The Punishment to my enemy:2

The Punishment to my enemy


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

45 years old Durgesh was the perennial winner who had never failed at anything throughout his life.

Of course, it was Durgesh’s unique sexual prowess that he never failed.


There was always somebody else to blame for his/her failure.

While Durgesh’s arch Musalmān enemy, Muħammad Ħasan; had even failed at being a husband.

He had married Zubédah Shareef shortly after being thrown out of the Navy, and from the very beginning he had abused her both mentally and physically.

It seems that while Muħammad Ħasan had a bad temper, he was also a coward. Since he didn’t have the guts to take out his aggressions on someone who might just kick his ass all over the room, he took it all out on Zubédah Shareef , and Zubédah Shareef , a compliant, mousy woman, took his mistreating.

She was convinced that while she didn’t love Muħammad Ħasan anymore, she should stay with him for the sake of the one bright spot in her life, their second daughter Asmah Muħammad .
Asmah Muħammad  was a happy, outgoing child, and an absolute joy to Zubédah Shareef .

She was also the one thing that could get Zubédah Shareef  to stand up to Durgesh.

While Zubédah Shareef  was willing to take Muħammad Ħasan ’s abuse herself, she protected Asmah Muħammad  with the determination of a Ammī lion protecting her cub.

As such, while Asmah Muħammad  realized that her father was far from perfect, she didn’t really comprehend just how bad Muħammad Ħasan could be.

That began changing in the summer of her nineteenth year when her Ammī left Muħammad Ħasan fo ever and started living openly with his bitterest Hindu enemy Durgesh.
For the next year, Asmah Muħammad  began noticing subtle changes in the way Durgesh acted towards her.

At first, it was just small things, little flashes of anger, which she attributed it to Durgesh’s anger over Zubédah Shareef ’s husband, her father, Muħammad Ħasan.

As time passed, however, Durgesh became more abusive, yelling at Asmah Muħammad  for little things, or sometimes for nothing at all.

Gradually, Asmah Muħammad  learned to try and avoid her new Hindu “father”(?) as much as possible.

She kept hoping that Durgesh would eventually adjust, and that things would then improve at home.

The fact was that Durgesh felt no anger at all.

It was simply that he had become accustomed to leaving Asmah Muħammad  alone because of Zubédah Shareef ’s protection of the young Saůūdī Årab Musalmān girl.

Now, with that buffer suddenly gone, Durgesh was slowly starting to react to Asmah Muħammad  as his nature dictated. Due to that, it had not been a good year at home for Asmah Muħammad .

Asmah Muħammad ’s life was different in University.

Now at the age of twenty Asmah Muħammad  doing graduation in university.

she was popular with her fellow classmates and involved in numerous extra- curricular activities.

Not only were the activities fun, but they gave her an excuse to stay late at school rather than go home.

She also found herself the object of more than one young Hindu man’s attention. This was understandable, as Asmah Muħammad  was a pretty Saůūdī Årab Musalmān girl, with long brown hair framing a heart shaped face.

She had lustrous brown eyes, a delicate nose and full, red lips and her attractive sexy figure 37-29-38.

Her Saůūdī Årab Musalmān body was filling out nicely, and her participation in the girl’s soccer teams and women-swimming championship in such nice and sexy swimsuit kept her firm.

Her legs were long and shapely.

She stood five foot five inches tall and weighted one hundred and twelve pounds. She was friendly and had an easy going laugh that people liked.

Asmah Muħammad  would have no trouble finding dates for university functions.
In fact, she had accepted an invitation from Tribhuvan Sharma, a senior in her university who was in the Art Guild with her, to go to her very first university dance competition.

The dance was scheduled for next Saturday night, and Asmah Muħammad  was looking forward to the experience.

She had even bought a new white silk dress and a pair of white high heels for the occasion.

Saturday came and Asmah Muħammad  spent the day in a state of both anticipation and nervousness.

She was thrilled to be going to the dance, but the butterflies in her stomach just wouldn’t settle down.

She fixed and fixed again her hair through the afternoon.

She worked on her makeup until she had it just right.

Finally, a good hour before Tribhuvan Sharma was to pick her up, she put on her new dress and shoes.

The dress was sleeveless with thin spaghetti straps and a zipper up the back.

The skirt stopped two inches above Asmah Muħammad ’s knees.

With the high heels to accent her shapely legs, she looked beautiful.

Still nervous, she paced in her room, repeatedly glancing out the window until she saw Tribhuvan Sharma’s car pull into the driveway.

Grabbing her purse, she ran down stairs just as she heard the knock on the front door.

” Hi.” Asmah Muħammad  smiled at Tribhuvan Sharma as she opened the door.

” Hi yourself.” he smiled back, ” Gee, you look really beautiful, Asmah Muħammad!”

She blushed at the compliment,

” Well, I guess I’m ready if you are.” she said.

Durgesh had been in one of his moods all day, and she really didn’t want to introduce Tribhuvan Sharma to him.

Durgesh watched from the window as Tribhuvan Sharma walked with Asmah Muħammad  to his car.

Asmah Muħammad  was certainly growing up, he thought.

Turning into a real little lookers, she was.

Nice, firm Musalmān Tits, narrow waist, a good Saůūdī Årab Musalmān ass and legs.

And now she was starting to date.

Wouldn’t be long till some young Hindu stud came along and popped her Saůūdī Årab Musalmān cherry.

Durgesh walked to the living room and turned on the television.

Asmah Muħammad  had the most wonderful night of her life.

Tribhuvan Sharma had taken her to one of her favourite restaurants, for dinner before the dance.

When they arrived at university, they found the gym beautifully decorated, transforming the normally functional room into a romantic tropical island.

There were two really good bands and a DJ to provide the music.

Tribhuvan Sharma proved to be an excellent dancer and a charming companion, and Asmah Muħammad  wanted the night to go on forever.

Like every night, however, this one too had to end.

At eleven o’clock, the music ended and the lights came up, signalling that it was time for the teenagers to leave.

Tribhuvan Sharma, trying to prolong the evening as much as possible, took a longer route to Asmah Muħammad ’s house than was necessary, giving them more time to talk.

Asmah Muħammad  had no objections at all.

She had discovered that she really liked Tribhuvan Sharma, and hoped he would ask her out again.

Parking the car in Asmah Muħammad’s driveway, Tribhuvan Sharma climbed out of the driver’s side and walked around the car to open the passenger door for her.

Tribhuvan Sharma and Asmah Muħammad  held hands as he walked her to the front door of her house.

” I had a really great time, Tribhuvan Sharma.”

” So did I. Umm, maybe we could, uh, do something next week?” Tribhuvan Sharma asked nervously.

” I’d like that, Tribhuvan Sharma. Really!” Asmah Muħammad  was so happy that he had asked.

” Great! We can talk about it at college. Maybe take in a movie or something.”

” Sounds good to me.”

Tribhuvan Sharma took her face in his hands and gently kissed her beautiful Saůūdī Årab Musalmān lips,

” Good night, Asmah Muħammad .” he said when the kiss ended.

” Good night, Tribhuvan Sharma.” Asmah Muħammad  was nearly breathless.

Her entire Saůūdī Årab Musalmān body felt as if it were tingling.

Asmah Muħammad  opened the door and slipped into the house.

She was watching Tribhuvan Sharma walk down the sidewalk and climb into his car before closing the door.

She leaned against the door jamb for a Moment, smiling to herself in the darkened room.

Turning, she started towards the steps.

” Asmah Muħammad !”

She jumped as she turned towards the voice.

” Oh! Mydear and darling Hindu Daddy!” She said sarcastically, “ You startled me. I didn’t see you there!”

Durgesh stepped out of the darkened living room.

She could smell the nice fragrance of his Hindu body as he approached her.

” So how was the dance?” he asked.

” It was nice, but it really took it out of me. I think I’ll just go to bed.” She began moving towards the steps as she said it.

Her new Hindu “father”(?)had scared her.

” What’s the hurry? Isn’t got time for your old Hindu man?” Durgesh grumbled as he grabbed Asmah Muħammad  by the arm.

” No hurry. It’s only…I mean….I’m just tired, that’s all. I want to….go to sleep.” Asmah Muħammad  stammered.

Durgesh was beginning to scare her.

” Not yet, sweetheart. Not till you’ve danced with the old Hindu man.”

” But, Daddy, I-I’m really tired.”

” You can dance with some young punk, you can dance with me!” Durgesh pulled Asmah Muħammad  roughly to him. With both of his arms under hers and wrapped around her, he crushed her Saůūdī Årab Musalmān body against his and began swaying to music that only he could hear. Slowly, Durgesh danced with his arch Musalmān enemy’s daughter around the living room, holding her tightly against himself.

” Daddy! STOP it! Don’t DO that!” Asmah Muħammad  couldn’t believe it when Durgesh began licking and kissing her beautiful Saůūdī Årab Musalmān neck.

She squirmed in my arms, but I was bigger and stronger than she was.

I continued moving her around the floor, continued nuzzling her neck.

” DADDY! What are you DOING?” Asmah Muħammad ’s body jerked as I moved one hand to her beautiful gorgeous Saůūdī Årab Musalmān ass and began squeezing. ” Stop it! Please STOP it!”

I pulled my head back and looked my  arch Musalmān enemy’s Musalmān daughter in her eyes.

The look on my face terrified Asmah Muħammad .

She had never seen me look so…so…DANGEROUS!

” Stop it? STOP it? Who do you think you’re talking too? I’m your Ammī’s new fucker, and you DON’T tell me what the fuck to do!”

Before she could react, I moved my hands up her back, grasping her dress on either side of the zipper.

With one vicious move, I broke the zipper and tore the back of Asmah Muħammad ’s dress open, snapping both spaghetti straps as I did.

” DADDY!” Asmah Muħammad  screamed, her eyes bulging as she grabbed the top of her dress with both hands to keep it from falling and exposing her Musalmān breasts .

Squeezing her to me, I grabbed her by the hair and forced her head back. Clamping my mouth to hers, I forced his Hindu tongue between her crison Saůūdī Årab Musalmān lips.

“Sālī! I’m not your father, neither you think I am. You still love that beast Muħammad Ħasan, who tried his best to assassinate my wife Saiyadā Fātimah PhD and me.”

Asmah Muħammad  tried in vain to break free as my Hindu tongue darted around inside her Saůūdī Årab Musalmān mouth and my hand rubbed and squeezed her beautiful gorgeous Saůūdī Årab Musalmān ass.

” Let me GO!” Asmah Muħammad  screamed as she began hitting me with both fists.

I grabbed her by the wrists and forced her arms down and behind her.

The top of Asmah Muħammad’s dress fell, exposing her bare Musalmān breasts  to her new Hindu “father”(?).

Only the belt around her waist kept the dress from dropping to the floor.

” Leave me ALONE! Please, Daddy, PLEASE leave me alone!” Asmah Muħammad  was crying, the tears rolling down her face as I forced her onto her back on the floor.

Asmah Muħammad ’s right arm was now pinned underneath me, while I continued holding her left arm behind her back with my left hand.

My Hindu tongue was licking her beautiful Saůūdī Årab Musalmān neck and upper chest, slowly moving towards her Musalmān breasts  as my free right hand began pulling the hem of her dress up, bunching it around her waist and exposing her lower Saůūdī Årab Musalmān body, now covered only by her panties and pantyhose.

” Allah, Daddy, PLEASE stop! You can’t DO this!” Asmah Muħammad  struggled helplessly as I kissed one of her Musalmān breasts , my tongue darting around the nipple.

She felt my right Hindu hand rubbing and squeezing her nylon encased left Saůūdī Årab Musalmān thigh.

She felt my hand work it’s way slowly up her thigh, felt it rubbing her stomach and then felt it travel down the right thigh, still rubbing and squeezing as it went.

Asmah Muħammad  tried twisting her body away, but it was no use.

” Oh, no! Oh please NO!” Asmah Muħammad  sobbed as I forced my hand between her Saůūdī Årab Musalmān legs and began groping her  Musalmān Vagina  through the material of her pantyhose.

I moaned in pleasure as I continued assaulting my arch Musalmān enemy’s daughter’s firm young Saůūdī Årab Musalmān body with my mouth and hand.

She felt so damned GOOD!

I moved up, laying on Asmah Muħammad ’s naked chest and pinning her down as I licked her Musalmān neck and ear.

Asmah Muħammad  felt the Hindu hand at her Saůūdī Årab Musalmān crotch begin to pull and twist at the material of her pantyhose, trying to rip them open.

” Allah! NO! You can’t DO this. Please, Daddy, PLEASE DON’T” Asmah Muħammad  begged as she felt the crotch of her pantyhose tear open.

I continued chewing on her beautiful Saůūdī Årab Musalmān neck and moaning as I pushed the crotch of her panties aside and began rubbing my Uncut Hindu Penis between the lips of her  Musalmān Vagina .

” Daddy! You’re HURTING me. Please stop! It HURTS!” Asmah Muħammad  cried out as I began forcing my Uncut Hindu Penis up inside her dry  Musalmān Vagina .

” It’s okay, baby!” I muttered, ” It’s okay. If I’m your Daddy, the Hindu Daddy’s going to teach his Musalmān baby to be a Musalmān woman! Hindu Daddy will make you his Musalmān wife today. “

Fear tore through Asmah Muħammad  as she realized for the first time that I wasn’t going to stop, that I was planning to use her sexually.

After all she was my arch Musalmān enemy’s Musalmān daughter, still loyal to her Musalmān father.

Asmah Muħammad  felt sick to her stomach.

This couldn’t be happening to her.

Her own father, not real, nevertheless he fucks her Ammīs now;  COULDN’T be doing this to her!

” Allah, Daddy, p-please st-stop! I d-don’t want to d-do this!” Asmah Muħammad  pleaded through her tears as I moved my Uncut Hindu Penis in and out of her.

She felt her  Musalmān Vagina  becoming moist from the movement inside it, and was ashamed that her young Saůūdī Årab Musalmān body should be responding to this Hindu assault.

” No! D-Don’t! Daddy, pleammuuppphhhh.” she was cut off as I again forced my Hindu tongue into her beautiful Saůūdī Årab Musalmān mouth.

She felt me pull my Uncut Hindu Penis out of her and shift position, moving on top of her.

She tried to hold her legs together, but I forced them apart with my knees.

I was grinding my Hindu crotch against hers as my free Hindu hand moved to her Musalmān breasts , kneading them roughly as my Hindu tongue continued dancing in her Saůūdī Årab Musalmān mouth.

Asmah Muħammad  was twisting her body and pushing against the floor with her high heels in an attempt to free herself.

She tried bucking me off, but I was too big, too heavy.

” Mmmmrrrrrrggggg.” Asmah Muħammad  groaned around my tongue as she felt me move my hand between them.

Her panic began to rise as she felt me fumbling with the catch of my trousers.

She heard my zipper being pulled down as I continued shoving my Hindu tongue deep into her beautiful Saůūdī Årab Musalmān mouth.

I dropped my hnmouth to Asmah Muħammad ’s Saůūdī Årab Musalmān breasts and began kissing as I pushed the crotch of her panties aside and began rubbing the head of my Uncut Hindu Penis between the lips of her  Musalmān Vagina .

She had never been so afraid in her life.

Her entire Saůūdī Årab Musalmān body was trembling.

Asmah Muħammad  could hear the blood pounding in her ears as her heart raced.

She felt the fear twisting her stomach into knots as I continued rubbing myself up and down the entrance to her  Musalmān Vagina .

She was about to lose her Saůūdī Årab Musalmān virginity to HER OWN FATHER’s ARCH Hindu ENEMY, and there was nothing she could do about it!

The realization hit her that her father’s ARCH Hindu ENEMY was going to RAPE her!

” Allah! don’t!

Yā Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!  PLEASE don’t!” Asmah Muħammad  cried out as she felt me begin to force myself up inside of her.

She felt my blood engorged Hindu member spreading the entrance to her  Musalmān Vagina  as it moved deeper into her.

” No! Please NO! Get OUT of me! Don’t DO this!” Asmah Muħammad  felt the tears rolling down her face as I moved on top of her, forcing myself a little deeper into her with each Hindu thrust.

I was moaning in her ear as I continued rocking on her, continued moving in and out of her.

Eīshān Param Brahm Parmātmā, Asmah Muħammad ! You’re so TIGHT! Oh you feel so GOOD.” I groaned in my ARCH Musalmān   ENEMY’s daughter’s ear as I moved deeper into her beautiful Saůūdī Årab Musalmān body.

I felt my Uncut Hindu Penis come up against Asmah Muħammad ’s unbroken Saůūdī Årab Musalmān hymen, and KNEW that I was her first.

Asmah Muħammad  felt me moving deeper into her, felt the pain as I stretched her Saůūdī Årab Musalmān insides with each inward Hindu thrust.

She felt me hit her Saůūdī Årab Musalmān hymen, felt the pain as I pressed against it.

” NO! Stop it! Daddy, PLEASE stop it! I don’t want to DO this! Get OUT of me! Oh please GET OUT OF ME!” Asmah Muħammad  screamed in desperation as her father’s ARCH Hindu ENEMY pulled back, preparing for the final assault on her Saůūdī Årab Musalmān virginity.

” Don’t! Please DON’T! You’re HURTING me! Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!  NO! It HURTS! Daddy PLEASE don’t! NO! NO! OHHNOOOOOAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! Asmah Muħammad ’s Saůūdī Årab Musalmān body snapped taut and she screamed in pain as I drove myself completely into her, brutally tearing through her Saůūdī Årab Musalmān hymen and shattering my arch Musalmān enemy’s Musalmān daughter’s Saůūdī Årab Musalmān virginity.

Asmah Muħammad  was sobbing uncontrollably.

her Saůūdī Årab Musalmān body was trembling in fear and frustration as I buried my Uncut Hindu Penis deeply inside her and began slowly rocking back and forth on top of her.

” Oh, baby, you feel so good!” I murmured as I lifted up and gazed into my arch Musalmān enemy’s daughter’s tear stained face, ” You feel so damned good!”

” Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!  Daddy! Please stop! Please get out of me! It hurts so bad!” Asmah Muħammad  stammered through her tears.

” It’s okay, baby. It’s okay. You’ll get used to it. You’re going to learn to your new Hindu Daddy’s Uncut Hindu Dick, baby!” I told her ironically as I slowly moved my stiffened Hindu member inside her.

Eīshān Param Brahm Parmātmā, I loved the way her hot, tight Musalmān Pussy felt as my Hindu meat stretched her open.

She fit so tightly around me that it felt like her Musalmān Pussy was squeezing my Uncut Hindu Dick.

I began stroking myself in her, pulling slowly out of her before pushing myself all the way back into her.

I didn’t care about the grimace of pain that appeared on her face each time I drove into her.

” Uhhh…uhhh…uhhh!” Asmah Muħammad  whimpered each time I thrust into her, impaling her on my rock hard Uncut Hindu Dick.

She felt as if I was tearing her open, ripping her insides apart,

” Uhhh…uhhh…D-daddy…uhhh…p-please….uhhh…n-no more!…uhhh…uhhh…P-please!”

I put my hands on each side of her face as I began kissing her again.

I was shoving my Hindu tongue so far into her beautiful Saůūdī Årab Musalmān mouth that I was causing her to gag.

With her arms now free, Asmah Muħammad  tried pushing me off of her, but it was no use.

Her Saůūdī Årab Musalmān body was squirming underneath mine, her legs pushing and kicking as she tried to dismount me.

Still I kept her crushed to the floor as my Hindu body ground against hers.

” Uhhh…uhhh…uhhh! Oh, p-please, Daddy!” Asmah Muħammad  begged as I again dropped my mouth to her breasts, ” Please …uhhh… leave me …uhhh… alone. …uhhh… P-please …uhhh…stop h-hurting me! …uhhh… Yā Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! …uhhh… PLEASE leave me ALONE!”
Asmah Muħammad  felt the sweat beginning to bead on her Saůūdī Årab Musalmān body as the Hindu assault continued.

She was still fighting, twisting her body, pushing with her legs and arms in an attempt to get her father’s ARCH Hindu ENEMY’s  Uncut Hindu Penis out of her.

Her own exertions, combined with the exertions the rape was forcing on her, were rapidly bringing her to the point of exhaustion.

Still her father’s ARCH Hindu ENEMY used her Saůūdī Årab Musalmān body, driving into her over and over.

She could hear me panting and moaning in her ear as I continued raping her.

My Hindu hands were all over her, squeezing her Musalmān breasts , rubbing her Musalmān thighs, groping her Saůūdī Årab Musalmān buttocks.

My Hindu tongue played over her Saůūdī Årab Musalmān nipples, licked her Musalmān breasts  and chest, moving across her neck and face.

” Yā Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! ! …uhhh… No more! …uhhh…uhhh… I c-can’t t-take anymore! …uhhh… P- please, Daddy, p-please stop! …uhhh… St-stop h-hurting me! …uhhh…uhhh… Yā Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! !”

I was becoming more and more excited.

Asmah Muħammad  moaned in pain as I began driving into her at an ever more frenzied Hindu pace.

She felt my Uncut Hindu Penis swelling inside her even more than it had been as my degenerate Hindu passion increased.

My Hindu penetration of her Saůūdī Årab Musalmān body became even deeper as my Hindu meat grew larger as I approached orgasm.

The trembling in her Saůūdī Årab Musalmān body increased as I relentlessly pounded into her.

Suddenly, a new terror filled Asmah Muħammad  as, for the first time, the thought of pregnancy slammed full force into her consciousness.

Asmah Muħammad  began fighting even harder with the new terror.

Pushing against my chest, digging her high heels into the carpet for leverage, twisting her Saůūdī Årab Musalmān body under mine in an attempt to dislodge my Uncut Hindu Penis from her before I could ejaculate inside of her.

“Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! ! …uhhh… Yā Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!  Daddy! …uhhh…uhhh… Please! PLEASE don’t cum inside me!” Asmah Muħammad  pleaded with her father’s ARCH Hindu ENEMY, “Uhhh…uhhh… PLEASE don’t! …uhhh… cum inside me! …uhhh…uhhh… Yā Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!  ! Yā Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!  Daddy PLEASE don’t! PLEASE DON’T!”

I was becoming more and more excited, causing me to drive into Asmah Muħammad  with ever increasing Hindu ferocity.

My balls were so swollen with my Hindu sperm that they were sore.

I could feel the head of my Uncut Hindu Dick becoming ever more sensitive as it drove in and out of Asmah Muħammad .
Asmah Muħammad  felt my Uncut Hindu Dick pounding into her as I moaned in her ear.

She could feel me swelling and stiffening even further inside her, could feel the swollen veins running the length of my Hindu meat as it moved inside her.

She fought with every ounce of strength she could muster to try and get me out of her.

Eīshān Param Brahm Parmātmā !” I groaned as Ifelt my balls begin to tighten.

” No Daddy! Please NO!” Asmah Muħammad  pleaded as she felt my Uncut Hindu Dick begin to throb inside her, ” Don’t cum in me! Yā Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!  PLEASE don’t cum in me! Oh please no! NO! DON’T! DADDY NO! Yā Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!  NNNNOOOOOO!!!!!!” Asmah Muħammad  cried out as she felt the first wave of my Hindu cum shoot into her.

She could feel my Uncut Hindu Dick twitching and throbbing as I shot wave after wave of thick, hot Hindu liquid deep inside her trembling Saůūdī Årab Musalmān body.

She could feel the heat spreading through her as my Hindu load flooded her Saůūdī Årab Musalmān insides.

I kept driving into her, over and over until I had milked every drop of my Hindu cum from my balls.

With a final groan, I collapsed on top of my arch Musalmān enmy’s beautiful Saůūdī Årab Musalmān young daughter.

Asmah Muħammad  lay sobbing on the floor, her dress bunched around her waist, her pantyhose torn open, and her father’s ARCH Hindu ENEMY laying on top of her, moaning out his Hindu pleasure.

She could feel my Uncut Hindu Dick slowly softening inside her as the tears rolled down the sides of her face and into her sweat matted hair.

Finally, I pulled my Uncut Hindu Dick out of my arch Musalmān enemy’s battered Saůūdī Årab Musalmān beautiful daughter and stood up.

Asmah Muħammad  lay on the floor feeling the mixture of her Saůūdī Årab Musalmān blood and my Hindu cum running down the crack of her ass as it started leaking out of her.

I fastened my trousers and stepped to the end table.

Asmah Muħammad was still laying on the floor and crying.

I watched as she pulled the top of her torn dress up to cover her Musalmān breasts , and then slowly sat up.

Holding the top of her dress in place with one hand, she pushed the hem down with the other, covering herself as best she could.

She sat on the floor crying for several minutes before, with great effort, she got to her feet.

Never taking her eyes off the floor, Asmah Muħammad  started for the stairs when I grabbed her by the arm.

” This is between us, Asmah Muħammad . Understand that. You tell anybody, you won’t live long enough to regret it. You understand?”

” I understand.” Asmah Muħammad  muttered, and I released her arm.

Going to her room, Asmah Muħammad  collapsed on the bed and cried into her pillow for nearly half an hour.

Finally, she removed her ruined clothing, put on her robe, and went to the bathroom where she spent nearly two hours in a shower as hot as she could stand. Returning to her room, she put on a pink nylon nightgown and crawled into bed where she cried herself to sleep.

Asmah Muħammad  wasn’t sure how long she had been asleep when she was suddenly awakened.

She realized that it was the covers being pulled off of her that had woken her, and she gasped as she felt me crawl into bed next to her.

” Hello, baby.” I murmured as I lay partially on Asmah Muħammad  and put my arms around her, ” Ready for your next lesson?”

Asmah Muħammad  realized with a shock that I was naked.

” Oh, no. Not again. Please, Daddy, not again!” Asmah Muħammad  whimpered as I began feeling her Musalmān breasts . Her tears began streaking her face as her father’s ARCH Hindu ENEMY started kissing her and rubbing his hands over her Saůūdī Årab Musalmān body.

She felt me pull the hem of her nightgown above her waist and then start to push her panties down.

This couldn’t be happening again, she thought as I removed her panties.

It just couldn’t be.

” Please, Daddy, please don’t. Oh, Yā Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!   please don’t.” she begged as I climbed on top of her and forced her legs apart.

She squeezed her eyes shut and groaned as she felt my Uncut Hindu Dick forcing it’s way up inside her.

She heard her father’s ARCH Hindu ENEMY sigh as I buried myself completely in her young beautiful Saůūdī Årab Musalmān body. Asmah Muħammad  cried quietly as her father’s ARCH Hindu ENEMY slowly stroked his Uncut Hindu Dick in and out of her.

She felt my hands roaming all over her beautiful Saůūdī Årab Musalmān body.

She could taste the fragrant Hindutv when I forced my Hindu tongue into her beautiful Saůūdī Årab Musalmān mouth.

Asmah Muħammad  could watch the minutes crawl by on the lighted face of the digital clock on her nightstand.

Five minutes.

Ten minutes.

Fifteen minutes.

How long was it going to last? How much more could she stand?

” Please, Daddy. …uhhh…uhhh… Please stop. …uhhh…uhhh… Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!  Yā Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!   PLEASE stop!” Asmah Muħammad  whimpered in pain as her father’s ARCH Hindu ENEMY pumped himself inside her.

She was still hurting from the first rape, so this second Hindu assault was agonizing to her. ” Uhhh…uhhh… Yā Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!   it h-hurts! …uhhh…uhhh… It hurts so bad! …uhhh…uhhh… Please! Please no more!” .

” Aw, baby, I don’t want to hurt you. You’re sore down there, aren’t you?” I told her as I pulled my Uncut Hindu Dick out of her.

Asmah Muħammad  moaned in relief as she felt me withdraw from her.

Having me inside her had been incredibly painful.

” Just roll over, sweetheart, and we’ll do something different so we won’t hurt your poor little Musalmān Pussy.”

Asmah Muħammad  felt the fear twist at her insides as she realized what I intended to do.

” NO! Yā Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!  NO! You CAN’T do that! You just CAN’T!” Asmah Muħammad  screamed as I grabbed her arm and began forcing her to roll over.

She fought as hard as she could, but she was no match for her father’s ARCH Hindu ENEMY.

Twisting one of her arms up behind her back, I forced her onto her stomach and used my knees to pry her legs apart.

I dropped onto her back, using my weight to pin her to the bed.
” Yā Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!   NO!” Asmah Muħammad  cried. ” Don’t DO this! Yā Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!  ! OWWWW!” Asmah Muħammad ’s eyes squeezed shut and her brow furrowed in pain as I forced the head of my Uncut Hindu Dick into her gorgeous Saůūdī Årab Musalmān ass.

The pain was incredible!

” Don’t! PLEASE don’t! It’s too BIG! AHHHH! AHHHH! Yā Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!  it HURTS!” she screamed as she squirmed underneath her father’s ARCH Hindu ENEMY, trying to escape from the Uncut Hindu Dick that was penetrating her more deeply with every Hindu thrust.

I would begin withdrawing my Uncut Hindu Dick from her and then thrust in, withdraw and thrust in, each time driving a little farther into her super tight Saůūdī Årab Musalmān anal passage.

Over and over I pounded into her, ignoring her screams of pain.
” Yā Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!  ! Yā Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!  ! PLEASE stop! Yā Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!  ! Yā Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!  NNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” Asmah Muħammad  arched her back and her head snapped back as I finally overcame the resistance of her Saůūdī Årab Musalmān body and drove the full length of my Uncut Hindu Dick deep into her bowels.

The intense pain tore through to the very center of her being, and Asmah Muħammad  thought that she would surely die.

” Goddamn does that feel good!” I groaned into her ear. ” Eīshān Param Brahm Parmātmā!  you have a good Saůūdī Årab Musalmān ass, baby!”

Asmah Muħammad  buried her face in her pillow while I buried my Uncut Hindu Dick in her gorgeous Saůūdī Årab Musalmān ass.

She felt as if she were being ripped in two as I repeatedly and viciously drove into her.

The pain was even worse than the first time I had raped her.

She ground her teeth together and moaned in pain as her father’s ARCH Hindu ENEMY brutally violated her.
” Nnnuuuhhh…nnnuuuhhh… Yā Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!  ! …ooohhhhh… P-please st-STOP! …nnnuuuhhh… I can’t t-TAKE it …nnnuuuhhh… anymore! …nnnuuuhhh… D-Daddy, PLEASE!”

I ignored my arch Musalmān nemy’s  Musalmān daughter’s pleas and continued plowing into her as fast and as hard as I could.

I loved feeling her Saůūdī Årab Musalmān tightness around my Hindu meat.

I loved feeling her beautiful Saůūdī Årab Musalmān body squirm under mine.

I loved hearing her beg and scream. Eīshān Param Brahm Parmātmā, she felt so fucking good!
” Uhhh…uhhh… N-no m-more! …uhhh…uhhh… oohhhhhh …uhhh… P-please, Daddy, please! …uhhh…uhhh… You’re h-hurting me! oohhhhhh …uhhh…uhhh…” she begged in vain.

She could feel me swelling inside her and knew that I was getting close.

My excitement was growing as I drove myself repeatedly into Asmah Muħammad ’s bowels.

She was so tight around me that it felt as if her Saůūdī Årab Musalmān ass was milking my Uncut Hindu Dick.

Icould feel the head of my Uncut Hindu Dick growing more sensitive as it moved deep inside Asmah Muħammad ’s firm, young Saůūdī Årab Musalmān body.

I began driving into her with an ever increasing Hindu frenzy.

” Yā Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!   Daddy! …uhhh…uhhh… Yā Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!  it HURTS! oohhhhhh …uhhh…uhhh… Please st-stop! …uhhh…uhhh… Oh Yā Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!  PLEASE STOP!” Asmah Muħammad  screamed in pain as I reamed out her Saůūdī Årab Musalmān asshole. ” Oh no! Yā Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!  PLEASE no! Ahh…ahh… ooooohhhhhhhhhuuuu!” Asmah Muħammad  moaned as she felt me shooting my Hindu load deep inside her, felt the heat of my Hindu cum spreading through her bowels.

I was still pounding into her, milking every bit of my Hindu cum from my balls.

Asmah Muħammad  heard me groan in my Hindu pleasure as I began slowing my pace.

Finally, I quit moving and collapsed on her back.

Asmah Muħammad  lay there, crying quietly as she felt the Uncut Hindu Dick in her beautiful Saůūdī Årab Musalmān ass slowly softening.

” You’ve got a really great Saůūdī Årab Musalmān ass, baby.” I murmured as I kissed her on the ear.

With a grunt, I pulled my Uncut Hindu Dick out of her brutalized Saůūdī Årab Musalmān rectum and climbed off the bed.

Asmah Muħammad  buried her face in her pillow and cried out her agony as I left her bedroom.

Why was this happening to her?

What had she done to deserve this?

Slowly, she crawled out of bed and, barely able to walk, made her way to the bathroom.

Asmah Muħammad  got very little sleep that night.

She planned to avoid her father’s ARCH Hindu ENEMY on Sunday by staying in her room.

Unfortunately for her, it didn’t work.

” Asmah Muħammad ! Asmah Muħammad , get down here and make breakfast!” I called up the stairs.

” I-I’m not hungry, Daddy.” she replied, hoping that he would drop it.

” Well I AM hungry, so get down here and start hustling!”

Asmah Muħammad  knew better than to push too far.

Maybe she could make her father’s ARCH Hindu ENEMY breakfast, and then get back to her room before he finished eating.

She put on a pair of old jeans and a sweat shirt before going down stairs, not wanting to give her father’s ARCH Hindu ENEMY any encouragement.

I sat at the kitchen table while Asmah Muħammad  made bacon, eggs and toast.

Putting the plate in front of her father’s ARCH Hindu ENEMY, she turned to leave the kitchen.

” Sit down.” I told her.

” B-but I was going to…”

” I said sit down. I don’t like eating alone.”

Asmah Muħammad  sat down at the kitchen table and folded her hands in her lap, looking down at the floor.

What was her father’s ARCH Hindu ENEMY thinking?

What was he planning?

Asmah Muħammad  began shivering with fear.

I asked, ” How was last night?”

Asmah Muħammad managed to say,

” Dad I don’t want to talk about that.”

” We have no other option sweet-heart. Remember I cummed in you last night, soon you will going to be pregnant of my son, I will be a father soon , a father of a beautiful , handsome son, I know it will be a son.”

Asmah Muħammad  was feeling embrassed, she said,

” Please Daddy stop it.”

I blast with anger,

” What do you think I am talking? Am I talking stupid? I am telling the truth. You know what you taste just like your Ammī. That’s why I wanted you to be a Ammī, Ammī of my son. Uffff your beautiful Saůūdī Årab Musalmān body I can’t explain how it tasted. Now I will give your surprise.”

Suddenly door bell rang.

It’s Aijaz and Taufeeq uncle Durgesh ’s friends.

They came with some packets in their hands.
Aijaz smiled, ” Hello Asmah Muħammad! “
Asmah Muħammad managed to say,

” Hi Aijaz Uncle!”

Taufeeq gave those packets to me.

I gave one of those packet to Asmah Muħammad  and told her to wear that.

Asmah Muħammad  found a red shiffon jorjet saare there.

Durgesh asked her to get ready soon.

Asmah Muħammad said,

” Daddy I am not feeling well.”

I was angry,

” How many times I have to tell you to do what I want? Do you think I am joking? Now wear this saare at once, and listen I am going to marry you today. Your Aijaz and Taufeeq uncle have come to give witness in court. Now get ready and be prepared. I don’t want any further interruption later on, mind it.”

Asmah Muħammad was  now really terrified.

She was thinking how she will face her father’s ARCH Hindu ENEMY as her husband.

What will she tell to her friends?

But she had no other option.

I could become more dangerous, if she refused.

now it could cost her lot.

So she silently went inside to get ready.

While getting ready Asmah Muħammad  heard Her dad’s ARCH Hindu ENEMY, Aijaz and Taufeeq uncle talking about last night incident.

Aijaz was influencing her dad’s ARCH Hindu ENEMY to tell her about whole incident.

I was telling them about Asmah Muħammad ’s figure, her moan.

I said,

” Oh you won’t believe, she is damn good tight yaar. She is more tasty than her Ammī. And you should listen to her moan. Oh it made me crazy…..”Oh no Daddy don’t cum. in me”.

All of them laughed together.

Asmah Muħammad  wore saare and ornaments.

She looked so beautiful and gorgeous.

She looked so sexy in saare.

When she came back Aijaz and Taufeeq got thundered after seeing her.

Her figure was totally understandle and visible in that red shiffon saare.

Soon we all went to the temple, where Asmah Muħammad ’s Dad’s ARCH Hindu ENEMY put shindoor in her head and put mongol sutra on her nack and we took shaat phere.

Then after that we went to court to register our marriage.

Asmah Muħammad  didn’t understand what to do except obeying her father’s ARCH Hindu ENEMY’s commands.

Soon she became her father’s ARCH Hindu ENEMY’s official Saůūdī Årab Musalmān wife.

As soon as the marriage done, Aijaz and Taufeeq started calling Asmah Muħammad  ”Bhābhījān”.

Asmah Muħammad  got very much embarrassed hearing ” Bhābhījān” from her uncles.

Then we came back home Where they had already arranged everything for Asmah Muħammad ’s and mine shuhagraat.

They took Asmah Muħammad  to that room.

Asmah Muħammad  was silently sitting on the bed as a new bride.

His father’ ARCH Hindu ENEMY cum husband was chatting with his friends Aijaz and Taufeeq outside.

She heard they were betting about my plan.

Aijaz said,

“ Durgesh will fuck Asmah Muħammad  whole night.”

Taufeeq said,

“no Durgesh will not able to do that.”

Then they sent me to her room.

At the very first night I fucked Asmah Muħammad  whole night both in Musalmān Pussy and Saůūdī Årab Musalmān ass like a wild animal.

Aijaz and Taufeeq enjoyed Asmah Muħammad ’s moan from outside.

And in next 2 years Asmah Muħammad  gave birth two baby boy.

This is how we became husband and wife forever.

Muħammad Ħasan put his head on my feet,

“I surrender.” He said.

Chapter 3


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