The everincreasing infinite lust

The everincreasing infinite lust


Chapter 1

My name is Al Tauħīd Al Qur’ān.

I was a divorcee from Makkah Mukarramah.

I did not get along with Muħammad, my husband.

It was, primarily, because I was almost insatiable in bed.

And even though I was loyal to him he thought it otherwise.

He thought as the other unsatisfied Musalmān Beauties do, I’ve also developed my sexual relations with some Hindu sex maniac.

Why Hindu sex maniac?

Because Musalmeen have too many sex taboos.

The Musalmeen are the most religious males in the today’s world.

But, alas, they are the utmost foolish males too, as far as their sex taboos are concerned.

Yes, the Musalmeen are the best in morals, but they are the worst in sex.

The problem with us Musalmān Beauties is we too need sex as the other women do.

The tragedy of us Musalmān Beauties is our males have too many religious sex taboos, not supported by Qur’an-o-aħādīs-e-muqaddasāt.

It makes us Musalmān Beauties ravenous for sex.

Our males are unable to quench it.

Hindu males have same problems with their womenfolks.

They are the coldest women I’ve known ever.

So, Hindu males have to look elsewhere like us Musalmān Beauties.

Our utmost natural animal needs bring us together.

We Musalmān Beauties love Hindu males because they love our ravenous sex on bed.

They don’t call us prostitutes as the Musalmeen do.

I’m sorry to say, but it’s a cold and hard fact, quite utmost indigestible to the Musalmeen, that only Hindu males are as sexy as we Musalmān Beauties are.

Only Hindus can satisfy us Musalmān Beauties sexually, none else.

The Hindus are sexier even in their old age.

It’s God’s truth, believe it or not.

That’s why most of us Musalmān Beauties do have clandestine Hindu lovers to quench the fire between our thighs.

My mother in law, my Ammījān in law, also had a Hindu lover.

I cursed her for it until Muħammad did not divorce me on mere doubts.

The Hindu my Ammījān in law was obsessed with was Durgesh, the most infamous Musalmān Beauties fucker, I’ve known.

I have always hated him for he was my practical father in law whether I accept the relation, or not.

Muħammad was ashamed of it, but he couldn’t do anything.

His Ammījān was not dependent on him financially, Muħammad was dependent on her.

FIL who had chosen me as his son’s wife remained in touch throughout the divorce.

Durgesh was the Chairman of a mega group of industries and business units, HVS.

He was a prolific writer, barrister, sex therapist, and Allah knows what more.

I’ve never seen any man so handsome, so versatile, so competent, so sexy, and so perfect in almost everything a man should have.

The Musalmān Beauties of every age group were hungry to have sex with Durgesh ever.

I was ashamed of the fact, but nevertheless, I could not deny it was a fact after all.

Even at his 61, Durgesh was surrounded by even teen Musalmān Beauties.

They refused to call him ‘paa, grandpa’ or any other such honorific.

They called him Durgesh.

Moreover, they were not even ashamed of it.

He often visited me when he was in Makkah Mukarramah and we generally did have a good time together.

One day he called me, told me he would be coming to Makkah Mukarramah and his place of work was close to my flat so could he stay over?

I said “yes” and prepared the additional guest room for him.

He duly came in the morning and we left for work togehter.

He promised to have dinner with me and so I decided to come from work early.

I don’t know what prompted me to put on all my makeup and additional things, as I prepared as if it was a date.

I chose to wear a daring backless choli style blouse with a hint of cleavage and a see through black saree.

After all, he was a Hindu.

Hindus loved sarees on women.

Sexy males!

It’s easiest for them to have sex with women if they wear sarees.

No other males are such sexiest to impose sarees on their women.

As I opened the door for him I could see his appreciation at my efforts.

He too got ready and came out.

I suggested to mix drinks before we left.

I had made a drink for him.

But he refused and took juice instead.

Yet, while having it he let go of the bomb shell,

” you know, Al Tauħīd, you told me frankly about Muħammad’s problems, and now looking at you, I think if he could not satisfy you he was not really fit for you.”

Durgesh said and winked.

I smiled and said,

” so what kind of man is fit for me pappa?”

“A man like me.”

I shivered.

He was a well built man in his early sixties.

I smiled and averted my eyes,

” and what type of a man you are papa?”

“The type who attacks a woman as attractive as you are when she is dressed like this and then takes her to bed strips her naked and takes her till the time she is satisfied.”

I shivered and stood before Durgesh, before finally having the courage to speak,

“But you have not attacked me till now.” I tried to smile.

After all, he was my guest.

I was his host.

“Because you are my Bahoo Bégum.” Durgesh said keeping his juice glass down.

“Not anymore. I am divorced, remember?” I said.

Needed no second bidding.

Durgesh pulled me in his arms and putting his big Hindu hands on my Sunni Musalmān buttocks, kissed me full mouthed.

I tried to push him away but he just held my hair and again forced his lips on mine making mine bleed.

“Ouch, you Hindu animal.” I said and pushed him away.

Then I realised that my pallu had fallen down and my Sunni Musalmān breasts were heaving inside my backless choli.

“Let’s see if the problem was with him, or you are not sexy enough.” Durgesh said and simply pulled the cups of my choli to sides till the fabric gave it my choli tore.

It was not possible to wear a bra beneath it.

so my naked milky Sunni Musalmān breasts were exposed.

Papa saw that and again holding me by my Sunni Musalmān buttocks kissed me hard while kneading my Sunni Musalmān breasts hard.

I responded and then unzipped his fly pushing my hand roughly isnide to find his Hindu tool.

Yes, at the very moment, I realized that I needed this sexiest Hindu too, as the other Musalmān Beauties of every age group needed Durgesh entirely unashamed of them.

“Now let me see if you too are good only at taking clothes off.” I said and encircled his Hindu tool.

But that moment I knew I had taken on a challenge that I was bound to lose.

Allah, Durgesh was big, very very BIG.

He held me by hair and threw me on the sofa.

Next moment I was crushed by his brutal Hindu weight as he removed my choli completely and started to knead my Sunni Musalmān boobs through my armipits while raising my saree and petticoat to my waist .

“Nice Sunni Musalmān ass you are, really a great piece Al Tauħīd. my son should have never left you.” saying so Durgesh began kissing my back sending waves after waves of pleasure throughout my body while his hands were busy rmoving my panties.

And then Durgesh inserted his Uncut Hindu Lund in my Sunni Musalmān Choot to check if I was wet enough.

“Papa, fuck me like a bitch.” I whispered and hid my face in sofa.

“Glad to, my darling!” Durgesh said and made me sit on my knees holding the sofa.

Then he raised the bunch of my saree and eptticoat and pushed it to my stomach.

He removed his shorts and after a couple of brisk strokes to make himself hard he pushed his Uncut Hindu Lund on the opening of my Sunni Musalmān Choot.

“Ahhhh…. Oh my you are big…” I sighed as he tried to ease it inside.

Then realsing that I was still too tight he simply yanked my hair and gave a brutal thrust in to insert his Uncut Hindu Lund in my Sunni Musalmān Choot completely.

I cried out loud.

Durgesh grabbed both my Sunni Musalmān breasts in his hands and started to fuck me like a bitch.

“Like it? Take it take it in…. Come on Sunni Musalmān Pussy, take it.” Durgesh was sighing while pushing his Uncut Hindu Lund harder and harder inside my Sunni Musalmān Pussy.

I was sighing and pushing his Hindu hands to knead my Sunni Musalmān breasts harder.

I was not fucked like this ever.

And now intended not to let Durgesh go.

Ater some time Durgesh eased me on my back on the sofa and hooked my left leg on the sofa back.

Now my Sunni Musalmān Pussy was exposed in a wide position and then sitting on his knees Durgesh again started to fuck me fast while kneading my Sunni Musalmān breasts and Sunni Musalmān buttocks.

I was sighling and askig him not to stop…..

Then I experienced a sweet sweet orgasm and I shuddered but Durgesh slapped me lightly a couple of times and told me not to let go till he was spent.

I was amazed at his Hindu capcity to fuck since we were going on for almost 7 hours now.


Seven hours non stop penetrations.


Yā Allaaaaaaah!

Was this man really 61?

I could not believe.

Such an immense lust?

Such an immense lust for us Musalmān Beauties?

Well, Hindus are really perfect males for us Musalmān Beauties, and Durgesh is the most perfect.

Now, I know, how Durgesh has successfully established his everfirst Sex Empire with us extremely beautiful eversexiest Musalmān Beauties of all age group.

Durgesh was a miracle himself.

He had infinite, moreover everincreasing, lust for us Musalmān Beauties.

I could not believe it.

Durgesh’s Uncut Hindu Lund’s every further Hindu thrust into my Sunni Musalman Choot, was more and more lustier for me, increasing infinitely.


Utmost incredible!

Durgesh was fucking me as if I was the everfirst Musalmān Beauty he was ever fucking.

And still he was strong.

Everytime we were near a climax Durgesh would hold for some time and then start building trempo again.

I pulled him on top of me and started to kiss his hairy chest while his Uncut Hindu Lund was banging in me.

Chapter 2


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