uncut Hindu Cock inside his mouth for sucking.

After sucking for a while, again the Hindu rod came to its original position and stood like an iron rod.

Muħammad made up his mind and asked me to fuck his wife, Kħadījah, and cum inside only.

Muħammad asked Kħadījah to take dog position and from back, I inserted my Uncut Hindu Lund in her Makkan Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān Cunt, fucking Kħadījah like a dog fucks a bitch.

Now Kħadījah was enjoying more and she was moaning quite loud,

“Aaaaaaahhhhhh my sexy Hindu love ooohhhh your Uncut Hindu Cock is really very sexy and big uuuufffff I really needed this Uncut Hindu Cock. Fuck me hard fuck me hard.”

With my ever-aggressive Hindu force it was sounding fuck fuck fuck fuck and we all were enjoying it madly.

By now, I felt Kħadījah’s Sunni Musalmān Pussy was ready to cum and so was I.

I took Kħadījah into my Hindu arms forcefully and I cummed into her Makkan Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān Cunt,

“Yeessss its cumming feel me ooohhhhh feel it uuuuffffff.”

Kħadījah also reached her climax.

When we got up, the cum was falling like waterfall from Kħadījah’s Sunni Musalmān Pussy.

Kħadījah was now looking happy and her face was glowing.

She took out some snakes and we all enjoyed eating and feeling each other’s body parts.

After some time Kħadījah pushed me on the bed and jumped on me.

She took my Uncut Hindu Cock in her mouth and told her husband to suck my ass and balls…

Ooohhhhhhh it was really killing feelings.

My Uncut Hindu Cock was ready and hard again.

This time i wanted to try her ass , which was so sexy..

I didn’t have words to say…

Very sex bums round and calling you to suck them bit them or just play with them.

Now Kħadījah and Muħammad both started sucking.

Her husband Muħammad was sucking her ass, her legs and trying to play with her sexy boobs.

In between, he even sucked my ass also.

And now we all were real hot and ready for a sexy fuck.

Meanwhile I put my Uncut Hindu Penis in her ass.

Ooohhhhh so sexy virgin Sunni Musalmān female ass it was, uuufffff.

I realy felt very hot after moving my Uncut Hindu Penis in out in out in out in her Sunni Musalmān ass.

Even now, Kħadījah was also enjoying my ass fucking.

Now I ordered Muħammad to bring some oil.

I dipped my Uncut Hindu Prick in oil and started moving it in her Sunni Musalmān ass .

First it was very tight but due to oil it went inside and I started moving in out in out in out.

Now Kħadījah was mad and shouted,

“Ooohhhhh my sexy Uncut Hindu Cock, fuck me. Give me your Uncut Hindu Cock. I need it Allaaaaaahhhh Yā Allaaaaaaah! Put it in my Sunni Musalmān asss.”

I put lot of oil on my Uncut Hindu Cock and pushed it into her virgin Sunni Musalmān ass.

It weas very hard to move inside.

But I kept on forcing and it sliped inside.

We both moaned together aaaahhhhhh so tight oooohhhhhhhh and slowly, slowly I started fucking her Sunni Musalmān ass.

Meanwhile Muħammad was busy in sucking her Sunni Musalmān Pussy and playing with her Sunni Musalmān boobs.

Kħadījah was crazy now and was moaning,

“My my love oooohhhhh its so sexy yaar you are toooo goood make me flow now. I want you inside me. cum baby cum fillup my Sunni Musalmān ass with your Uncut Hindu Cock juice uuuuufffff give me give me.

Even Kħadījah was also ready to flow …she was getting masti of both…getting ass fucked from me and getting Sunni Musalmān Pussy sucked by Muħammad.

Oooohhhhhhh and we both were flowing.

“Aaahhhhhhhh feel it ooohhhhh feel it.”

And I filled Kħadījah’s Sunni Musalmān ass with my Hindu cum.

Even Muħammad was sucking her flow.

I fucked his wife, Kħadījah, non stop whole day on that day.

Finally, I slept keeping my Uncut Hindu Cock in Muħammad’s wife, Kħadījah’s Sunni Musalmān Pussy.

In the morning, Muħammad woke up.

He saw there was no one there.

He went to the hall.

There his wife, Kħadījah, was seeing TV.

Muħammad asked Kħadījah,

“Where is Durgesh ?”

Kħadījah smiled,

Durgesh went early in the morning, fucking me savagely once more.”

It is continued now for thirty-seven years.

Muħammad’s wife, Kħadījah, became pregnant so many times.

Muħammad’s parents always came and taken her to there native place every time.

Muħammad has now five sons from his extremely beautiful Sunni Musalmān wife, Kħadījah and I.

Chapter 14


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