Durgesh Sidrah: One More Mastermind–4

Durgesh Sidrah: One More Mastermind


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Chapter 4

Even after so many cunt sessions, I pinned Kħadeejah Muħammad against the bed.

I held her tightly from her behind now and pushed my Hindu male body against hers.

Kħadeejah Muħammad moaned again.

I asked Kħadeejah Muħammad to raise her hands up in the air.

I loved her armpits.

I started kissing the armpits.

Now I was a bit violent.

I am sure Kħadeejah Muħammad loved me more to be violent in sex with her.

She herself was violent in sex with me.

Violent and aggressive.

I kissed her armpits, bit her neck, kissed her Meccan Saůūdī Årab Muslimah female lips, all in turns.

I put my hands on her Meccan Saůūdī Årab Muslimah ass cheeks and pulled her with such brute force towards my Hindu dick that she was now almost in the air with her legs around my male Hindu waist.

So Kħadeejah Muħammad was lifted in air and she closed her eyes in anticipation.

I was violently kissing her like a savage.

Kħadeejah Muħammad moaned in ecstasy.

We both were stark naked.

I started rubbing my Hindu dick on her stark naked Meccan Saůūdī Årab Muslimah ass for sometime.

I held Kħadeejah Muħammad and forced her down.

I brought her lovely Meccan Saůūdī Årab Muslimah mouth near my now 8 inch hard on.

Unique Hindu Penis I had.

It was 6 inches only when not excited.

8 inches when excited and served by a beauty.

10 inches when sucked.

And, 12 inches when INSIDE.

Kħadeejah Muħammad obeyed and sucked my Hindu Penis hard.

She knew its benefit to her.

I now looked straight at the camera knowing Kħālidah Ůsmān in the other room would be wild by now.

I looked straight at the camera as if I were looking into Kħadeejah Muħammad’s eyes and making a silent proposal.

I knew Kħālidah Ůsmān would be hot and rubbing herself now.

I kept using my hand to force Kħadeejah Muħammad’s depth.

At times, I made her suck only the tip and at times, I made her take my whole Hindu dick into her extremely lovely Meccan Saůūdī Årab Muslimah mouth.

I told her,

“That’s enough.”

Then I made Kħadeejah Muħammad bend there on the bed with her lovely Meccan Saůūdī Årab Muslimah ass showing prominently.

Kħadeejah Muħammad was too turned on to oppose anything.

I adjusted and with a push, my Uncut Hindu dick was into Kħadeejah Muħammad’s gorgeous grand Meccan Saůūdī Årab Muslimah ass.

Kħadeejah Muħammad cried aloud.

I am sure Kħālidah Ůsmān in the other room would have come several times by now.

She was already an incurable romantic, always reading Hindu Muslimahs love/sex stories.

I sodomized Kħadeejah Muħammad savagely for about 3 hours, and came half inside her glorious Meccan Saůūdī Årab Muslimah ass and half inside her grand evertight Meccan Saůūdī Årab Muslimah Pussy with a victorious cry.

Kħadeejah Muħammad licked my somewhat limp Hindu dick.

Zubédah Sheikħ suddenly entered there.

She was also watching the great fuck and was equally horny now.

Now Zubédah Sheikħ was licking my dripping Hindu semen from Kħadeejah Muħammad’s striking Meccan Saůūdī Årab Muslimah Pussy.

Kħadeejah Muħammad was moaning loudly.

Zubédah Sheikħ interrupted our love session, however,

“Sidrah Aħmad is there, Durgesh!”

“What?” Kħadeejah Muħammad was angry somewhat.

She was enjoying my Hindu Penis into her gorgeous Meccan Saůūdī Årab Muslimah ass now.

“Your friend Maħmood and his wife, Kulsoom Ibrāhīm; are also with her.” Zubédah Sheikħ looked at me.

“What does this Deepak Khandelwal’s Sunni Muslim Pussy wants now from you?” Kħadeejah Muħammad asked me tartly, “Didn’t you fuck her to her heart’s content in the court-room?”

“It’s all right, Kħadeejah! Let her come. We can fuck afterwards.”

“No.” Kħadeejah Muħammad was furious now, “This Sunni Muslim Pussy of Deepak Khandelwal thinks herself smarter than all of us Muslimahs. She thinks she is the best.”

“Let her, Yār!”

“Why are you proposing me, nowadays always, to surrender to the other Muslimahs you fuck? Because I lost to your now would be wife Saiyadā Fātimah PhD?”


“She is not your wife yet.”

“What do you mean?”

Kħadeejah Muħammad could not answer my question.

Sidrah Aħmad entered there with Kulsoom Ibrāhīm and my friend, Maħmood.

“Bravo! Bravo!” Sidrah Aħmad laughed as she saw my Hindu Penis visiting the gorgeous Meccan Saůūdī Årab Musalmān ass of Kħadeejah Muħammad and Kħadeejah Muħammad enjoying it very much without even any slightest shame, “So, I’m not the only one to make you fuck me in the court room in session?”

Kħadeejah Muħammad smiled.

“I did not know even Indian Muslimahs are lionesses.”

“It is necessary to be a lioness, if I want to enjoy the Hindu lion.”

“Well said.” Kħadeejah Muħammad laughed, “But you are not a ONE MAN WOMAN.”

“Why should I be?”

“Please, be seated. Kulsoom Ibrāhīm! You too. And Maħmood Bhāī! You please undress your wife, my dearest Kulsoom Ibrāhīm Bhābhījān; to join Durgesh and me.”

Sidrah Aħmad laughed.

“Kulsoom Ibrāhīm is really lucky.”

“I don’t think so.”Kulsoom Ibrāhīm Bhābhījān said tartly.

“Even then, you are.” Sidrah Aħmad said, “you’ve a grand figure, 38-26-40 for Hindus.”

“Not for Hindus.” Kulsoom Ibrāhīm Bhābhījān said tartly again, “Only for Durgesh and my husband, Maħmood.”

“A TWO-MEN-WOMAN?” Sidrah Aħmad laughed ironically.

“Basically, I’m a ONE MAN WOMAN. But, my Musalmān husband, Maħmood, is not enough for me.”

“So you decided to enjoy Durgesh’s greatest, unique, Hindu Penis too?”

“It’s our personal matter.” Kulsoom Ibrāhīm Bhābhījān said sharply again.

“You don’t know, Maħmood!” Sidrah Aħmad smiled, “Your beautiful wife fucked Durgesh as soon as you left for Singapore.”

“Thanks for telling me.” Maħmood smiled, “Yet, it isn’t any news for me, Sidrah Bājī!”

“I’ve told him since.” Kulsoom Ibrāhīm Bhābhījān laughed.

“It may be news to your business acquaintances, however.”

“Sidrah Bājī!” Maħmood laughed, “You can’t blackmail me.”

“I haven’t even started it yet, Maħmood!”

“Then go ahead. Start it now.” Kulsoom Ibrāhīm thundered at her, “Try your best, Hindu Cock Hungry Musalmān Bitch! I’d never surrender to your Deepak Khandelwal. I’m not a prostitute.”

“Then what do you think you are?”

“I’m a normal woman.”

“No. You are not. You deceived your Muslim husband. You fucked his Hindu friend as soon as your Muslim husband left for Singapore.”

“If even so, it’s our personal matter.”

“Don’t press me hard, Kulsoom Ibrāhīm! I know everything about you and your family in Mecca.”

“What do you mean?”

“You are 52 sisters. Are you not?”

Surprised Kulsoom Ibrāhīm Bhābhījān looked at Sidrah Aħmad,


“Your sixteen elder sisters ran away with Hindus. You are the seventeenth.”

“Why did you investigate in such a detail about me and my family?”Kulsoom Ibrāhīm Bhābhījān were somewhat angry now.

Kħadeejah Muħammad laughed.

“She did not, Bhābhījān!”

“Yes! She did, Kħadeejah Bājī!” Maħmood interfered, “She did investigate in such a detail about me and my family.”

“She did not. Deepak Khandelwal did.” Kħadeejah Muħammad exploded the bomb.

Sidrah smiled,

“Yes, Deepak Khandelwal did. Nevertheless, he did it for me.

My name is Sidrah Aħmad and I have to tell you how I got my new job.

I was online looking for a job when one caught my eye.

It was looking for young actress with no experience required.

I thought that sounded good so I went to the online application and filled it out.

It asked a lot of questions that I might of thought were inappropriate at any other time but I was ecstatic with joy at the thought of being an actress.

It asked things like my physical stats as I filled out blonde hair, black eyes, 110lbs, 5′4″, 27 years old, 38-32-38 shape of body and last it asked about any piercing on my body.

I answered 2 on each ear.

Then it asked things like are you on birth control and are you a virgin to which I answered yes and no.

The only other question I remember was how many men have you had sex with? I answered 3 and 1 girl.

I submitted the form and started dreaming of my career in acting.

About a week later, I got an e-mail from them saying I was one of the applicants who qualified.

It asked to go for the interview next Friday.

On Friday I wanted to look my best so I took a shower, shaved my legs and pussy something I have been doing since my first sexual relationship when I was 15.

I put on my favorite white miniskirt and a white tube top to match as well as makeup. To bring out my eyes I wear blue eyeliner and to bring out my lips I wear lip-gloss.

I drove down to the address given and went inside.

It was a nice looking lobby with some pictures of the owner and other management on one wall.

I went to the counter and told the Musalmān woman who I was and she immediately said to go into the next room for a few simple tests to see your acting skills.

When I entered a tall skinny guy with dark hair asked me to sign a few things before we start.

One stated that they had the right to video tape any or all of the events that take place.

Another that all the information on the application was true and correct.

When I signed all those he did a very unexpected thing by dropping his pants and asking me to suck his Hindu dick off.

I didn’t think this was a test but I thought it would help if I sucked his Hindu cock so I got on my knees and put his Hindu dick in my Sunni Musalmān mouth and started sucking.

At first it was just something to get a job but as his Hindu dick hardened and grew in my Musalmān mouth, I started to get a bit wet.

I was now sucking his Hindu dick as hard as I could and had been for a few minutes but he still hadn’t cum.

I couldn’t believe how much stamina he had, I used to think I wanted to have a Hindu boyfriend like this but now I am not too sure.

Finally he started to really get into it and he started to fuck my Musalmān mouth as his Hindu dick pulsed and shot stream after stream of hot Hindu sperm into my Musalmān mouth.

I swallowed all of his Hindu cum and then stood up.

He said good job as he put his Hindu dick away.

I was somewhat disappointed because my Musalmān pussy was aching to be fucked by some Hindu Cock.

He told me to go into the next room and wait for the next test.

The next room I entered was very large and had a door at the other end and a large bed in the middle.

I was greeted by a huge Hindu with a very deep voice.

His name was Ram Singh.

All he was wearing was a bathrobe and it was very apparent to me that this isn’t what I was expecting when I filled out the application.

On the other hand, I was horny and this Ram Singh guy is very handsome so I figured I would fuck him.

Without request I opened his robe and started to suck his Hindu dick.

It was much larger than the first Hindu, named Amar Singh, so I couldn’t get the whole thing in my mouth.

After a little while of sucking his Hindu cock I started to rub my Musalmān clit through my silk thong.

Now my Sunni Musalmān pussy was really burning to be fucked by some Hindu.

So I slipped my panties off and started to finger fuck my throbbing Sunni Musalmān pussy. He saw this, stood me up, and walked

me to the bed.

He pulled my top and my skirt off then proceeded to lick and finger my little Sunni Musalmān pussy.

He really knew what he was doing and in no time I was quivering and moaning as a long awaited orgasm flowed through my entire body.

I nearly passed out.

It felt so good.

When I recovered, he was just sticking his huge Hindu dick in my shaved little Sunni Musalmān pussy.

Ram Singh first teased by rubbing up and down but then in one giant push he was completely inside Sidrah Aħmad, that’s me.

He stayed in my Sunni Musalmān pussy like that for a few seconds before pulling almost completely out and shoving it all the way back in.

After doing that 3 more times Ram Singh started to fuck my Sunni Musalmān pussy at full speed.

I couldn’t believe how fucking good it felt and I caught myself screaming,

“Fuck me, Ram Singh! Yā Allah! Fuck my Sunni Musalmān pussy.”

Now he was holding my ankles up as his hndick deeply hammered my Sunni Musalmān pussy.

I was moaning loudly as another orgasm rushed though my Sunni Musalmān body.

I was quivering and my Sunni Musalmān pussy squeezed Ram Singh’s Hindu dick hard enough to make him shoot his Hindu load deep inside my Sunni Musalmān pussy.

Again I started blacking out and when I woke up their was more than 30 Hindu men in the room all stareing at me lying spread eagle on the bed, my Sunni Musalmān pussy red and leaking Hindu cum from the last Hindu guy who fucked me.

Then one walked up and laid down on the bed next to him and instructed me to ride him.

I was so horny that I was on him instantly riding him as hard as I could.

He reached back and started to finger my Sunni Musalmān ass; I had never had sex in the ass but his finger felt really good and before long he put another finger up my virgin Sunni Musalmān ass.

I was about to cum when I felt another Full Uncut Hindu dick taking the place of the other guy’s fingers and pounding my Sunni Musalmān ass.

Then another dampening my moans as it slid in my mouth.

I felt like such a Sunni Musalmān slut fucking 3 Hindu guys at once while others looked on.

The 2 new Hindu dicks pushed me over the edge as I came trying unsuccessfully to scream because it felt soooo good.

It didn’t take long for the Hindu guys to cum shooting a Hindu load in my Sunni Musalmān ass, my Sunni Musalmān mouth, and my Sunni Musalmān pussy adding to the Hindu cum already in there.

As they pulled out their spent Hindu dicks a few more Hindu guys took their place.

This time I rode one in my Sunni Musalmān ass while I sucked another.

My legs spread open exposing the greasy Hindu cum covered mess that is my Sunni Musalmān pussy.

The smell of sex was everywhere and just then the Hindu dick in my Sunni Musalmān ass started pulsing sending me though another orgasm as he shot his Hindu balls supply of Hindu cum into my Sunni Musalmān ass.

I pulled off my Sunni Musalmān ass gaping open and a bit of Hindu cum dripped out when the Hindu guy in my Sunni Musalmān mouth saw this he came so hard and fast it slipped out shooting hot jizz all over my Sunni Musalmān face.

I then laid down on my back as 5 Hindu guys circled me2 shoving their huge Hindu dicks in my smmpussy while 2 jacked off and the last shoved his Hindu dick in my Sunni Musalmān mouth.

Then I felt something being stuck in my Sunni Musalmān ass.

At first I thought a normal Hindu dick but it was hot for one and way bigger that a norml Hindu dick.

Later I found out it was he grand Hindu Penis of Durgesh.


I was completely stuffed.

The pleasure was unbelievable as I was fucked hard in my every Sunni Musalmān hole.

Soon the Hindu dicks in my Sunni Musalmān pussy started to pulse then the first Hindu guy, Ram Singh; shot his Hindu cum all over inside filling my Sunni Musalmān Pussy with a little pool while the guy in my mouth shot directly into my Sunni Musalmān mouth.

I swallowed the enire Hindu gift what got into my Sunni Musalmān mouth.

But somewhat was on my chin and cheeks.

Then the other Hindu, RamSingh; who was fucking my Sunni Musalmān pussy again came all over my Sunni Musalmān breasts.

I felt so used all covered with Hindu cum, more dipping from my Sunni Musalmān pussy and a large kingsize Uncut Hindu Penis in my Sunni Musalmān ass.

Then the great Uncut Hindu Penis was removed and I saw Durgesh stick it in my dripping Sunni Musalmān pussy.

Then Ram Singh stuck his own Hindu cock in my Sunni Musalmān ass and as he fucked me his pelvis pushed Durgesh’s largest Uncut Hindu Penis in.

Just then both the Hindus who where jacking off came all over my face and breasts.

And 2 more replaced them.

While one Hindu came up to fuck my mouth, With my pussy being stuffed to the limit by the greatest Hindu Penis of Durgesh and Ram Singh’s Hindu dick in my Sunni Musalmān ass and Amar Singh’s Hindu Cock into my Sunni Musalmān mouth I came again.

I felt just like a little Musalmān whore fucking a huge group of Hindu guys I don’t even know.

After everyone in the entire room had cum at least twice they all left leaving me completely covered in hot Hindu cum with at least 30 orgasms dripping out of my Sunni Musalmān ass and Sunni Musalmān pussy. Then another group came in with a briefcase. They pulled out a clear rubber tube and stuck one end in my Sunni Musalmān ass and the other in my Sunni Musalmān mouth And told me to suck. Reluctantly I did and Hindu cum filled the tube and poured into my Sunni Musalmān mouth.

It was really warm and thick but I liked the taste and swallowed every bit.

As I sucked the Hindu cum out of my well fucked Sunni Musalmān ass they were scooping Hindu cum out of my messy Sunni Musalmān pussy with a spoon and putting it in a cup.

Also they were collecting as much Hindu cum as they could off my stomach and breasts.

When the tube turned a brownish shade I stopped sucking and then drank the cup.

I could barley believe how much Hindu cum there was.

When they left me, my hair was sticky face crusty with Hindu cum I felt a slight breeze in my Sunni Musalmān pussy and Sunni Musalmān ass because they were gaping open from all the Hindu fucking.

I looked at my watch and it said 3:00 am, I had been fucking by so many Hindus for 10 hours strait.

I was 16 when my father was 44.

My Ammī had left him for one his Hindu friends, Narottam Bachhalyā.

Abbū married again under the pressure of our family members.

My new Ammī, Noorjahān; was 28 years old and a great striking Musalmān beauty.

She was a divorcee.

Her husband had left her for another Musalmān Beauty.

I could not take her as my Ammī for two reasons:

Firstly, my own Ammī had run away with Narottam Bachhalyā just two years ago.

Her memory was still vivid in my mind.

The second reason was that my new Ammī, Noorjahān; was too young and beautiful.

Attributes that I could hardly attach to a real Ammī.

She was an alien to me and I maintained my distance from her though she tried her best to be good towards me. Somehow, I always felt a little uncomfortable in her presence and though I did not have any ill feelings towards her, I considered her an intruder and a theif for my father’s property in which I did not have any share.

I was in boarding school at that time and came home only during holidays.

My Ammī did her best to make me comfortable and washed my clothes and cooked for me but never fed me with her own hand as my real Ammī did.

Not that I wanted to be fed by this woman.

She asked me about my school, studies, and friends and engaged me in polite conversations that I mostly answered in monosyllables.

During these holidays, I was more interested in meeting my Hindu friends from the locality and playing with them all over the mohalla, flying kites, playing cricket and secretly watching young Musalmān women bathing in the swimming pools with their Hindu male friends.

It was during one such holiday, when I was already 17 and my father had been married with Noorjahān for more than a year that something happened that changed the course of my adolescent life.

I had woken up early that day, around 7 am and casually pulled the curtain of the window beside my bed that overlooked the courtyard.

I was struck by a sight that drove heat through my young blood.

My Ammī was hanging clothes on the clothesline in the courtyard.

She had just emerged from her bath and her long hair was still wet.

She was wearing a thin yellow cotton sari that was wrapped around her wet young and beautiful Musalmān body in a very casual manner and she wore it much below her waist line, exposing her midriff and thickset waist.

She wore no blouse beneath.

The pallu of her sari was tucked at her waist and every time she bent to pick up the clothes from the bucket, her pallu hung loose and I could glimpse her naked Musalmān breasts as they hung from the side.

The trouble was, it was not only me who was watching her in that ondition, Durgesh was also.”

“What?” I suddenly became alert.

“You know Durgesh since you were in your sweet sixteen?” Kulsoom Ibrāhīm smiled meaningfully.

Sidrah Aħmad laughed,

Durgesh was fucking me then. My father was told a lie by me that I had married Durgesh secretly.”

“Allah allah Kħairsallah!” Maħmood ké munh sé béakħtiyār nikal gayā.

He believed Sidrah Aħmad immediately.

Right from the very beginning, he had seen Musalmān Beauties hopelessly and incredibly mad to sleep with Durgesh.

Even their age was no obstacle.

His own grand mothers, Ammīs, aunties, etc. had made Durgesh to fuck them on this or that pretext.

Durgesh called him ‘Son! Sonny! Béta!’

Maħmood could not stop me because he knew I fuck his real Ammī even.

Sidrah Aħmad went on to tell:

Her stepmother’s boobs were big, fare, and lovely, like a pair of melons.

It was a delightful site.

I could even see her nipples.

My Hindu Penis hardened more in Sidrah’s Sunni Muslimah Cunt.

Her stepmother Noorjahān was too beautiful to resist.

When she raised her hands to hang the clothes, I could see her armpits and noticed that she had tufts of hair in her armpits.

She looked so lovely like that, engaged in her work and humming a Hindi film song,

“Allah karé dil na lage kisī sé!”

I could not believe my eyes.

She was unaware that I was spying her from Sidrah’s window from behind the curtain.

This was the first time that I saw Sidrah Aħmad’s Ammī from a sexy angle and Sidrah Aħmad’s whole holiday changed its focus from that day.

I looked at her Ammī in a new light.

Sidrah Aħmad noticed noticed it and winked at me lewdly,

“Chod lo pakađkar.” Sidrah Aħmad suggested, “The bloody gold digger bitch.”

“You really mean it?” I looked into Sidrah Aħmad’s very eyes.

“Yes.” Sidrah Aħmad confirmed gritting her beautiful teeth, “Yesssss! Go ahead. Let my Abbū see her in her true character.”

Every morning I waited for Sidrah Aħmad’s Ammī to come to the courtyard and invariably she wore a wet cotton sari without any blouse and hung clothes from the clothesline, humming a tune.

I sat by the window, hiding myself, took off my shirt and pants, and sat naked, fucking Sidrah Aħmad, watching her Ammī and her breasts.

I pushed my Hindu Dick deepest into Sidrah Aħmad’s Sunni Muslimah Cunt and stroked it till I could contain myself no more.

I realized Sidrah Aħmad’s Ammī, Noorjahān; had put on weight in the last one year and her Musalmān ass had become fuller.

There were layers in her waist line. She wore a thin golden chain around her waist that accentuated her folds and payels around her ankles that made tinkling sound as she walked.

She had become a buxom Musalmān woman, a full-bodied fair and lovely, fleshy Musalmān sexpot that I began to desire during my waking hours.

Noorjahān drove me crazy.

I was struck by everything in her body: her ample Musalmān ass which swayed as she walked, her healthy arms and her thickset waist, encircled by the girdle. She was uninhibited inside the confines of their house and often scratched her armpits and ass, oblivious of the fact that Sidrah Aħmad and I wer spying her.

I just longed to see her naked but I knew that was impossible.

There were times when her sari got stuck in the crevice of her Musalmān ass as she bent down to pick up the clothes and rose again, but she did not bother to pull it out.

I found myself working up excuses to be near her.

When she cooked in the kitchen, crouched on the floor, she pulled her sari above her knees and I would enter the kitchen in some pretext and stared at her thickset waist and legs.

When she bent down to give me food during lunch hours when Sidrah Aħmad’s father, Maulānā Aħmad Ħussain was not at home. They had an old-fashioned house where we sat on the floor and ate.

i would steal a glance at her cleavage.

She seemed to be quite cool and never bothered to cover her Muslim breasts when her pallu slipped aside because she thought that I was her son in law.

She would crouch on the floor and as she bent forward to serve me a helping, her Muslim breasts pressed against her thighs and since she generally wore low cut blouses, her Muslim breasts popped out of her blouse considerably.

When she turned the other side, I looked at her lovely Muslim buttocks and when she got up to fetch something, her sari was stuck inside the crevice of her fat Musalmān ass.

I realized that I was not the only one to notice the sex appeal of Sidrah Aħmad’s Ammī.

She was a topic of heated discussions amongst our friends in the locality who lusted after her.

All of us were young and hungry for sex.

many of our friends engaged in homosexuality out of necessity, including Jameel when Sidrah Aħmad was in the hostel.

Jameel was my age.

He was the brashest of them all and we frequently got into fights over kite flying and other small matters.

On those occasions, he used to be very nasty with me, called me names, and teased me about Sidrah Aħmad’s Ammī.

I used to get very angry with him, especially when he mocked me about Sidrah Aħmad Ammī, her lithe Musalmān body and wondered if I slept with Sidrah Aħmad’s Ammī.

Sidrah Aħmad called him Bhāījān.

He was her real cousin.

Her real maternal uncle was his father.

Yet, she could not take the insults anymore and we got into a major fight one day.

I was too much for him.

He was bruised badly and lost the fight.

I was also bruised somewhat.

I came back home with my bruises.

Sidrah’s Ammī was aghast on seeing me like that and asked me what happened?

I told her everything eventually.

She got very concerned, immediately held my hand and took me inside the bathroom adjoining the courtyard.

I anticipated the reaction.

It was the sole reason I told Noorjahān everything.

I was still smart from the fight with Jameel and was angry.

Sidrah’s Ammī asked me to take off my t-shirt that was torn and dirty.

I took off my t-shirt and stood there in my shorts in front of her.

She examined the bruises all over my body.

I stood there acting a fool while she tucked her sari at her waist, switched on the geezer, took a piece of cloth, dabbed it in hot water, poured dettol into it, and began to apply over my bruises.

Sidrah’s extremely beautiful Ammī, Noorjahān; crouched on the floor as she applied the cloth over my injuries on my leg and suddenly all my pain and anger vanished.

I was standing, looking down at her Ammī, and was treated with a glorious view of her cleavage.

Her pallu had moved aside.

I stared down at her Muslim breasts and could see the red brassiere that she was wearing beneath her blouse.

I felt my Hindu Cock rising.

I started shivering in excitement.

She looked up at me, smiled and told me that everything will be alright.

Then she got up and started cleaning the bruises on my Hindu chest.

She stood so close to me that I could smell her sweet Musalmān aroma.

I don’t know what and how it happened, but I could not control myself.

I suddenly grabbed Sidrah’s extremely beautiful Ammī, Noorjahān’s Muslim breasts.

She was thunderstruck.

She stopped her treatment at once.

But I clutched her Muslim breasts with both hands.

Before I could understand, she slapped me hard across my face with all her force and i fell down.

“Bastard,” she exclaimed and stomped out of the bathroom.

I knew It was not a blunder and was not horrified the slightest, therefore.

It was her first natural reaction.

Of course, I wasn’t quitting on it.

I had done the unpardonable after all. However, I smiled.

There was no shame, I felt, at my action.

I came out of the bathroom, went to my bedroom with Sidrah Aħmad, and closed the door.

I didn’t know how to show my face to Sidrah’s Ammī again and what’s going to happen next.

Yet, I was confident that I‘d fuck her eventually.

She would definitely tell Sidrah’s father.

Yet, I did not shudder at the outcome.

I told Sidrah everything, and fucked Sidrah Aħmad for how long I don’t know until we both fell asleep.

I don’t know how long i slept when a knocking at the door woke me up.

I got up and slowly opened the door. It was Sidrah’s Ammī Ammī.

She got inside the room, closed the door behind her and looked at me.

I did not look down on the floor, ashamed.

Instead, I looked directly into her extremely beautiful Musalmān eyes, entirely unashamed of what I’ve done.

I was still bare bodied and was wearing the shorts.

Sidrah Aħmad mrched out immediately, leaving us both bhind her.

Noorjahān held my hand, took me to the bed and made me sit.

She sat beside me.

I kept looking into her eyes.

She began to cry, suddenly held me in her arms and rested my head on her Muslim breasts.

I gave myself up and rested my head, like a little child, on her Muslim breasts.

She stopped crying and ran her hand over my hair, soothing and comforting me. “It’s all right Durgesh, I understand. I don’t mind. It happens sometimes.” she said.

I looked up at her.

She smiled at me, and rubbed the tears off her eyes with her Pallu.

“I am sorry, Durgesh!” Sidrah’s Ammī, Noorjahān; said, “You are the son in law of this house. I should have controlled myself.I will never do it again.”

She smiled at me and said again, “it’s alright. You are young but you must understand that I am your Sāsoo Ammī.”

She assured me that she will not tell Sidrah’s father.

There was an uncomfortable silence between us.

I looked at her without a word, as she kept looking at me and smiled.

Suddenly she said,

“Do you want to see?”

I was surprised,

“what, Ammī?”

She reiterated, “do you want to see me?”

I acted that I could not understand her.

She smiled at me,

“O.k. i slapped you hard and i am sorry again. So I will show it to you but you promise me, you will never tell it to anybody.”

I still acted that I could not understand what she was trying to say or what she wanted to show.

“You stupid Hindu boy, never satisfied with your own extremely beautiful Sunni Muslimah Wife, Sidrah Aħmad.” she smiled at me and to my amazement; she moved aside her Pallu and exposed her heaving Muslim breasts.

I stared at them.

then i looked at her.

She was smiling at me.

“you want to see them?”

I didn’t know what it was getting at.

i nodded my head as if sheepishly. She began to take off the buttons of her blouse one by one as i looked on in amazement as she bare her big Muslim breasts.

I was thunderstruck.

She wasn’t wearing any brassiere inside and her nipples jutted out like corks. She looked at me and smiled.

“you like them?” She asked and i said,

“ yes.”

She peeled off her blouse completely, raised her hands, and tied her hair into a bun.

She had not shaved.

I looked at her naked Muslim breasts the size of melons and started breathing heavily.

“You want to touch them?”

I couldn’t reply, as if, in shock.

She then gently took my hands and laid them on her naked Muslim breasts.

They felt so warm and reassuring; i didn’t want to leave them; the blood coursed through my veins as i relished the soft touch.

The big erect Musalmān nipples pressed against my Hindu palms and i could smell her sweat.

She raised her hands, pressed her palms on my hands, and smiled at me. “That’s enough,” she said, held my hands and removed them from her Muslim breasts.

I sat looking at her, breathing heavily, my Hindu Cock tight under my pants.

Now she pulled up her Pallu and covered her naked Muslim breasts.

She picked up her blouse from the bed and got up.

She turned away from me and i looked at her broad gorgeous Musalmān back and the girdle around her thick waist. She once again removed her Anchal and began to put on the blouse.

“Ammī,” I suddenly found myself calling her.

“Yes son.”

“Please, don’t put on the blouse.”

She turned towards me and smiled at me.

I gathered courage and told her,

“Just be in the sari, don’t put on the blouse please.”

“you like me like that?”

I nodded my head.

She replied,

“Just like your father i law. He also likes to see me without the blouse.”

And she covered her naked Muslim breasts with her Anchal and tucked the end at her waist.

Then she walked up to me and kissed me on the mouth.

“But how long can I stay like this? Without the blouse?”

I answered,

“Why not Ammī? Nobody is at house. Sidrah does not mind. I want to see you like this.”

She suddenly changed her tone,

“No my son, you shouldn’t indulge in fantasies anymore about me. Now go and take your bath.”

Then she picked up her blouse once again and walked out of the room, swinging her fat Musalmān ass as her ankles made tinkling sound.

As soon as she was out of the room, Sidrah Aħmad entered.

She got me out of my pants.

I stood naked in the middle of the room.

Sidrah Aħmad took my Hindu Penis into her extremely beautiful Sunni Muslimah mouth ang began sucking it vigorously.

I was thinking about the whole incident and wondering if it all was a dream.

Then I fucked Sidrah Aħmad again till our heart’s content.

Noorjahān allowed me again to feel her beautiful Muslim breasts.

Although Noorjahān was stepmother for Sidrah Aħmad, we were very close yet.

Now let me describe Sidrah’s Ammī , Noorjahān.

She is very fair with beautiful lips and eyes.

Her Muslim Choochīs are quite big shapely and inviting.

Then one day something happened.

As it was summers in north India, the heat grew worse and Sidrah’s father came home with an A.C.

it was fixed in her mom-dad’s room. Her father returned to his job after few days. At night, it was quite hot.

Sidrah had gone to her friend wshing me best of luck with her stepmother.

and Sidrah’s Ammī came to me and said.

She was dressed in a flowering light pink gown today.

I could make out form its shape that she probably had just panties on.
Durgesh! It is so hot here. Sidrah is also not with you today. I think You can come and sleep in my room as your father in law is not here”

I couldn’t wait for a better opportunity.

I smiledintrovertly and said,

“Sure Ammī!”

I had not forgotten that she had slapped me, after all.

Now, I wanted to fuck her mre intensely.

I went to her room.

It had a pink bulb on and it made the room look so sexy.

The bed was a king size and there was satin bed sheet on it.

The room looked so tidy.

Sidrah’s Ammī had even played light Indian classical instrumental music to add to its sexiness.

The room was so tidy and clean, and it looked like the newly weds room oozing with sexiness and waiting for a fuck.

Sidrah’s Ammī came to the room and bolted it from inside.

She had flowers on her hair which smelt of jasmine.

The whole atmosphere was electrifying.

How could I control, myself?

I went up to her and took her in my arms and planted a kiss on her lips.

She drew me back and said.

“Are…Durgesh …I m your Sāsoo Ammī. What are you doing to me? I am married to your father in law.”

“Oh. Ammī! I can’t hold it anymore. I just love you Ammī.”

“I’m sorry.” She instead pushed me back and said, “How you could even think about it? I felt sorry for all this.”

Still I told her,

“I can’t live without you. Sidrah is not enough for me.”

Then after some silence, she said.

“Ok Durgesh! Now tell me. do you want to marry me? You can’t do all those things with me without getting married. Tell me is that what my son in law wants. Marry his own Sāsoo Ammī? ”

I got a chill up to my spine as I heard those words.

I went up to her.

Took her hand in mine and kissed her lightly on her forehead.

And said,

“O Ammī! My Sunni Musalmān goddess, I love you very much. Yet, I am a Hindu. Legally, I can’t marry with more than one woman. I’ve already married your daughter Sidrah Aħmad. If you still insist to marry me for it, I have to divorce your own daughter Sidrah for it. I need you so much.”

I slept next to her and could see her beautiful Musalmān breasts heaving with breath.

I could not hold myself and placed my hands on her Muslim Choochies.

Ah! She had no bra and I felt right up to her nipples.

This time there was no objection.

I pressed them nicely and a soft moan escaped Sidrah’s Ammī’s lips.

After a little cusping and kneading, she said.

“O my son in law, my lover! Wait and let me think.”

I smiled and squeezed her boobs.

“Okay. I’ll divorce your daughter.”

“No. No. Please, don’t do it ever.”

“Then let me fuck you, idiot! Otherwise, I’ll divorce your daughter, all the same, anyway.”

I got close to her and took her in my arms before planting a full French kiss on her beautiful Sunni Musalmān lips,

“Ammī! My wife! From now on we are Hindu husband and Musalmān wife too, as well as Hindu son in law and Musalmān mother in law.”

“Okay my son! My husband! Show me how much you love me, your Musalmān mother in law, as well as your new Musalmān wife from now on.”

We two were alone at home.

Sidrah’s Ammī looked so pretty, dressed in all jewelry and her wedding sari. Her blouse was giving exactly the kind of show I craved for.

Sex was in the air, I knew.

“Sālī!” I squeezed her Musalmān buttocks, “You’ve called me your husband now. Now, I can fuck you anywhere anytime. Remember now what you’ve said just now.”

She turned to me and said,

“From now on I am your wife so call me Noorjahān, Durgesh! Ok.”

“Yes my darling Noorjahān.” I began kissing her while my hands on Sidrah’s Ammī’s beautiful mounds feeling them over her blouse.

Sidrah’s Ammī, Noorjahān; kissed me back with pure Musalmān lust she had been keeping in the garb of love and affection.

We started necking while my hands had pulled out her blouse and were opening the hook of her designer bra.

Her two beautiful Musalmān breasts fell out as I looked at Sidrah’s Ammī looking so sexy and beautiful.

I felt like Kamadev having sex with Rati.

She had nice shapely white Sunni Musalmān breasts and she had pinkish brown areolas bigger than the rupee coin. Her nipples were standing erect like two beans.

Her nipple was somewhat unusually long,

And seemed like two Musalmān clitorises on fire.

They were shining pink.

I took a good look at them, then took one of her erect nipple in my palm, and gave it a sweet kiss with my lips.

Sidrah’s Ammī moaned with pleasure.

“Allah! Yā Allah! My own son in law is going to make love to me. Yā Allah! Méré Maula!”

While rubbing my hand on one of her Muslim Choochies I squeezed the other one, nibbles at the teats.

Her hands were at the back of my head stroking my hair.

My hand moved on to her bellybutton and my fingers danced on her naked skin. My mouth drew down and I kissed and licked Sidrah’s Ammī’s flat hairless bellybutton.

She was still dressed in her bridal jewelry and a golden chain fell over her tummy.

Then she lifted her saree without removing it up to her thighs.

I kissed Sidrah’s Ammī’s milky Musalmān thighs and licked them to my delight.

Noorjahān Ammī was now kneading her breasts and moaning heaving.

The whole room was filled of sex sounds as I lowered my face to kiss Sidrah’s Ammī ’s hungry Musalmān cunt over her designer panties.

She just squirmed in pleasure.

The beautiful red lacy panties had a floral pattern on it much like the panties in that French movie I saw or like those sexy panties of Dr chaman’s wife those sexy purple, hot red, naughty flowery black and torn brownish.

mmmm what a delight panties are. As I sniffed Sidrah’s Ammī’s hidden heavenly floral glory, I saw her looking at me with pure Musalmān lust and she bit her lip.

Her panty had a wet spot on them and there were big hair peaking from the sides of that sexy panty.

I smelled that crotch and my senses went limp for a second when I sniffed the maddening aroma of Sidrah’s Ammī ’s Sunni Musalmān cunt juices smeared with sweat, perfume and the horny smell of urine.

Sidrah’s Ammī quickly removed her panty and I was looking at the most treasured thing of the world- the Sunni Musalmān pussy of Sidrah’s Ammī in all her glory.

I gaped at it and almost tore Sidrah’s Ammī ’s bridal sari in at attempt to get her naked.

Now, here was her Ammī ready to get fucked by her Hindu son in law, lying all naked.

I looked at Sidrah’sAmmī who was all nude but for her jewelry looking so kinky and wonderful.

She then bites her lip and said,

“Complete the age old ritual of mating my Hindu son in law. Time has come for you to enter a new relationship with your Sāsoo Ammī. Come my husband! take your ravishing Musalmān bride and start a family with me so that I may mate with you.come my handsome Hindu son in law, show your Sāsoo Ammī how much you love her.Now your love for me will be measured by the strength you fuck me.”

“Believe me, Ammī! I love you so much.”

“Come my son in law husband! Prove it practically. Your oral declaration is not sufficient now. Call me by my name now.”
As I inched closer to her, I could smell her sweaty Musalmān body mixed with perfume and sweat.

She had little hair on legs and at the back of her arms that added her sex appeal.

I looked at her and she took my hands to her shapely Muslim Choochies where nipples had grown harder than nuts and pinched one of her nipples.

While my other hand touched the forbidden fruit of Sidrah’s Ammī and she gasped in my arms.

“O my son, my new husband, my boyfriend, I love you so much. You can do anything as we are married now. Come baby come to your lonely Sāsoo Ammī. She needs all your love for ever.” and she bent forward and kissed my earlobe.

She was still dressed in her jewels but she quickly removed my shirt and below.

I was standing in just silk underwear with my Hindu cock making a pole in it.

Sidrah’s Ammī took it in her hand and rubbed it for some time.

“O Durgesh! Your Hindu Cock is so big. Just the right size for my deep Musalmān Cunt. Time has come to invade your Ammī with your Hindu prick. I want some punishment for marrying my own son in law. Punish me baby!”

“o yes Ammī! I mean my wife! Noorjahān. I love you so much. I wish all the Hindu sons in law do this to their Sāsoo Ammī s. Ammī! You have no idea of how hungry I have been for all this. I have waited for this for years. You are for me my Sunni Musalmān dream my Ammī my wife my Noor. My Noorjahān.”

“O yes son, take me, and take your Sāsoo Ammī. Now that I am your new Sunni Musalmān wife, I am going to bear you Hindu children. O my boy…gives it to Sāsoo Ammī now. You know how badly I want it. You are my sweetest boy, honey.”

While my hands reached over her bare Sunni Musalmān pussy and I touched it for the first time.

It was so bushy with thick blonde Sunni Musalmān pubic hair and the wetness of her Sunni Musalmān pussy had spread well beyond her hole.

I rubbed the top of it with my Hindu thumb and then I inserted my longest finger into my Sāsoo Ammī’s Sunni Musalmān pussy.

Ammī moaned a bit as I thrust it further.

I started finger-fucking her vigorously now.

While her hand was stroking my Hindu cock.

She then pushed me aside and walked naked across the room and went to her dressing table and got back some sindoor (vermillion) and said hungrily,

“O son! You have to put some sindoor here also.”

As she pointed out her Sunni Musalmān pussy in the tuft of brown wet pubes, I quickly got forward and put some sindoor there.

“My child, you can take Sāsoo Ammī anyway you like now. You are not only my Hindu pati now but you are also my Sunni Musalmān choot ka Hindu pati, my pussy husband.”

I couldn’t control anymore and kissed her Sunni Musalmān pussy for the first time. A lot of flab had gathered on my dream Sunni Musalmān hole.

It appeared my lovely Sāsoo Ammī didn’t quite get a fuck.

Her Sunni Musalmān pussy looked so fresh and pink that I had to look at her face while this wonderful Sunni Musalmān pussy really belongs to my Sāsoo Ammī.

I kissed my favorite Sunni Musalmān hole in the world for a long time while my Sāsoo Ammī moaned and squirmed in ecstasy.

In a moment, she went stiff and uttered obscenities and went limp in my arms.

I knew she was having an orgasm and I bit the Sunni Musalmān clit real hard thrusting 3 fingers inside my Sidrah’s Ammī ’s lovely Sunni Musalmān pussy.

She came like a flood.
Then I went back to her face and kissed it for what seemed an eternity with my Hindu lips smeared in her cup, our tongues swirled in each other while my hands tweaked her nipples making them sore and red and she moaned in pleasure.

“O my lovely son! Where did you learn all this? You are going to kill your Sidrah’s Ammī with your Hindu love-making skills. Yā Allah! This feels so good. Don’t stop Durgesh! I want you inside now my baby. Let Sunni Musalmān Sāsoo Ammī ride your Uncut Hindu Penis now that she is your wife.”

Then she came on top of me, took my whole Hindu cock in her Sunni Musalmān pussy and started jumping.

A chill up to my spine ran up as soon as I realized that it was Sidrah’s Ammī jumping on my Hindu cock.

Sidrah’s Ammī had taken the entire Hindu cock in her Sunni Musalmān pussy and her Sunni Musalmān breasts jiggled on my Hindu face.

I quickly latched on to one of her nipples and to my utter pleasure, it was leaking with milk now.

I brought my hands to her velvety Sunni Musalmān ass and slapped lightly it a few times.

Sidrah’s Ammī, Noorjahān; grunted and groaned like a newly married Sunni Musalmān girl while her fat Sunni Musalmān ass shuddered in my Hindu crotch.

Now she adjusted herself in a way that she was getting maximum Hindu penetration.

My Uncut Hindu Penis was hitting her Sunni Musalmān womb.

Eīshān Param Brahm Parmātmā !

was ita dream?

My erect Hindu cock wedged deep into the inner recesses of her Sunni Musalmān vagina.

It appeared that all I wanted to do was to fuse into her…making her mine, forever.

Now she was maddened with Sunni Musalmān lust and she started slapping her big Sunni Musalmān boobies on my Hindu face.

I could feel the nipples on my cheeks, nose and everywhere.

This was highly erotic so I quickly squeezed Sidrah’s Ammī’s Sunni Musalmān boobies while slapping her Sunni Musalmān ass lightly and she started shouting obscenities now.

“ Allah, Durgesh! ….hayé…Chodo mujhé. phudi,…aai haaaaii….chod mujhe…Chod dālo…. ….phāđ do meri Sunni Musalmān Choot…. hayé….aaaa….haaan…haaan….aaaiiii…aur zor se…apni Sidrah’s Ammī ke boobs choom lo ….choomo …mere raja!….hai….mere boobs ki tip …….mmm”

I greedily sucked on her nipples while she humped me from the top.

It was my first sexual experience with her. So, I didn’t last long and poured my Hindu semen into my Sāsoo Ammī’s hot Sunni Musalmān cunt. my Sāsoo Ammī shouted,

“Yā Allah! What have I done? O Durgesh! Sāsoo Ammī is not protected. Allah, my son in law just made his way onto my Sunni Musalmān womb. He has placed his Hindu seed in me.”

Ammī started crying and it took a while for her to come to terms with it.

Later after one month Ammī came to me and said that she was pregnant with my child.

We had to find some way out.

I consulted my lady doctor friends and we left the town for some other place. After the childbirth, Ammī and me returned.

Afterwards, my Sāsoo Ammī , Sidrah’s Ammī, Noorjahān, told her husband that it was his son, nd winked at me.

Sidrah laughed.

“Wht’s he to me? My brother? Or my son?”

I laughed and slapped lightly on Sidrahs heavy Sunni Musalmān buttocks.

I was on top of her Ammī this time.

I fucked her this time, ultimately.

After some time I rolled down from her body and we held each other gently and went off to sleep, my head resting on her naked Muslim breasts.

It was such a nice experience and I felt grateful to Sidrah’s fair and lovely Ammī for giving me the chance to fuck her.

I don’t know how long we slept like that, in each other’s arms, but I slowly woke up with a pleasurable sensation around my groin.

I opened my eyes to see that Sidrah’s extremely beautiful Ammī, Noorjahān; was running her extremely beautiful Musalmān fingers around my Full Uncut Hindu Penis and scrotum.

I looked at her and she smiled at me. “You were lovely, my son!”

“Thank you Ammī.”

She kept balling me with her soft Musalmān hands and my Hindu Dick was upright.

She gently rolled down the foreskin of my Full Uncut Hindu Penis and then stroked my scrotum.

We were still lying on bed and looked at each other.

She held my Hindu Dick within the hollow of her palm and rolled down the foreskin up and down, as if masturbating me.

Oh, what a pleasurable sensation.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling.

I could smell her sweaty extremely beautiful Musalmān body.

Both of us were drenched in perspiration and Sidrah’s Ammī’s Musalmān body glistened in sweat.

She now rose up, still holding my Hindu Dick and sat beside me.

I looked at her huge glistening body. She ran her palm over my Hindu erection; she held my Hindu Dick in her hand and looked at it.

She gently rolled down the foreskin again and exposed the tip.

I was throbbing.

She now bent her huge body and brought her lovely face to my Full Uncut Hindu Penis.

What was she going to do?

She suddenly took out her tongue and flicked the tip; the blood coursed through my Full Uncut Hindu Penis.

She slowly took it inside her extremely beautiful Musalmān mouth and began to suck my Full Uncut Hindu Penis.

Oh my Eīshān Param Brahm Parmātmā, I just didn’t believe it.

I could not hold myself any longer.

I knew I was going to come fast.

I was so excited.

She took it out, held it up, and stroked my Hindu scrotum with her Musalmān tongue. Then she put my Hindu Dick back into her mouth and made slurping noise and she began to suck again, this time energetically. She kept on sucking my Full Uncut Hindu Penis as I groaned in pleasure and looked down at her naked Musalmān body and hanging Muslim breasts.

My Hindu Dick still inside her extremely beautiful Musalmān mouth, she swung her big naked Musalmān body between my Hindu legs as I spread them wide apart to accommodate her.

She moved her Musalmān mouth up and down my Hindu Cock, making slurping noise as I held her head.

Then at length, she took it out and started kissing my Hindu scrotum and the area below it.

I could hold myself no longer and I spurted out a jet of semen into her extremely beautiful Musalmān mouth.

She immediately held my Hindu Dick and took it back entirely inside her mouth.

I again spurted, this time entirely inside her extremely beautiful Musalmān mouth and she began to swallow the Hindu cum as I moaned and sighed.

My Hindu Semen streamed out of the corners of her extremely beautiful Musalmān lips as I poured out my Hindu cum, load after load.

I was fucking Sidrah Aħmad’s beautiful Ammī in the mouth, oh my Eīshān Param Brahm Parmātmā!

I was soon exhausted; there was no more cum left for her to suck.

She took out my Hindu Dick from her mouth and wiped the semen off her face with her finger and put it inside her mouth, licking the Hindu cum that had fallen on her face and out of her mouth.

She then held my flaccid Hindu Dick and licked the last drop.

She then got up and smiled at me. “Did you like it?”

“Yes, Ammī.”

“We will do it again later. Don’t tell this to anybody, okay?”

“Yes, Ammī.” She gathered up her soiled sari and draped it casually over her naked Musalmān body.

Then she kissed me on the mouth, squeezed my Hindu Dick, and walked out of the room, swinging her huge extremely beautiful Musalmān ass while I sat naked on the bed, wondering if it all was a dream.

The ice between us was broken and I knew that now I could take liberties with Sidrah’s Ammī without feeling scared or shy. I lay on my bed, thinking what’s going to happen now.

I was in seventh heaven, closed my eyes, and soon fell asleep with sweet images of Sidrah’s Ammī’s naked Musalmān body and big Muslim breasts and thunder thighs and hairy armpits.

I took bath again and got into a fresh pyjama and shirt.

She called me to the kitchen for lunch.

I stepped into the kitchen and sat down.

She had also taken her bath and put on a new sari, which she wore in a different manner, in the seedha pallu style of Gujarati Musalmān women, which looked sexy; and she wore no blouse underneath.

She had put bangles on her hands and yes, even sindoor on the parting of her Musalmān head; she glistened like a new Musalmān bride as she served me while I looked at her.

She looked so erotic in the seedha pallu sari; the anchal fell in one long sweep over her broad back like a sacred thread; the girdle encircled her thick waist and the bangles and her payel made tinkling sounds. My Full Uncut Hindu Penis began to rise again at this new sight and I longed to fuck her again, but decided that I should not show undue hurry.

She crouched on the floor and looked at me as I ate hungrily.

I looked back at her and smiled.

She sometimes raised her healthy arms to adjust her hair and I glimpsed at her hairy armpits.

Suddenly I picked up a morsel of daal and rice and put it inside her mouth.

She was taken aback.

She began to chew the food, as I prepared another morsel.

I began to feed her.

She liked it, being fed like that.

She also started feeding me and we began to feed each other lovingly like two lovers.

I bent forward and kissed her extremely beautiful Musalmān mouth as she chewed her food and she passed on the food from her mouth to my mouth.

I chewed on it for sometime and passed it back into her mouth.

It was such a lovely experience; we were eating off our mouths like hungry kids and getting roused in the process.

She pulled at the string of my Pyjama, took out my Hindu Dick, and began to fondle it as we ate from each other’s mouth.

I began to fondle her huge Muslim breasts below her Anchal.

Suddenly an idea struck me.

I rose up and took off my pyjama and shirt with my soiled hand, knelt down in front of my plate and bent down and dipped my Full Uncut Hindu Penis inside the katori that contained the daal.

I then held Sidrah’s Ammī’s head and pulled it down towards my Hindu Dick and forced her to swallow the Hindu Dick smeared with daal.

She now pulled away her anchal and dipped her naked Muslim breasts into the daal and I sucked her daal smeared Muslim breasts.

She slowly emerged out of her sari and we sat naked on the kitchen floor and began to play with the food on our naked bodies.

I poured the contents of the plate over her naked body and licked them.

I spread them over her naked Muslim breasts and she did the same on my body and we licked each other lovingly, eating away all the food.

The kitchen was in a mess but we didn’t bother.

She took out a bottle of ghee and applied on my chest, Hindu Dick and I did the same on her Muslim breasts, and we licked the ghee from each other’s bodies.

I laid her down on the kitchen floor, raised her healthy arms over her head, applied butter into the hollow of her hairy armpits, and began to lick them.

She felt ticklish but enjoyed it and I liked the smell of her armpits as I sucked her pits and flicked my tongue over them.

She raised my arms, licked my armpits, and sniffed at them.

We wallowed in the mess of food that got stuck all over our bodies.

I turned Sidrah’s Ammī over and ran my hand over her naked extremely beautiful Musalmān ass.

I poured the ghee over her Muslim buttocks and licked her ass.

Some of the ghee rolled down the crack of her ass, around her asshole.

I spread her Musalmān buttocks and looked at her tight asshole.

The ghee had dripped inside and I wondered when I could fuck Sidrah’s Ammī in the ass; it was so tempting.

But I resisted the temptation; I didn’t know if she would like the idea.

She didn’t say anything.

She dipped hers finger inside the bottle of ghee and put them inside her wet Muslim Cunt.

I followed her and did the same.

She held my hand and guided my fingers inside her Muslim Cunt.

She sat up, spread her legs, pulled apart her Muslim Vagina, directed my fingers to her clitoris, and taught me to masturbate her.

I knew about Musalmān women’s clitoris.

I collapsed on her soft body and held her tight.

We held each other and laid down on the kitchen floor, oblivious of the mess.

My Hindu Dick was up in the air.

Her heaving subsided after sometime; she was exhausted; so was I, but my Hindu Dick was dying for one more fuck.

She kissed me softly on the mouth and ran her fingers over my chest. “Ammī, I want to do it.” She smiled at me.

“You are sure you are not exhausted?” “No Ammī, I want to do it to you again.” “Okay, let me do it.” She rose up and sat across my waist, her two healthy legs on each side of my body and her Muslim Cunt placed directly over my Hindu Dick.

She looked as if she was going to shit. She slowly lowered herself on my Hindu Dick and directed it inside her Muslim Cunt.

Then she began to rock me slowly as I looked up at her.

She bent down slowly over me, her huge Muslim breasts hanging tantalizing over my eyes and she began to push up and down, up and down over my Hindu Dick.

Her body was wet with perspiration and all the food; so was mine.

Sidrah’s Ammī was fucking me now as I gave myself up to her completely.

She slowly increased her speed as I lay inert.

Up and down, up and down she moved over my Hindu Dick as her big pair of Muslim breasts shook with every movement. She raised her healthy arms to tie her hair into a bun and I looked at her hairy armpits. She smiled at me.

She kept on fucking me and since I had already ejaculated twice already, it took a long time for me to come, but she kept at it.

She looked so regal and fantastic, her gigantic naked Musalmān body on my Hindu body, as she pumped away to glory, her hug melons wriggling.

It was almost 10 minutes before I felt the pressure building inside my Hindu Cock and I knew I was going to come.

I told her so, she immediately increased her speed, and I soon spurted my first Hindu load inside her Muslim Cunt, then the second load as I sighed and moaned.

The next few days we fucked like rabbits – me and Sidrah’s Ammī.

We fucked all over the house – inside the bathroom, kitchen, the courtyard and the roof.

There was no inhibition between us and we engaged in wild experimentations. She was using me as her sex tool to get back on Sidrah’s father who treated her badly, and I didn’t mind.

Sidrah’s father as usual came back home late, dead drunk and treated Sidrah’s Ammī badly but she never protested.

She got her revenge by fucking me next day.

I loved the arrangement.

I loved to fuck Sidrah’s Ammī to my heart’s content.

I was young and full of energy.

And my head was full of ideas about sexual experimentations that amazed Sidrah’s Ammī even, experienced as she was in a lot of games that she played with Sidrah’s father in happier times.

At Sidrah’s hostel room which I shared with two of her beautiful Musalmān friends, we engaged in sexual talks, acts and glanced through foreign pornographic magazines that were wild in their depictions of different types of sexual acts.

One was water sports; hnmen and Musalmān women piddling on each other.

Every morning I woke up with the pleasurable sensation of her mouth around my Full Uncut Hindu Penis.

She entered my room which I kept unbolted for her and pulled off the ribbon of my pajama, took out my Hindu Cock, bent down and sucked my Full Uncut Hindu Penis as I looked down at her half naked Musalmān body in wet sari without blouse. Then she would kiss me and leave the room and I fell back into sweet dreams again.

When I entered the common bathroom in the courtyard to wash myself and brush my teeth, she ordered me not to lock it from inside.

She would follow me inside the bathroom after sometime and we would make love on the bathroom floor.

We would then bathe together, and she rubbed me all over with soap, spending a lot of time around my Hindu groin and Full Uncut Hindu Penis.

Then I would bathe her and invade her Muslim Cunt by inserting my Uncut Hindu Penis inside. I turned her around, inserted my Uncut Hindu Penis into her Musalmān rectum, and invaded her Musalmān ass that she liked.

There was no inhibition left between us.

I would kiss her extremely beautiful Musalmān ass, enter my Uncut Hindu Penis inside her Musalmān rectum, and invade thus her Musalmān asshole.

I sucked her big Muslim breasts and kissed her extremely beautiful Musalmān mouth.

Invariably we ended up fucking again on the bathroom floor.

One day we were lazing on the roof on a chatai after about of passionate fucking, still naked and I was stroking her armpits casually as she looked up at the sky. She had beautiful deep set armpits that I loved to smell and stroke which she also liked. Her big firm Muslim breasts pointed upwards, her nipples still erect and jutted out like corks. As I stroked and sniffed, her armpits I suddenly asked her if all women had hair in their armpits.

She replied that most women shaved their armpits but she was too lazy to do it and so let her hair grow.

“Do you want me to shave my armpits?” She asked me. I replied that I wanted to see how she looked without the hair on her armpits.

She slowly got up and went down, swinging her big naked extremely beautiful Musalmān ass.

I kept on lying on the chatai naked and looked at the sky and reminisced about the last bout of fucking where we used the choicest of abusive words while we fucked and in a bout of passion, I had fucked her beautiful Musalmān mouth.

After some time she came back to the roof, still naked.

She was carrying Sidrah’s father’s shaving kit and a medium sized katori.

She sat down on the chatai and opened the box.

She took out a small pair of scissors and spread her thighs apart in a vulgar manner.

She had bushy hair around her Muslim Cunt too.

“You want to see this area clean too?” She asked me.

I nodded my head.

She began to snip away at her pubic hair as I watched her transfixed, still lying like that.

The trimmings fell on the chatai.

She smiled at me and gathered up the hair that had fallen on the chatai and sprinkled them over my Uncut Hindu Penis playfully.

She then bent forward, kissed my Full Uncut Hindu Penis, and started clipping away my pubic hair.

I looked down at Sidrah’s Ammī as she clipped away my pubic hair and her Muslim breasts brushed my Hindu thighs occasionally.

My Full Uncut Hindu Penis was standing like a pole but Sidrah’s Ammī requested me not to cum just now.

I looked down at my Full Uncut Hindu Penis; it was spotless now.

She now concentrated on herself.

She raised her left arm and began to snip away the hair there.

I looked at her in amazement as she slipped away her armpit hair slowly.

She smiled at me and asked me, “You want to do it?” I now got up and she gave me the scissors and raised her other arm.

I ran my left fingers over her armpit and slowly clipped away the hair in her right armpit with the small scissor.

Her armpits gave away a sweaty musky smell that I loved.

I bent forward, sniffed her armpits, and kissed her there.

They were clean now but felt rough and grizzly; there was still a dark patch around both the armpits. She now took up the empty katori, held it towards me, and smiled. “Will you do it, or me?” She asked me.

“What?” I could not understand. “Stupid fellow,” she laughed at me. She got up from the chatai, holding the katori in her hand and moved aside.

Then she crouched and brought the katori towards my Uncut Hindu Penis and made me to let out a stream of urine inside.

Oh Eīshān Param Brahm Parmātmā! Some of it spilled out of the katori and wetted her soft hands.

She now came back to the chatai and kept the katori gently on the chatai.

Suddenly she dipped her Musalmān toungue into the katori.

She licked my Hindu urine respectfully from the katori.

Then she could control herself no longer.

Sidrah’s Ammī, Noorjahān; took up the katori in her hand and brought it to her beautiful Musalmān lips.

She dipped her Musalmān tongue againinto it.

“What are you doing?” I asked her, surprised.

“Drinking your urine,” Sidrah’s Ammī, Noorjahān replied.

She drank a little.

It tasted salty and nice.

“Now give me some direct from the source,” she said and opened her mouth.

I urinated a little into her mouth. Some of it slipped out of her mouth.

I slowly drained the whole katori into her Musalmān mouth.

She laughed at my action.

I smiled at her and kissed her.

I now crouched over her Muslim breasts, my Hindu Cock dangling over her big fair Muslim breasts.

She took my Full Uncut Hindu Penis between her big wet Muslim breasts and squeezed it between them by pressing them hard with both her hands.

She bent her head forward and flicked her Musalmān tongue on the tip of my Hindu Cock as she pressed her melons against my Hindu Cock.

I removed her hands and pressed her Muslim breasts against my Full Uncut Hindu Penis from both sides and pinched her erect nipples as she flicked her tongue on my Full Uncut Hindu Penis.

“Ammī, I want to masturbate.”

“Do it son,” she replied and took my Hindu Cock inside her Musalmān mouth.

She smiled at me.

She was still lying on the floor.

She looked so regal and beautiful like that.

I positioned myself and lowered my Full Uncut Hindu Penis towards her extremely beautiful Musalmān Cunt, and thrust my Full Uncut Hindu Penis into her and started stroking her there with my Hindu Dick.

Then I took it out, thrust into her Musalmān mouth started stroking her there with my Hindu Dick.

I repeated this process continuously repeatedly as she moaned in pleasure.

This was a new experience for her and she liked it.

I kept on poking her Musalmān mouth and her Musalmān Cunt until I felt the pressure building up inside my Full Uncut Hindu Penis.

The Hindu semen rushed through my Hindu Dick and I shouted out,

“Ammī, I am Cuming.”

“Come, my dear son, come, both into my Musalmān mouth and my ravenous Musalmān Cunt.” she softly replied and I let out a jet of semen into both her beautiful Musalmān holes.

Some of it fell on the side of her Muslim breasts.

I let out stream after stream of my Hindu semen into her Musalmān mouth and her ravenous Musalmān Cunt and as more semen spurted out of my Hindu Dick I again shifted my Hindu Dick into her third beautiful Musalmān hole, her Musalmān asshole.

I spilled out the last drops into the extremely beautiful Musalmān Cunt.

Oh, what a lovely sensation, fucking Sidrah’s extremely beautiful Ammī, Noorjahān; in all the three of her Musalmān holes.

All her three Musalmān holes, now, glistened with my Hindu semen.

I looked at my Sidrah’s and lovely Ammī as she lay on the floor, smiling at me, her Muslim mouth, Muslim cunt and and Muslim ass smeared with my Hindu semen.

I had gotten up and stood astride Sidrah’s Ammī, looking down at her, my legs on both sides of her healthy nude Musalmān body.

She scooped up my Hindu semen from her Muslim cunt and Muslim ass with her Musalmān fingers and licked them.

I stood and watched in wonder, staring down at her like a victor.

There was one last thing that I wanted to do to her just now.

And I did it.

My bladder was full with excitement; I held my Hindu Dick and let out a stream of urine into her extremely beautiful Musalmān mouth again.

She was surprised but she let me do it.

In addition, I piddled into her beautiful Musalmān mouth as my Hindu urine mingled with my Hindu semen.

I kept on piddling, lowered myself over her lovely face, and directed the jet into her mouth. She opened her mouth more and I piddled inside her lovely mouth.

After some time, She pulled my Hindu Cock and moving up and down my Hindu Cock, but she just moved just her Musalmān ass when she fucked me like that, her big ass jerking like a huge piece of jelly.

It was a delightful sight to see her extremely beautiful Musalmān ass move and sway like that as if it was independent of her body.

I still remember the first day I fucked Sidrah’s Ammī, Noorjahān in the Musalmān ass.

She had the habit of scratching her armpits and ass, oblivious of my presence. Now that I had shaved her armpits, she rarely scratched there, but continued to scratch her ass quite often.

One day, she was picking up the dry clothes from the clothesline in the courtyard, wearing her sari in the sexy seedha pallu Gujarati style in which I liked to see her, without the blouse of course, and she began to scratch her ass again.

I walked up to her and told her, “let me do it.”

“What?” She asked.

“Let me scratch your ass Ammī,” I insisted. “Tu meri Musalmān gaanđ khujlayega?”

“Haan Meri Jān! ” Without waiting for her answer, I raised her sari to the hip and pulled down her white panty.

“khujla jaldi,” she requested.

I threw the panty aside and began to scratch her gorgeous Musalmān ass with my Uncut Hindu Penis as I fondled her naked Muslim breasts below her Anchal with my left hand.

Sidrah’s Ammī, Noorjahān; had the loveliest piece of Musalmān ass that cried out to be fucked.

I kept on scratching her Musalmān ass as she stood still and with my other hand I fondled her melons and squeezed her nipples.

She kissed me on my mouth as I scratched her with my Uncut Hindu Penis.

My Hindu Cock was upright.

She pulled the ribbon of my pajama and it fell down on the ground.

I was naked now.

She held my Hindu Dick and began to fondle it.

We kissed each other on the mouth while she stroked my Hindu Cock while I scratched her Musalmān ass and squeezed her Muslim breasts with the other hand.

It was a lovely combination.

I gently inserted my Uncut Hindu Penis inside her extremely beautiful Musalmān asshole and began to sodomize her.

She began to groan.

She pulled away her sari in a fit and stood naked.

I laid her on the ground now, her face down and her beautiful Musalmān ass propped up.

I kissed her Musalmān ass and again inserted my Uncut Hindu Penis inside her Musalmān rectum.

Sometime I took out my Hindu Penis and kneaded her Muslim buttocks with my hand; they were soft like jelly.

“why do you scratch your ass so often?” I asked, still sodomizing her.

“What can I do if they itch?”

“Wait, I will get you something.” And I walked back to my room and came back with a tube of bet ovate c. I dabbed the cream on my finger and applied it to her rectum.

“You should use this regularly. It’s good. I used to scratch my Hindu Cock and balls in the hostel; one of my friends suggested this to me and it worked wonders.” I rubbed her Musalmān rectum with the cream and applied still more.

It was thoroughly lubricated and her Musalmān asshole glistened.

Suddenly I asked her, “Ammī, does Sidrah’s father fuck you in the ass regularly?”

“Whenever he is drunk and angry with me.” She replied. “it hurts.”

I replied, “there is a way to fuck in the Musalmān ass.” “You have fucked in the ass before or what?” She asked me.

I told her that I fuck numerous Musalmān Beauties in their beautiful Musalmān ass quite often and we applied cream that made the entry easier.

My Ammī was surprised, “you Hindu Badmåsh!”

I smiled and continued to stroke her and sodomize her glorious Musalmān ass. After sometime, I softly whispered into her ears, “Ammī!”

“yes my son.”

“can I fuck you in the ass more? I will do it gently, believe me; it won’t hurt.”

She was all heated up, “you are sure?” “Yes Ammī.”

“okay, do it, but be careful.” I jumped up, went, and brought a pillow that I placed below her stomach and propped up her big Musalmān ass.

It was sufficiently lubricated by this time.

I spread my legs across her nude Musalmān waist now and slowly bent down and brought my Full Uncut Hindu Penis to her Musalmān asshole.

Then I gently pushed it inside, just the tip.

She shuddered a little.

“don’t be afraid, Ammī.” Then I slowly began to push my Hindu Cock inside Sidrah’s Ammī’s rectum and she began to moan as it gradually disappeared inside her Musalmān rectum.

“you like it Ammī?” I asked her softly. “Yes, my son.”

“okay Ammī, now I am going to pump you. Be ready!”

And then I began to pump her… with every thrust, her soft big Musalmān ass wiggled like a huge piece of jelly and she began to groan.

I sodomized her gently, careful not to hurt her but the sight of her huge Musalmān ass brought out the animal instinct inside me and I began to thrust her with force now.

I thrust my Hindu Cock again and again and she shouted with pleasure and pain and I held her broad Musalmān hips and began to shout – “Ammī ! meri Musalmān laundī, main teri Musalmān gānđ mar raha hoon.”,

and she shouted back,

“Haan, méré Hindu son in law, tu meri Musalmān gānđ maar raha hai…”

and I kept on pumping her to my heart’s content as she began to talk dirty. Then I came, in multiple spurts in excitement.

I gave one final thrust as I poured out my last Hindu cum and collapsed on her big extremely beautiful nude Musalmān body.

I lay like that, on her back for some time.

My Hindu Cock automatically slipped out of her Musalmān asshole and when I rose, I saw that a considerable portion of my Hindu semen tricked down from inside her Musalmān asshole and smeared her thunder Musalmān thighs.

Her Musalmān ass looked like a battleground…

Sidrah’s Ammī looked so lovely and vulnerable like that.

Her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily.

I slowly bent towards her ears and whispered, “did you like it, Ammī?”

“Yes my son,” she replied softly.

“will you let me do it again later?” “Yes, my son, it makes me happy.”

And I kissed her soft Musalmān ass and got up as she laid like that, naked and bare assed, on the same spot where Sidrah’s father had raped her brutally in the ass a few nights before.

I loved to see her in the Marathi sari where the end of her Anchal was hitched between her healthy thighs and tucked at her back, like a tight dhoti as she bent down on the floor and mopped the floor.

When she came to my room to mop the floor like that, crouched on the floor, naked from the waist up, wearing that thin gold girdle around her sexy waist, I would sit at the edge of the bed and fondle her Muslim breasts and she would stop working for a while, allowing me to stroke her Muslim breasts.

I rubbed her erect nipples withmy palms.

She would then take my feet in her hand, kiss it, and lick my toes and the gaps between the fingers.

I felt so ticklish that I would invariably take out my Hindu Dick and masturbate into her mouth.

At other times, I would lay on the ground naked while she sat at the edge of the bed and stroked my Full Uncut Hindu Penis with her fingers and masturbate me with both her hands.

There were times when she would lick my ass leisurely, inserting her tongue deep inside my rectum, with pleasure.

I fucked her in the doggie style that was one of my favorite positions because it enabled me to hold her big Musalmān ass and look at them.

And when we did 69, she most often laid on top of me as she sucked my Full Uncut Hindu Penis and I glimpsed and held her huge Musalmān ass.

One day, ultimately, Sidrah’s extremely beautiful Ammī, Noorjahān; told me that she was pregnant and it’s my son she’ll deliver now to her Musalmān husband.

It’s her revenge, she said.

Chapter 5


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