It all had happened just naturally-1

It all had happened just naturally


Chapter 1

I was a college student.

Muħammad had one elder sister.

Her name was Furqān Kulsoom.

She was also a student.

We Both, Furqān Kulsoom and I, had come from very rich families.

Furqān Kulsoom’s father Muħammad Naåīm was in textile business.

As the business was pretty big, her Ammījān Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm was also helping her husband to manage such a big business.

I was after Furqān Kulsoom and Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm, both.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm was also extremely beautiful, so beautiful that everyone believed she was Furqān Kulsoom’s elder sister, rather than her real Ammījān.

My Uncut Hindu Penis was aching for both the extremely beautiful Sunni Musalmān Cunts.

Being not much cared about emotionally by his busy parents; Muħammad had a grudge on them.

May be it was the reason he grew up irrational and irresponsible.

He started smoking and even drinking alcohol occasionally.

His parents used to go to office in the morning and come back at night.

So there was no one to ask him about whatever he was doing.

One afternoon there was no one at home.

He went out even leaving me, watching TV, in his home.

I got horny by a hot scene.

As I was watching, I slowly unzipped my pant and gently slid my underwear down.

Instantly my 8 inch long, Uncut Hindu Dick jumped out.

I slowly slid my Hindu foreskin back.

Wow! The red head of my Uncut Hindu Cock came out.

I held my Uncut Hindu Dick firmly in my fist and began to move it back and forth.

I was reaching high.

I was little uncomfortable with the apprehension what if somebody watch through window.

I decided to go to Muħammad’s room for comfort.

His room was adjacent to his Ammījān’s room.

As there was no one at home, I felt free to walk to his room with my unzipped pant and my Uncut Hindu Dick free from my pant.

While passing in front of his Ammījān’s room I casually looked inside.

There were some cloths spread on her bed.

With an unusual Curiosity, I went inside Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm’s room.

I felt a strange feeling.

As if Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm was my own Sunni Musalmān wife instead of Muħammad Naåīm’s.

I had every legal right to enter the Sunni Musalmān beauty’s bedroom whenever in whatever position I damn want.

The room freshener Furqān Kulsoom’s Ammījān, Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm, used made me little hornier.

I strode near her bed and saw the cloths spread there.

Furqān Kulsoom’s Ammījān had kept those clothes in hurry to go to office.

I checked all the clothes whatever were there.

My Uncut Hindu Dick kept increasing its Hindu hardness as I checked those clothes one by one.

First, I grabbed Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm’s nightshirt.

It was slightly changed in its shape on the portion where it covered her gorgeous Sunni Musalmān Boobs.

Tip of my Uncut Hindu Dick started becoming sticky now.

I took her pajama, which was beautifully shaped bigger in her Sunni Musalmān pelvic area and gradually smaller, in the down side.

I checked it properly and my heart increased its beats by what I saw there.

Yes! There was Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm’s panty too in that pajama.

I removed her pajama down along with her pink colored panty.

Then my attention went towards her black bra.

I took that bra in my hands.

A wave of my Hindu lust passed through my body.

I closely looked at Furqān Kulsoom’s Ammījān’s bra.

Wow! What a size it was.

I put my hand on one of the cup of that bra and tried to imagine the Sunni Musalmān breast size.

I brought it near my Hindu mouth and kissed it.

But I was not satisfied.

I started gently biting the Sunni Musalmān bra cups.

After some time keeping the bra down, again I took her Pajama in which Furqān Kulsoom’s Ammījān’s panty was stocked.

I removed that panty outside that Pajama.

As I took the panty outside, its shape stunned me.

It was perfectly shaped to cover her Sunni Musalmān butts.

It was slightly bulged in the area where it covered her Sunni Musalmān Pussy.

I took it close to my face and kissed it.

Then I folded it inside out and looked closely at it.

I inspected the area where it covered her Sunni Musalmān Pussy.

I looked closely at it.

It was slightly damp and a tiny hair was stuck in that dampness.

I held that hair in my fingers and felt the softness of that single tiny hair.

I was turning mad.

I kissed that damp panty.

As I kissed it, I felt some Sunni Musalmān fragrance, might be Furqān Kulsoom’s Ammījān, Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm, must be using something for her Sunni Musalmān Pussy.

But what turned me still horny was the unique smell of her Sunni Musalmān femininity.

Standing there itself, I held my Uncut Hindu Cock firmly and made few backs and forths.

I came violently and groaned “aghhhhhhhh mommm”.

The thick love juice jumped out from my Uncut Hindu Dick on Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm’s bed.

It spilled all on her bed and some drops on her clothes too.

As the powerful stream of my Hindu cum weakened, the last drop of my cum dropped down.

I pulled the foreskin of my Uncut Hindu Dick back to its place.

When my Uncut Hindu Dick completely limped, I put it in my underwear and zipped my pant.

After some time I was fresh and back to the normal world.

I saw everything around me was messed up.

There was my Hindu semen spilled on bed and on Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm’s intimate cloths.

I left it to clean it for Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm herself.

Let the Sunni Musalmān beauty get introduced to my Hindu semen at least.

I returned to Muħammad’s room.

Lying on bed, I thought of Furqān Kulsoom’s Ammījān, Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm.

Wow, such a magnificent Sunni Musalmān figure she had, I cursed myself for not noticing it earlier.

I started thinking seriously how to have her in my Hindu arms.

It felt little embarrassed to me that I was thinking about Furqān Kulsoom’s Ammījān, Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm, for sex.

But I decided if anybody could satisfy me, it’s none but Furqān Kulsoom’s Ammījān, Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm only, not even Furqān Kulsoom only though she suited my sexy age more.

Thinking about Furqān Kulsoom’s Ammījān, Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm, I slowly turned asleep.

In the Evening, Furqān Kulsoom’s Ammījān, Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm, returned from the office.

As she stepped in her room, she saw the cloths she kept in the morning were lying there itself.

SHE cursed herself for being in so hurry in the morning and not keeping the clothes properly.

SHE began to pick the clothes to keep for washing.

As she Held her pajama she felt something sticky.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm started to check what it was but she had to check it minutely.

As she brought it near her eyes, she was shocked.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm thought it couldn’t be something else other than semen.

SHE was wondering how it spilled on her pajama.

SHE thought surely it couldn’t be hubby.

He had already developed his medical problem of sexual disability since 4 years after an accident, and retired from sex consequently for ever.

Poor Muħammad Naåīm, Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm thought.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm started thinking deeply who else it could be.

There was no other male in this house other than Muħammad and his Hindu friend, Durgesh.

Muħammad !



Yes, that’s the only possibility.

He is a Hindu.

He is a never satisfied ever-sexiest Hindu.

If somebody can come into her room and spill semen on her dress, it means it has to be Muħammad’s Hindu friend, Durgesh.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm was a bit embarrassed with this thought.

SHE picked her bra and observed it little keenly.

She found bra cups had folds of being crushed.

SHE also noticed a sharp bite mark on the bra cup.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm brought it near her face and smelled it.

It had a mild smell of cigarette.

Then it was confirmed because she saw Muħammad and Durgesh many a times smoking.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm tried to convince them that it was bad but every time I escaped somehow.

Now her bra had cigarette smell means it was touched by Durgesh’s mouth.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm kept feeling annoyed but somehow she managed herself and decided just to keep quiet because if she talked to Durgesh, I might fall in a Kind of frustration.

Even she did not want it.

Durgesh was ever sexiest for Musalmān Beauties.

But that’s all.

Nothing dangerous.

In fact Durgesh was serving the sex starved ever-sexy Musalmān Beauties by fucking them 24×7.

And that may affect my existing relation with her too.

During dinner, all were sitting on dining table.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm was sitting beside her husband.

Muħammad’s elder sister Furqān Kulsoom and I were sitting together.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm casually looked at us, particularly me.

I was looking at her without any kind of offensive look.

So, Durgesh wants to fuck her?

Why not Furqān Kulsoom instead, her extremely beautiful, extremely young Sunni Musalmān daughter?

Isn’t she more suitable to Durgesh being in his own age group?

But Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm was trying to take it easy.

We all finished our dinner and returned to our respective bed rooms.

It was around 11 o clock night.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm’s husband had already slept.

But Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm was still thinking about the matter.

As she kept thinking more and more about it, she was not being frustrated anymore.

She remembered the sticky touch of my Hindu cum on her pajama and took a long sigh.

Actually, she was slightly enjoying about this matter.

SHE remembered something and got up. SHE slowly walked to her attached bathroom.

At a corner of the bathroom, cloths for washing were kept in a bucket.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm removed her pajama from that and opened the fold.

SHE carefully examined it and found few drops of sticky fluid.

“Ahhh” she sighed, “semen.”

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm had lost pleasure of touching this fluid since years.

Ever since her husband had met with that road accident, she had completely stopped sexual activities because her husband was unable to perform it.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm touched the semen drops on her pajama and closed her eyes to feel its unique wetness and stickiness.

SHE enjoyed this pleasure for some time and returned to her bed.

In the morning when I woke up, I was quite fresh.

I accepted whatever had happened yesterday and I was clear about what I want.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm took some excuse from her hubby for not coming to office.

Soon hubby went to his office and Furqān Kulsoom went to her college.

I got in to Muħammad’s room.

Again, I was thinking about Furqān Kulsoom’s beautiful Ammījān, Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm.

I developed a strong desire of seeing her sexy Sunni Musalmān body.

I came out of my room and strode towards kitchen thinking that Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm might be in kitchen.

But there was no one in the kitchen.

I turned back to my room again but I heard some sound in Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm’s room, which was adjacent to mine.

I looked in to it.

The room was empty and the sound was coming from Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm’s attached bathroom.

Curiosity triggered once again in me.

I entered the room and slowly walked towards the attached bathroom.

As I was nearing bathroom door, my Uncut Hindu Cock developed erection.

I slowly touched the door.

It was not locked.

Blood rushed in my face thinking about the open door and look inside.

I opened the door slowly and a very little.

I was completely stunned by what I saw there.

Furqān Kulsoom’s Ammījān, Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm, was taking bath completely naked.

As she was facing shower her back portion was completely visible.

I sighed slowly, “ahhh.”

In fact, Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm had such a magnificent Sunni Musalmān body.

SHE tried her top to her neck exposing her fine bare back.

I saw her big, actually very big, Sunni Musalmān butts facing me as if inviting me.

My Uncut Hindu Dick was pulsating in my underwear.

Not controlling my Hindu desires, I removed my Uncut Hindu Dick out of my pant and started working on it.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm was applying soap all over.

SHE reached her waist, then slowly to her Sunni Musalmān butts.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm rubbed her huge Sunni Musalmān butts properly all over.

After rubbing there, Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm put her hand between the crack of her Sunni Musalmān butts.

Slowly rubbing inside she rubbed her inner thighs.

While doing this Sunni Musalmān butts were bouncing.

Here I was reaching high.

My Uncut Hindu Dick was pulsating and wet at the tip.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm turned the shower on again and washed all the soap wherever she had put after sometime.

SHE took towel and wiped herself dry.

I was almost on the edge.

Looking at Furqān Kulsoom’s sexy Ammījān’s naked Sunni Musalmān body, my sentiments were increased.

Incidentally, it happened that the towel, she wiped with, fell on the floor of the bathroom.

To pick the towel she bent down, exposing her big Sunni Musalmān butts widely and a glance of her glorious Sunni Musalmān ass hole.

Seeing this, my Uncut Hindu Dick was about to burst.

I couldn’t control at all.

I forgot where I was and what I was doing.

I closed my eyes to feel that moment and moaned loudly “aaaaaaam.”

This was unexpected for Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm.

SHE suddenly opened the door and came outside.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm was shocked by what she saw.

Well grown up I was standing there with my huge Uncut Hindu Cock in my hand.

I saw Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm from front now.

Her big Sunni Musalmān Sunni Musalmān Boobs bounced as she rushed outside the bathroom.

I took a quick look of her from top to down.

As I saw her thick black bush that had covered her Sunni Musalmān Pussy, I went completely out of mind.

Few more strokes.

I came violently and groaned, “Ohhh Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm darling! You are so sexy!” right in front of Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm was totally shocked and confused what to do.

But, even then, Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm couldn’t turn her extremely beautiful Sunni Musalmān eyes from my huge solid handsome Uncut Hindu Cock.

She was dumb founded staring at my superb Uncut Hindu Penis with her extremely beautiful Sunni Musalmān mouth open wide.

As I shot my Hindu cum it shot directly into Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm’s extremely beautiful Sunni Musalmān wide-open mouth.

Few drops spilled on her naked Sunni Musalmān thighs and knees.

I also knew that something unusual was happening but I was unable to control myself.

After pouring all my Hindu cum, from my Uncut Hindu Dick, into Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm’s extremely beautiful Sunni Musalmān wide-open mouth, I slowly returned to normal.

I felt extremely proud of my brave Hindu act, that too right in the open Sunni Musalmān mouth and in front of Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm.

I immediately put the limp Uncut Hindu Dick in its place and walked away, as if nothing unusual had taken place.

Confused with all this Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm also went inside the bathroom and closed the door properly.

Cursing herself, for not closing the door properly, Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm was breathing heavily now.

It was hard to believe what has happened just some time before.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm sensed the sticky feeling of my Hindu cum shot into her wide-open Sunni Musalmān mouth, on her Sunni Musalmān knees and Sunni Musalmān thighs.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm gulped all of my Hindu semen she received into her wide-open extremely beautiful Sunni Musalmān mouth, wiped it with her fingers and smelled it.

THE smell of my Hindu semen completely turned her on.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm slowly pushed the same finger into Her Sunni Musalmān Pussy hole and felt a kind of unexplainable pleasure, wiping all my rest of Hindu semen into her ravenous Sunni Musalmān Pussy.

During lunchtime, Furqān Kulsoom’s Ammījān, Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm, and I only were at home.

We both were sitting on dining table opposite to each other.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm was uncomfortable to look into my Hindu male eyes.

After eating some food, Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm broke the silence.

She said,

Durgesh, whatever has happened this morning in my bedroom, just forget it. It happens at your age.”

My brave Hindu face glowed as she finished her words.

I saw a shine of naughty Sunni Musalmān look in Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm’s eyes, but controlled myself.

A naughty idea came in my mind.

I stretched my Hindu legs till I touched the legs of Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm.

As I touched the tip of her toes, Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm slightly winced and looked at me.

But I acted as if I knew nothing and it happened accidentally.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm liked that touch and didn’t move her feet from that place.

In fact, she moved her feet a little bit towards me.

I understood this signal.

I moved my foot still more forward to Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm’s one.

I overlapped my foot on hers.

Now Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm closed her extremely beautiful Sunni Musalmān eyes, enjoying the magical satisfying touch of my Hindu legs on her Sunni Musalmān feet.

As I pressed my leg little harder, Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm opened her eyes and looked at me.

SHE gave a Sunni Musalmān female lustful smile to me.

My Uncut Hindu Dick grew to its full length.

I lifted my foot up inside her nightie.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm sighed, “Sssss”.

She pulled her more nearer to table so that I can have easy reach to her Sunni Musalmān things.

This encouraged me.

Rubbing her Sunni Musalmān legs with my Hindu foot, I reached her Sunni Musalmān thighs.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm closed her eyes.

As I rubbed my Hindu foot on her Sunni Musalmān thighs, Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm’separated them and made me way further inside.

As per her desire, I passed my Hindu foot deeper between her Sunni Musalmān thighs and reached her panty.

I pressed my toe and felt slight dampness.

SHE suddenly pulled her stop and got up.

I was wondering that she would say something.

But I was not right.

As Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm came near me, I stood in front of her expecting both good and bad things.

For my extremely pleasant surprise, Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm pulled my Hindu male face near to Sunni Musalmān of hers and kissed passionately everywhere on my Hindu male face.

I pulled Furqān Kulsoom’s Ammījān, Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm, nearer to me and embraced her tightly.

Her Sunni Musalmān Boobs pressed to my Hindu chest, which made us both completely horny.

I kissed Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm on her Sunni Musalmān lips and pushed my Hindu tongue inside her Sunni Musalmān mouth.

Our tongues played with each other.

I untied a knot of her nightie at the back.

It got easily untied.

I widened her nightie and dropped it on ground.

We both felt a force of Heat within us.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm was standing in front of me just in a kinky slip, which of course covered her chest slightly exposing her big busty Sunni Musalmān Boobs, but it failed to cover Her Sunni Musalmān butts.

I pressed Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm’s Sunni Musalmān Boobs through that slip and felt the nipples.

I gently squeezed her nipples.

SHE winced,


I was easily feeling the Sunni Musalmān firmness of those Sunni Musalmān Boobs even through her slip.

Without wasting much time, I pulled her slip up over her shoulders for which she helped to remove it.

Furqān Kulsoom’s Ammījān, Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm, was standing in front of me like an angel, Only in Her black bra and panty.

Her Sunni Musalmān Boobs were as if ready to plunge out of her bra cups.

Her panty was struggling to hold her big Sunni Musalmān butts.

There were no words between us.

There was absolute silence.

I moved behind her to see her Sunni Musalmān Sunni Musalmān beauty from all Hindu angles.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm was really like an angel.

I neared her back and kissed her below her neck.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm winced with sigh again.

I kissed Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm’s back all over gently and softly.

Though she was feeling ticklish, she liked that sensation.

I removed her bra hook.

As I removed her bra hook, the bra remained there only but it allowed her Sunni Musalmān Boobs to breathe little.

Now Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm started undressing me.

I stood only on my underwear.

My Uncut Hindu Dick was trying to jump out of my underwear but I decided to keep it inside only for some more time.

I came closer to Furqān Kulsoom’s Ammījān, Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm, from the back and embraced her.

My embrace made her bite her lips and she moaned.

I pressed my Uncut Hindu Dick in her Sunni Musalmān butts.

By this sensation, both of us were feeling light-headed.

I moved my hands on Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm’s tummy.

After caressing that area, I slowly pulled my hands up to her Sunni Musalmān breasts, which were, stilled, covered under loose bra.

Of course the hook of bra was removed but till I kept the bra in its place.

I slowly passed my left hand inside her left bra cup.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm literally shouted with pleasure,

Now I entered the right bra cup with my right hand.

I started squeezing them.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm was enjoying my touching.

SHE was moaning,


Then I stopped squeezing her right Sunni Musalmān Boob and moved my hand down to her Sunni Musalmān tummy.

Gently caressing Her Sunni Musalmān tummy, I reached the edge of her panty.

I passed my hand inside her panty.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm Moaned again.

First, I found thick bush.

As I moved my hands still down, I felt that wetness.

My fingers explored all over there and found her Sunni Musalmān Cunt hole. Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm was moaning as I continued this.

Now I started gently massage her outer Sunni Musalmān Cunt lips with my fingers.

I gently slid my mid finger into her Sunni Musalmān Cunt hole.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm cried slowly of pleasure.

I took my finger out of her Sunni Musalmān Cunt hole and began to massage inner lips of her Sunni Musalmān Cunt.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm’spread her legs wider.

Encouraged by this, I pushed my mid finger even deeper in her Sunni Musalmān Cunt hole.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm sighed “ssssssaaahhh.”

She was getting wet down there.

I removed my finger completely outside and took my hand out of her Sunni Musalmān Cunt, leaving her in frustration.

In fact, I waited to enjoy her Sunni Musalmān beauty from the front also.

I moved in front of her.

I removed her unhooked bra that was still hanging to her shoulders without any purpose.

I saw Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm’s amazing Sunni Musalmān beauty.

SHE was standing without bra.

That beautiful round Sunni Musalmān face which was Held up by firm Sunni Musalmān shoulders and below them……Oh, Eishān Param Brahm Paramātmā!

It was incredible that the magnificent, big Sunni Musalmān Boobs were inviting me to play with them.

I began to press those pink Sunni Musalmān Boobs.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm’s Sunni Musalmān female lust suddenly reached up.

I touched her right Sunni Musalmān Boob with the tip of my tongue.

I began to run my tongue on her Sunni Musalmān Boob and reached near nipple.

Without touching her nipple, I just moved my tongue around her nipple.

Then I put her nipple between my lips and pressed it very hard.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm screamed with “Ahhhhhnn.”

Now I stated squeezing her Sunni Musalmān nipples.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm was enjoying it and she was moaning,


I slowly slid my hand down to her panty.

I felt her panty and massaged on Sunni Musalmān Pussy through her panty.

Now Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm was really unable to stand but still she managed.

I pulled her panty down.

I saw Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm’s gorgeous Sunni Musalmān private area.

It was like a small forest of top.

THE beautiful Sunni Musalmān Pussy situated between her white creamy Sunni Musalmān thighs turned me mad.

I buried my Hindu male face between her Sunni Musalmān thighs.

I began to rub my face on her extremely beautiful Sunni Musalmān Pussy.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm was going very high with my Hindu male activities down between her extremely beautiful smooth Sunni Musalmān thighs.

I held Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm’s Sunni Musalmān butts tightly and pressed her Sunni Musalmān Pussy more towards my face.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm widened her Sunni Musalmān legs still more.

I was squeezing her bubbly big Sunni Musalmān buttocks with my hands and caressing her Sunni Musalmān pubic area with my Hindu male face.

I was enjoying the thick top bush grown on her Sunni Musalmān Pussy.

After sometime, making way between thick tops, my Uncut Hindu Penis reached her Sunni Musalmān Cunt hole.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm responded quickly “sssssshhh”, as if she got electric shock.

However, in that enjoyment she was feeling a little uneasy to have my Uncut Hindu Penis on her Sunni Musalmān Pussy.

It was the First time some Hindu male had tried to kiss and invade her righteous Sunni Musalmān Pussy.

As her Sunni Musalmān discomfort grew, she held my Uncut Hindu Penis by strong grip, pulled away from her Sunni Musalmān Cunt and said,


We were hardly talking anything while enjoying it.

Everything was happening so naturally in fact there was no need of words also.

I stood up.

I hugged Furqān Kulsoom’s Ammījān, Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm, very tightly.

Her Sunni Musalmān Boobs pressed against my Hindu male chest leaving her a sweet, crushing pain.

I kissed Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm everywhere.

I kissed her Sunni Musalmān lips and started sucking her lower lip.

My Hindu male mouth was blended with the perfume she put on her Sunni Musalmān Pussy.

Pushing her Sunni Musalmān lips I pushed my Hindu male tongue deep in to her extremely beautiful, inviting, Sunni Musalmān mouth.

This melted her from deep within.

Now Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm rubbed my Uncut Hindu Cock on my underwear.

I understood what she wanted and pulled my underwear down to my feet and threw it.

As I removed my underwear, my Uncut Hindu Cock jumped out with its full Hindu length.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm took a step back to watch my Uncut Hindu Cock.

Wow! It was quite big, must be more than 8 inches.

It was still growing and pulsating.

As the urge to fuck Furqān Kulsoom’s Ammījān, Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm, kept on growing in me, the foreskin of my skin was sliding still more backward.

Furqān Kulsoom’s Ammījān, Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm, couldn’t stop the Sunni Musalmān female urge to touch it.

SHE slowly touched its red Hindu Head with Her quivering Sunni Musalmān finger.

It jumped slightly.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm held my Uncut Hindu Penis completely in her Sunni Musalmān hand and gently pressed it.

A small drop of pre cum came out of its hole.

I felt an extreme pleasure.

But I immediately pushed her hand away.

I knew I might cum anytime if she continued her hand job.

I tried to push my Uncut Hindu Dick in her Sunni Musalmān Cunt.

But it was a very uncomfortable position.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm lied down on the floor near dining table.

Now I saw her Sunni Musalmān beauty and was ready to jump on her.

But as she spread her legs wide apart, I knelt in front of her.

My Uncut Hindu Dick was pulsating.

I slowly pushed my Uncut Hindu Dick inside Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm’s wet Sunni Musalmān Cunt hole.

It slid in side very easily.

After all, her Sunni Musalmān Pussy was fucked so many times by her husband.

I pushed my Uncut Hindu Dick more and more inside her extremely beautiful, enticing, Sunni Musalmān hole.

Massaging the inner walls of her Sunni Musalmān Pussy, my Uncut Hindu Dick easily made its way deep inside.

I put my Uncut Hindu Dick completely inside but still I was not feeling the end of her Sunni Musalmān Cunt hole.

I said,

“Ohhh, Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm darling, you have such a deep Sunni Musalmān Cunt—”

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm put her finger on my Hindu lips and said,

“SShhh don’t say anything…. Durgesh darling, Méré Hindu Piya! Hindu Al Buåūlatul Muslimāt, Musalmān ħasīnāonHindu Kħasam, Hindu husband of us Musalmān Beauties! Just fuck me, and enjoy this extra ordinary Sunni Musalmān beauty, as much as you want/can.
Remember, I am your Sunni Musalmān lady slave now for ever. Fuck me, fuck me—fuck me.”

I was totally lost in the pleasure of Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm’s Sunni Musalmān Pussy but Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm had developed tremendous Sunni Musalmān urge for my Hindu movements.

Without saying anything, SHE gave a slight backstroke by her Sunni Musalmān pelvis to tell me what she wants.

Understanding this, I pulled my Uncut Hindu Dick back again.

THE Heat built between us both.

I pushed my Uncut Hindu Penis deep inside her Sunni Musalmān Cunt again.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm closed her Sunni Musalmān eyes with extreme Sunni Musalmān vaginal pleasure she was being blessed by my Uncut Hindu Penis.

Then I pulled back again.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm’s nostrils widened.

She murmured,


I continued it endlessly, watching Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm’s extremely beautiful l Sunni Musalmān face.

For my every Hindu stroke, Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm was giving a different Sunni Musalmān facial expression.

More over I was so horny that I was fucking her and she was cooperating.

Both overcame the sense of taboo.

I increased my Hindu movements.

However, both of us were already melted enough.

It didn’t take much time to reach our first climax.

THE pleasure in both organs rapidly increased.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm gave 2 – 3 backstrokes for me and came violently.

SHE suddenly pulled Me and covered me with her extremely beautiful nude Sunni Musalmān legs.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm pressed me to Her Sunni Musalmān Pussy.

I, even being a young energetic Hindu man also, couldn’t escape her strong Sunni Musalmān female lusty grip.

Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm came so violently because she had my Uncut Hindu Cock in her Sunni Musalmān Pussy after quite a few years gap.

My Hindu urge was also increased to its high pitch.

I wanted to increase my Hindu movements.

But because of Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm’s intense female Sunni Musalmān grip over my Hindu male butts, I was unable to move.

Yet I kept trying.

I felt Heat increased in my Uncut Hindu Dick and lost control of my body.

I jetted a load of my thick Hindu semen in Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm’s Sunni Musalmān Cunt.

We both were gasping for some time.

As Our breathing speed returned to normal, Jamīlah Muħammad Naåīm kissed my face and said,

“My husband may come for lunch anytime now.”

I understood that I have to move away from her and did so.

In that dining hall, both of us were naked and our clothes spread on the floor.

We never felt even a bit of shame to be naked with each other.

We began to put on our cloths.

During this entire sweet incident, we hardly spoke to each other about anything.

It all had happened just naturally.

Chapter 2


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فَبِأَيِّ آلَاءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ16Fabiayyi ālāi Rabbikumā tukazzibāni?’

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